Ahl al-Bayt

Death Anniversary of Lady Masouma / Biography

welcomed her. Moosa ibn Khazraj, who was amongst the great people of Qum, respectfully invited her to his house. 17 days later, on the 10th of Rabi’ al-Thani of the year 201 AH, after 28 years of sufferance and difficulty, Hadrat Ma’soomah (A.S.) no longer could endure her sickness and …

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1Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Sajjad (A)

  Name : Ali (a.s.) – the 4th Holy Imam Title : Zain-al-Abideen, Syed as-Sajideen, Sajjad Agnomen : Abu-Mohammad Father : Imam Hussain(a.s.) – the 3rd Holy Imam Mother : Bibi Shahr Bano Birth : At Madina on 15th of Jamadi-al-Awwal 38 AH (658 AD) Death : In Madina at …

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Non-Muslims equally love Imam Hussain (AS): Gopal Singh Chawala

Secretary General of Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (PSGPC), Gopal Singh Chawala said on Sunday that Imam Hussain (AS) was the ‘Imam’ of entire universe instead of any sect or group. He expressed these views while addressing “Hussain Subka” inter-religion peace conference held under the auspices of Afkar Hussainia Foundation. …

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