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Dirty sandwich in McDonald’s style

Articles: Dirty sandwich in McDonald’s style – entering the darkroom of the world’s most famous fast food

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In 2014, the US local media and social networks reported the discovery of human meat in the factory that supplies human flesh for McDonald’s restaurants.

The Fars Special Group: It is said that at the end of the Soviet Union, long queues used to form in front of the newly opened McDonald’s branch in Moscow. Some late Cold War analysts in the late 1980s saw McDonald’s as one of the Western block’s symbolic weapons in its fight against its ideological rival, the Soviet Union. The McDonald is not only the largest and most comprehensive fast-food brand in the world, but it is still a political-ideological symbol of the hegemony of the liberal-capitalist system.

However, there are many reports about the true nature of McDonald’s varied and colorful menu.

The English newspaper Independent reported on May 11, 2016, that, based on the tests of a food safety testing institute in the United States, surprising and even shocking things became evident in 238 samples taken from the beef burgers of the McDonald’s restaurant chain. [1]

According to this report, mouse DNA in three tested samples and human DNA in one case were found!

Of course, the justification of this report was that human DNA was probably due to the loss of hair, nails, and other human cells from workers and personnel during the production of hamburgers. There is no explanation for the mice’s DNA.

In addition, the other research findings again showed that the most famous world ready-made food brand uses the same cunning and deceitful tactics that the big brands have used for years. Including the fact that it turned out that there is beef in the vegetarian burgers of this brand (especially for vegetarians), and there are no black beans in McDonald’s black bean burgers.

Also, mixing turkey or chicken meat instead of beef is another common trick in McDonald’s restaurants.

The eggs used in McDonald’s products, especially the egg muffin that is very popular in the McDonald’s breakfast dish, consist of a small volume of eggs and plenty of chemicals besides some artificial flavors and ingredients. [2]

Dangerous chemicals like Acrylamide, Azodicarbonamide, Sodium Acid Phosphate, Sodium Nitrate, Carrageenan, Dimethylpolysiloxane, Silicone, and THBQ have been used massively in various McDonald’s menu items. [3] Only 5 grams of THBQ can kill a human. The presence of sodium nitrate makes the bacon look shinier (fake freshness!) and last longer in McDonald’s restaurants, which is extremely dangerous. It contains toxic heavy metals, arsenic, and lead. [4] Because in McDonald’s products and probably in other fast-food chains, they pour a much smaller amount than the lethal dose every time (especially in fried chicken), eating these foods not immediately but in the long run can cause all kinds of diseases and disasters, including cancer, for the fast-food customer.

Another chemical commonly used in fried chicken, especially McDonald’s chicken nuggets, is sodium aluminum phosphate. This compound is dangerous for humans. According to studies, it has a direct relationship with the development of brain and nerve diseases, especially Alzheimer’s. [5]

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate is a bulking agent used in some McDonald’s menu foods such as Hash browns, McMuffins, and Tortillas many times. It is an effective factor in Osteoporosis.

The important thing is that, in the best case, only 50% of McDonald’s famous “chicken nugget” food is chicken. The rest is all kinds of corn derivatives, white sugar, bulking agents, and various chemicals, not from the farm or chicken farm but directly from the petrochemical industry. They are coming! [6]

Of course, McDonald’s scams have had considerable coverage since years ago, even in the big mainstream media, which usually justifies the mistakes of big brands and companies. For example, McDonald’s rib sandwich does not have rib meat. Or the healthy salads of this brand sometimes add twice as many extra calories and preservatives as its burgers.

Another common criticism of McDonald’s products is the widespread use of sugar, preservatives, and chemical additives in foods that appeal to children, known as “Happy Meals.”

One of the causes of Osteoporosis and tooth decay in America is McDonald’s drinks. The drink’s content is in addition to the high volume of saturated fat that enters the body through cream and caramel. Each McDonald’s Caramel Frappe cup alone has 89 grams of white sugar!

At the next stage, when talking about the amount of sugar and artificial colors, there is the McFlurry drink, which has the same amount of sugar as a McDonald’s apple pie (83 grams). McDonald’s small Chocolate Shake contains the same calories as a double cheeseburger and seven small-size creamy donuts.   Large Chocolate Shakes contain 110 grams of sugar and 830 grams of calories. [7]

In the Independent report, another problem that emerged in that research was that 4.3 percent of the burgers contained dangerous pathogens that cause diseases such as pseudo-tuberculosis, chronic inflammation of the stomach and intestines, E. coli infection, and other food-borne maladies. Pathogens found in three McDonald’s veggie burgers were “troublesome.

The inhumane treatment of animals in the farms and ranches that supply McDonald’s meat has many confirmed reports and news. Chickens are kept in very dark and dark chicken farms in tight cages to get fat faster with the least possible activity. The GM feed and supplements they feed, and the successive doses of drugs and growth hormones make ready-to-eat chickens that are biologically unhealthy themselves. [8] The genetic manipulation of chickens with the aim of rapid growth and excessive fattening quickly (through forced feeding with a tube and low mobility) has caused many chickens to suffer from bowed legs (due to high weight) and heart attacks during growth.

Cruel and sometimes deadly methods of artificial insemination of cows are another common issue in the farms that supply McDonald’s meat. [9] It is noteworthy that after publishing hundreds of painful reports and videos from the farms and meat supplier ranches for famous fast-food brands in the United States, most of these brands at least promised to put stricter rules and regulations against animal cruelty on the agenda. McDonald’s is not willing to change this procedure. [10]

But on August 9, 2018, a human tooth was found in the McMuffin sauce by one of the customers at a branch of McDonald’s in Japan. Again, it drew attention to the contents behind the scenes of these colorful and famous foods. When the 58-year-old Japanese man put his McMuffin sauce in his mouth, he felt firm objects under his teeth, and when he took them out, he encountered the shape of a human tooth. [11]

The brand is the most famous fast-food brand in the world and one of the symbols of globalization and has the largest network of franchised restaurants in the world, with many rumors.

For the first time, at the end of July 2014, news quickly circulated in the local media and social networks of the United States that in the Oklahoma meat factory, one of the main suppliers of meat for the McDonald’s restaurant chain, health inspectors were present both in the freezers of this factory and in refrigerated trucks ready to be sent to McDonald’s restaurants. They found human flesh. [12][13]

How far-fetched and even funny this claim and related rumors may seem at first glance is a part of the story. But, the consequences of this claim have not left the world’s biggest fast-food chain until today, and time and time again, the mainstream media, which is an unwritten but powerful rule, to protect the interests of big commercial brands, has been forced to deny and deny it under the title of a fact check.

However, human flesh in human food is no longer a far-fetched issue like it was a decade ago.

In November 2020, A news announced that a group of American scientists had developed a method by which people could prepare and consume meat by cultivating human cells! They claimed the work contains no moral problems and is never considered cannibalism. [14]

In October of last year, on the eve of Halloween, a Swedish company called Oumph claimed to have produced a vegan burger for Halloween that gives vegetarians the experience of eating human meat. [15] It received a silver award! [16]

In September 2021, a research group in Sweden led by Erik Carlsen (who is also the CEO of the food industry company Sweden Meat), with the support of the Swedish Food Federation, made news by proposing the use of human meat as a solution to deal with drought and food shortages.

It should be noted that for several years famous figures in the world of music, such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, appear in events and music videos who’s not-so-hidden purpose is to show “cannibalism” as normal.

In her 2017 music video “Bon Appétit!” the staff are preparing Katy Perry as a menu food in a restaurant kitchen.

As mentioned earlier, in February of last year, a promotional image came on the Twitter account of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), the most famous brand of fried chicken in the world, which was imitated from a famous painting by Francis Goya depicting the god of time in ancient Greece, Saturn. Her son’s eating shows sparked a lot of criticism on social media.


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