Ahl al-Bayt

Event of Ghadir Khumm 

The following is a description of the historic event of Ghadir Khumm.  Click on the book icons below to see the detailed references backing up each key element of this event.  The separation into contexts enables one to see how well each component of the event is attested in the sources.   …

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 English Text Khetabe Ghadir 

  In the name of Allah (Who’s) the Compassionate Merciful O, the Commander of the faithful! Upon you be peace; O the Remainder of Allah, on His earth, Upon You be peace! O Mahdi! How could we suppress our despair in your extended non-attendance? Where should we look for to …

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Death Anniversary of Lady Masouma / Biography

welcomed her. Moosa ibn Khazraj, who was amongst the great people of Qum, respectfully invited her to his house. 17 days later, on the 10th of Rabi’ al-Thani of the year 201 AH, after 28 years of sufferance and difficulty, Hadrat Ma’soomah (A.S.) no longer could endure her sickness and …

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