Happy holy birthday of Jesus (PBUH)

Happy holy birthday

Happy holy birthday of Jesus (PBUH). Peace be upon Christ when he was born, when he ascended strangely, and when he will return with glory and honor, he will go to help of Hazrat Qaim al-Muntazar Mahdi, the Promised One (May God speed him up) and will follow him and …

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Satanic shadow of Albait Tower over Bait-ul-Allah Haram’s head

The biggest wahabis’ design  shall be practiced till 2012, up to the year they will destroy all indications ,examples and Muslim’s heritage and the Umul Qura( the center of Islam) will be wiped out, the absence of Allah’s indication and Islamic tradition because of  Salafi’s struggles against innovation (Bida ) …

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Black spot of promiscuity

Everything is imbued with lust and sexuality. Modern West’s civilization and countries particularly the United State of America have become symbol others in giving up their ethical values and getting into sexuality. West’s detachment from moral values has advanced to such an extent that good from evil and inappropriate behaviors …

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Forgotten History!

Hazrat Ibrahim’s era was the important starting point for oppress d’s presence and human’s journey. In the era, opposite to world’s oppressors two important branches of Hazarat’s holy tree: Bani Ismael and Bani Israel raised. Bani Israel and Bani Ismael as modern oppressors came to the scene ,and Bani Israel …

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