Who is Yuval Noah Harari?

Articles: Who is Yuval Noah Harari? / The gay Jew who became a Prophet of The Future of Mankind!

Mashreq reviews: In the last 5-6 years, the mainstream media have relentlessly promoted and highlighted him. Today as the Predator of The Future of Mankind, not a day goes by without an interview with him the media empire.

The Eastern World Service: Born in 1976 in the occupied territories, author and historian, chief advisor of the World Economic Forum in the village of Davos, Switzerland, and its influential boss, Klaus Schwab, is famous as one of the most effective defenders, missionaries and theorists. The program is called Great Global Reset.

Since around 2016, Yuval Noah Harari, a history professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has been prominently featured in Western mainstream media propaganda and is now a regular guest figure in affiliated media about almost everything from next-generation microprocessors to the war in Ukraine. He is a constant guest of the media affiliated with the heads of the world head millionaires.

 Who is Yuval Noah Harari

Some opponents of the process of globalization consider his two books, Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind (2014) and Godlike Man: A Brief History of the Future (2016), as the holy books of globalists.

Harari has no qualms about expressing his frightening thoughts about the combination of man and computer, artificial intelligence, and comprehensive and global control of humans through advanced information technology. He talks about the things that, for example, Klaus Schaub and Bill Gates, and other influential globalists, due to diplomatic considerations, will not say publicly and openly.

He expresses his nightmarish visions for the future of humanity with a strange fascination in his books and lectures. In his speech at the World Economic Forum 2020, Harari made controversial statements:

We humans are no longer mysterious spirits. We are hackable animals.

This so-called Israeli gay intellectual, in an interview with CNN host Anderson Cooper, claimed that the next phase of the current system of control and surveillance is to go under the skin of people. He called this idea, not desolate (dystopian) but utopian.

In a conversation with another famous super-globalist, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and owner of Facebook, he clearly said that voters do not recognize their interests in democratic systems (that is, practically, democracy is nothing more than a fake).

Harari with his lover and manager, Itzik Yahav

On another occasion, Harari claimed that shortly the societies’ ruling elites will be able to hack people’s brains, the same way hackers hack a computer today.

He, who is perhaps today’s most famous defender of combining the human body with computers and computer chips, and who does not recognize any boundaries for transhumanism, has other ominous claims such as:

Science has replaced evolution by natural selection (the Darwinian concept of evolution) with evolution by intelligent design. Not the intelligent design of a god above the clouds, but the intelligent design of us… Science can relegate life to the realm of inorganic. [1]

A professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who is of Jewish descent and a citizen of the Israel Regime, claims that; he used to adhere to Jewish law but is an atheist and homosexual currently. Harari considers the conflict between good and evil, based on Abrahamic religious books, out of date.

Harari is the student and senior advisor of Klaus Schwab, the powerful head of the World Economic Forum

The book Covid-19: The Great Reset by Schwab and Thierry Malreret

Harari, as a radical anti-religionist, has claimed that: according to the humanistic teachings he believes in, humans should recognize their own good or bad that have nothing to do with the morals determined by God.

He heavily dominated by the materialistic view and biological determinism in his thinking, advertises that free will is nothing but a myth and, from the physical and biological perspective, freedom has no meaning. He says that; this is an absurd myth invented by man, just like the concepts of God, Heaven, and Hell, and just as there is no evidence for heaven and hell, there is no evidence for free will. [2]

Conversation between Zuckerberg and Harari

Interestingly, while he regularly talks about the non-existence of God, he simultaneously claims that scientists are becoming the new gods. [3]

Harari is the new generation of atheists of the early 21st century, such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, who believe so much in science and technology and its unlimited power that they have made a new religion out of them. Of course, their view about science, derived from a type of positivism (positivism) that is outdated in the philosophy of science.

Yuval Noah Harari considers himself the evangelist of the extinction of humans in the concept of Homosapiens. Of course, he emphasizes that the disappearance of the Homosapiens species is not due to this species’ self-destruction but the changes resulting from technology, which will fundamentally change the nature of humans. [4]

This mysterious person is a familiar trend, as we saw with Stephen Hawking in the 1980s. He was relentlessly promoted and highlighted by the mainstream media and today as the “Predator of The Future of Mankind”. There is not a day that the media’s empire of Globalists doesn’t want to deal with him. He intends to exaggerate the risk of hacking the human brain shortly and theorizes the need for a single command center to direct global data. In other words, that single center is supposed to guide the entire human race above all governments and national boundaries. [5]

Harari compares such a center to the Skynet network in the movie Terminator (James Cameron/1984), although, in that film and its sequel Terminator 2, Skynet was an anti-human robotic center and it had a ruined face, but Harari describes it as a Utopian.

Harari is regularly inducing these concepts into the audience’s mind that human re-design, bio-modification of the human body with Technology, and social validation systems based on Artificial Intelligence bring humans into the era of Transhumanism together. It is an inevitable destiny that every human being must surrender to.

But the most controversial part of Harari’s statement is his talks about the entry of biological control and monitoring technologies into the human body. The latter is identical to proposing Chips in the general public bodies. He has said with incredible clarity that Covid-19 is a proper justification to use subcutaneous sensors to control and monitor more humans through Artificial Intelligence. [6]

The case becomes more dangerous if we know that Harari’s head, Klass Schwab, and his partners like Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, and his hand-picked politicians such as Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau, Scott Morrison and Emmanuel Macron follow such plans.

Eliminating private property, eliminating cash and placing all financial transactions on the blockchain technology platform, eliminating nationalism and national borders, weakening the countries’ national sovereignty, a social control system based on artificial intelligence, a global digital identity card, and similar are part of this project details. It is a deeply desired project of the World Economic Forum, to receive any service anywhere in the world, like digital passports, vaccines, etc. are just for those who fulfill this project,

Schwab class the spiritual father of Globalization or Globalism

With Shimon Peres

Remember that at the 2016 World Economic Forum meeting, Klaus Schwab said to Joe Biden (then Vice President of the United States), who was a guest of the meeting: Joe Biden, before becoming the vice president, as a senator and chairman of the U.S.Senate Foreign Relations Committee, attended Davos many times and was one of our forum’s persistent and active guests.

It is not without reason that in 2016, the Globalization project of Yuval Noah Harari’s figure attracted public attention through the then-American president, Barack Obama (one of Klaus Schwab’s admirers and followers). He said in a television interview with Farid Zakaria from CNN; that he loves the book Sapiens “A Brief History of Mankind by Harari”.

Almost the same time as Obama, Bill Gates started praising Harari’s books and even personally wrote a review for the book “Sapiens the Wise Man”. Gates has honored this gay Israeli writer many times and on different occasions. [7] [8]

Bill Gates says, Melinda and I spent many weeks talking about the history of the human race.

And that Emmanuel Macron and his wife met him in September 2017 and received a copy of the French translation of Godlike Man as a gift! Or in December 2021, he presented the Best Foreign Journalist award alongside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US Ambassador. The group of young, middle-aged, and elderly globalists had gathered together on that occasion!

With Angela Merkel, the former chancellor of Germany

Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab’s student at the World Economic Forum (January 24, 2020), clearly said:

Soon some companies and governments will be able to hack millions of people and re-engineer them. In the past, authoritarian regimes sought it but did not have the biology and information technology to hack millions of people. Soon, at least some governments and corporations will gain the potential to hack all humans systematically. [9]

In another conversation, shortly before the announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, he emphasized:

Crises are a good opportunity to make good reforms because in normal times, people oppose it, but in crises they have no choice but to agree!

In the same conversation, the said clearly that the era of the human spirit and free will is over! [10]

Harari, who is supposed to play the role of an elite or an intellectual who wraps the black and totalitarian thoughts of global tycoons (such as Schwab, Gates, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Goldmans, etc.) under the elegant sheet of academic statements, he called many people on the planet the biggest economic-political problem of the 21st century:

The biggest economic and political issue of the 21st century is: Why are humans needed? Why are all these humans needed?

In response to the presenter of the same program, what is your solution? he said that for the present time, this crowd should be kept happy with drugs and computer games.

In the last two or three years, in a process that started even before the announcement of the pandemic, Harari had emphasized many times in various interviews and speeches that before the crisis, the surveillance of humans was above the skin, now the observation goes under the skin so that the controllers can be aware of what is happening inside the human body!

Covid is critical because it convinces people to accept a biometric system of total surveillance as a legitimate issue to fight against it. Not only do we have to monitor people, but also, let’s be aware of what is inside their bodies!



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