Who is David Maidan

Who is David Maidan?

Article: David Maidan – Former Mossad officer and Israeli influence agent in the countries of the region

David Maidan, a former high-ranking official of Mossad, knows how to penetrate any country; In the UAE by helping to spy on people, in Egypt by intelligence cooperation, and in Turkey by selling weapons.

According to Jahan News, citing Mashreq, the relations between some countries in the region and the Zionist regime have deep layers rooted in the illusion of the existence of common interests and, of course, Israel’s influence in different parts of the West Asia. One of these agents is David Maidan, a former senior official of Mossad, who we will introduce in the upcoming report.

Who is David Maidan?

David Maidan was born in Egypt in 1955 and immigrated to the occupied territories of Palestine in 1957 with his parents. Maidan first served in the intelligence organization of the Israeli army, known as Unit 8200. Then, in 1977, he was transferred to Mossad and took responsibility for recruiting and activating intelligence agents in the “Tzomat” (meaning intersection department). Also, during his career in Mossad, he was responsible for several operational units of this organization abroad.

In 2006, he was elected as the head of the Tevel department, which is responsible for Mossad’s foreign relations with its world partners’ organizations. One of the most specific activities of Maidan in this direction was establishing an informal relationship with the countries of the West Asia that did not have any diplomatic relations with Israel. Later, his name was tied to the story of Gilad Shalit’s release in the same place; An Israeli soldier captured by Palestinian forces in 2006 and was imprisoned by Hamas until released in 2011 during a prisoner exchange between Hamas and Israel. Maidan’s career in Mossad officially ended in 2011.

David Maidan is a former high-ranking official of Mossad and Israel’s agent for infiltrating the countries in the region.

The welcome of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left, back to the picture, hours after the release of Gilad Shalit (paying military tribute to Netanyahu during the exchange of prisoners between Israel and Hamas; “David Maidan” (behind Shalit’s head on the left side of the picture, who played the significant role in securing Shalit’s freedom, is also in the photo)

In April 2011, Maidan was chosen by Benjamin Netanyahu and replaced with the successor Hagai Hadas (a member of Mossad appointed by Netanyahu as Israel’s special representative for Shalit’s release). In the negotiations related to the release of Gilad Shalit, he was one of the members of the Israeli delegation negotiated with government officials in Egypt and acted for Shalit’s release. He talked with various people and established plenty of connections with influential individuals in the region’s countries.

Finally, in October 2011, an agreement was signed between the Zionists and Hamas, and Shalit was released in exchange for the release of 1,027 Palestinians imprisoned by the Zionist regime. In 2011, Maidan was appointed by Netanyahu to be in charge of the affairs of prisoners of war and missing persons.

With Netanyahu’s departure, Maidan also withdrew from official government activities. But his close relationship with the Israeli security-intelligence authorities and his extensive regional relations ability made him an indispensable option for all Israeli capitalists who wanted to take advantage of the profitable economic opportunities in the Middle East. Therefore, David Maidan can be considered a business agent and an outstanding broker in all advanced technologies in which Israel has knowledge and expertise in various forms, including weapons, cyberspace (information and communication), and water purification. In all three of these sectors, Maidan has helped the owners of private industries and actors affiliated with the Zionist regime to penetrate the countries in West Asia.

David Maidan can be considered a business agent and a skilled broker with the mission of expanding Israel’s influence in the countries’ region.

He has also acted as a stabilizing factor in some countries. Other Israelis, Israeli security-intelligence veterans mostly, had provided the necessary platforms for the activities of Israeli companies and left the scene for some reasons.

David Maidan continued this path, and the relations expanded. For example, in the cyber and weapons sector in the UAE, we can mention Mati Kochawi (or Kokhawi). Kochawi can be considered the godfather of UAE cyber technology, but after some time, he got into trouble with the Al-Nahyan family and left the scene. Midan took his place and continued his path; Kochawi had signed big cyber security and intelligence contracts with the UAE, but Maidan continued and expanded Israel’s relations with the UAE in this area.

The Israeli Mati Kochavi (pictured above can be considered the “godfather of UAE cyber technology, but it was David Maidan who continued his path and strengthened Israel’s foothold in the UAE cyber sphere.

Through extensive personal relationships with influential officials and figures in West Asia, David Maidan, as a negotiator, has always paved the way for Israel to establish warm relations with the region’s countries and has left an impressive record in this field. Depending on what Israel wants from its interactions with each of the countries in West Asia, David Maidan has always been recruited like a scout and activated the necessary communication channels.

The history of security-intelligence activities, benefiting from an extensive and diverse communication network, and connection to investment sources and wealth owners in Israel have made David Maidan one of the most effective negotiation options in Tel Aviv. The mission of exchanging information in Egypt, convincing Turkey to renew warm relations, and establishing the roots of Israel’s technological influence in the Emirates are among many missions that Maidan performed for the Zionist regime and reviewing them helps to give a relatively complete picture of his personality.

David Maidan’s role in Israel’s influence in the region was so considerable that some described him as Netanyahu’s real foreign minister.

Consolidation of Israeli roots in the United Arab Emirates

As it was said, Maidan was born in Egypt and has worked in the military intelligence service, unit 8200. In Mossad, Maidan rose to the head of the coordination department with other intelligence services, namely TUL. Since he started his career, he has had a close relationship with Mohammad Dahlan (Palestinian politician and former leader of Fatah in the Gaza Strip) and still has deep relations with him.

Maidan was close to Benjamin Netanyahu and followed up on the case of Israeli prisoners for him. This issue has caused him to have a permanent relationship with the Palestinian Authority and the authorities in Gaza, especially when Dahlan was leading the Preventive Security Organization (one of the security agencies of the Palestinian Authority.

“Mohammed Dahlan” (fourth from the left, a Palestinian politician and a close relative of David Maidan, and Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (fourth from the right, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

Mohammad Dahlan accepted self-imposed exile to the UAE after being ousted from the Palestinian intelligence establishment, starting as a trusted advisor to Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy commander-in-chief of the UAE Armed Forces.

Maidan is one of the specific political and business contacts of Mohammad Dahlan in Israel. These two caused Israel’s cyber industry to significantly develop its relations with the UAE government in the 2010s. Earlier, we explained the relationship between the UAE and Israel in the cyber field. Maidan is the person who, along with Mohammad Dahlan, brought the mentioned relations to their peak.

For several years, Maidan was the UAE representative of Circles Company, the manufacturer of mobile phone location tracking spyware (now a subsidiary of NSO Group) and the first “SS7” eavesdropping specialist (spying on the call management system) in most parts of the world in Israel. He prepared a condition for this company to sign a contract with the UAE government. Circles subsequently joined the NSO group. Circles’ local partner in this deal was al-Tharia, a Consulting and Research Company (based in Cyprus).

The latter is controlled by Dahlan. So, Circles started the cooperation with the National Electronic Security Organization of the UAE (now known as the Signal Intelligence Agency). Khalid bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, the son of Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the crown prince of the UAE, gradually took over the responsibility of this wiretapping service from Tahnoun Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the brother of Mohammed Bin Zayed. Tahnoun is the national security adviser of the UAE and owns a large business empire in the private security field, which is beyond the scope of this review.

Khalid bin Mohammed bin Zayed (above, son of Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi; David Maidan is the link between Khaled and the Israeli cyber espionage company Celebrite.

Maidan has been working with a businessman named Avi Leumi for a long time in the UAE. Leumi is one of the founders and the former director of the Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems. The company is a military drone’s manufacturer and a subsidiary of the advanced defense systems of the Israel military giant Rafael. In 2012 he signed one of the first technological contracts between Israel and the UAE. According to this contract, UAE started to produce drones in cooperation with this company. Leumi, like Mati Kochavi, is among the first people who introduced the technological connection between the UAE and Israel.

Avi Leumi is one of the founders of the Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems (producer of military drones and one of the main factors in the military-armament relations development between Israel and the UAE.

Maidan, as the best link, stabilized the security relations between Israel and the UAE. In 2020, he played a specific role in a contract awarded to Celebrite (an Israeli company active in the field of digital data collection, analysis, and management), and in early 2021 he was the specific negotiator in an Israeli tender awarded by Elbit Systems (an international equipment company.

Defense Electronics, based in Israel and several other companies were held to strengthen the cyber security structure of the UAE. Celebrite won the tender to complete the UAE’s cyber architecture. It set up Emergency Computer Response Teams (expert groups to resolve computer-cyber security problems), the first of which was established in Dubai for $340 million.

In addition to managing his own company, Maidan is also the founder and board member of the Israeli Puramon water purification company under the name of David Maidan Projects and the American private investment company Koret (based in San Francisco and a supporter of Jews living in America and occupied Palestine and the Israeli pharmaceutical company Redhill. Biopharma advises. It also cooperates with the Israeli company of machine learning and monitoring computer systems of Lom Systems.

David Maidan (left next to Shimon Peres, the former president and prime minister of the Zionist regime

Maidan’s role in concluding the celebrity security contract with the UAE

As mentioned, Celebrite is an Israeli company active in the digital data field, adding that the customers of Celebrite products are security, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies around the world, as well as some of the large digital companies in the world, including Apple, Google, Verizon, and large banks that use this company’s products to conduct their internal legal research. In 2020, Celebrite signed an important Contract worth approximately 3 million dollars with the security establishment of this country with the mediation of David Maidan and Mohammad Dahlan’s bargaining with the Crown Prince of the UAE.

“The Spy in Your Phone” is a documentary about the Israeli spyware “Pegasus.

Emiratis use the Celebrite products to collect and analyze data from mobile phones and personal computers, information in the cloud computing space, and even private drones that have been captured by the country’s security forces. According to the mid-2019 statistics, before signing the contract with Emirates, Cellebrite had 45% of the so-called “mobile phone forensics” market (collecting and examining evidence from mobile phones). Its products apply to 75% of police investigations worldwide.

Therefore, the conclusion of such a contract by the UAE government was not far-fetched; especially considering the policy of the Benzayed family, the use of spying tools in the cyber arena is considered conventional. Thus, Celebrite, along with other Israeli companies such as NSO and Elbit Systems, helps the UAE implement the three-layer policy of eavesdropping on citizens, spying on neighbors, and limiting data traffic in this country.

The role of the Israeli spyware “Pegasus” in the brutal assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi + download the movie.

Characteristics of the field from Al-Nahyan management style

As mentioned before, David Maidan is a consultant and business agent for some Israeli companies in the UAE. He also helps Israeli investors and entrepreneurs in the UAE. His descriptions of Dubai as one of the specific emirates of the UAE are noteworthy. Maidan claims that what sets Dubai and the UAE as a whole apart from other Arab and countries in the region is effective governance. The leadership in the UAE does its work healthily and professionally. You see this fact in all parts of this country.

Citizens respect their leaders. The government also considers the citizens as partners in the wealth of this country. It is the reason why the management is efficient.”

Of course, the people of the UAE can be divided into two parts: 1.2 million Emiratis and 7 million foreign workers. Maidan says in this regard: “There are workers in this country from India, Pakistan, and all over the world, but note that these foreign workers are content. They are well-paid and treated fairly.

Mohammed Al-Kuwaiti (pictured above, the head of the “Signal Intelligence Agency” (eavesdropping and spying service of the UAE and a close friend of David Maidan

From Maidan’s point of view, Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder and self-proclaimed father of the UAE, is the Ben-Gurion of the Emirates who was able to unite all the important tribes of this country and form a federation. “His view is simple and understandable: tolerance, moderation, and compromise,” Maidan believes. These cases have been accompanied by considerable investments in the education and development sector.

Emiratis identify their young talents and send them to study in the best universities in the world. Then they collect its fruits and continue their investment. The process is marvelous. For example, Mohammed Al Kuwaiti, the UAE’s Cyber Security Minister. This person knows Israel very well. He has received three prestigious computer engineering degrees from the best American universities. He is a professional and not a politician at all. All his attention is on cyber security and the country’s perspective in this field.”

A little bit of Israel’s knowledge is enough for the transformation of Egypt.

Egypt’s security establishment under the presidency of al-Sisi is one of the biggest customers of Israeli tools and solutions in the field of espionage. Bilateral cooperation in this field is established through current or former Mossad agents. In particular, David Maidan, born in Egypt, plays a prominent role in this section. For example, in 2018, an official security agreement was signed between Egypt and the Zionist regime, prepared by David Maidan.

(From the right) Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York; Shokri is a close friend of David Maidan

It is better described by David Maidan. He says about the intelligence-security interactions between Egypt and Israel: “A small part of Israel’s tremendous intelligence capabilities can give Egypt the power to deal with the security risks in front of it. The cooperation between the two countries is aimed at eradicating the threats that both are facing.” Maidan also emphasizes that the transfer of Israeli intelligence to Egypt is carried out using “confidential methods” and that the telephone call is not secure for the transfer of classified information between the two countries.

Maidan previously served as the coordinator of intelligence cooperation between Israel and Egypt during his service in the Mossad and even afterward; According to him, bilateral cooperation is focused on the fight against terrorism. Maidan claims that Egypt provides Israel with information that affects Israel’s national security in return for this support.

He also claims: “Since Israel is much stronger than Egypt, its ability to obtain information is also greater. Therefore, Israel’s main goal in this continuous intelligence cooperation with Egypt in the Sinai desert is to ensure the Eilat city’s security in Israel [near the border with Egypt]. The more terrorist!! organizations expand their scope of activity, the more the dangers facing Eilat will increase. Any security threat in Egypt’s Sinai desert will be a threat to Israel.”

The pimp of the Zionists to Erdogan

After the Shalit Incident in 2011, Netanyahu appointed Maidan as Israel’s new envoy to Turkey to restore “warm” relations with Ankara. Of course, Ankara also confirmed and accepted him. After this incident Turkey allowed Israel to send humanitarian aid to the victims of the October 23 earthquake in this country.

It was also in the same period that Ankara did not react to Israel’s prevention of the aid of two Turkish ships and their attempt to break the blockade of Gaza. In addition, in this mission, Maidan was obliged to convince the Turks to remove the word “apology” in their insistence on Israel’s official apology to Turkey, thus paving the way for the relations’ restoration between Turkey and the Zionist regime.

(From the right Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister of Israel Yohanan Locker, the Minister of Defense and a member of Israel’s negotiating team with Hamas regarding the release of Gilad Shalit and David Maidan, Netanyahu’s special representative, during the negotiations regarding Shalit’s release.

The current relations between the Zionist regime and Turkey are extensive and complicated. These interactions can be summarized in several sections.

► Trading information through the conclusion of contracts between Israeli cyber security companies and Turkish government institutions.

► Turkey’s action to buy military equipment and weapons from Israeli companies to strengthen its weapons capabilities; in this sector, Turkey also has a partial view of technology transfer and is trying hard to achieve the best possible capacity (offensive and intelligence) in the drone sector.

► Expanding Turkish influence in North Africa by relying on Israel’s intelligence capabilities in this region and using the opportunities from Israel’s interactions with Egypt and numerous actors in Libya.

Of course, the relationships are not limited to these few cases, but the full explanation of this issue is beyond the scope of this report. However, we should note that David Maidan played an important role in all three cases above and acted as a negotiator and broker.   Elbit Systems, as the contractor of some important Turkish weapons projects, has recently concluded several contracts with the country’s weapons and ammunition factories. In many of these cases, David Maidan has been the consultant of the Israeli side and the liaison of the Turkish factories in Israel.

In addition, David Maidan is a close friend of Hakan Fidan, the head of the Turkish intelligence service. In 2014, in a conversation with Fidan, Maidan had warned him that Turkey should not take military action against Assad. Of course, Turkey did not pay attention to these warnings, but the point is that David Maidan had and continues to have high-level relations with Turkish intelligence-security institutions.

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