The act against Iran

The act against Iran is to sign the document to destroy Israel

Article: What do Zionist experts say about Israel’s threats against Iran? / The act against Iran is to sign the document to destroy Israel.

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In recent years and simultaneously with the increase in the level of developments in the West Asian region, the Zionist regime has increased its rhetoric and threatening statements against Iran and has repeatedly threatened Iran with a direct military attack.

Jahane Mashregh Service; the verbal threats of political and military officials of the Zionist regime against Iran have been increasing for several years. These threats include anti-Iranian speeches by Israeli officials in meetings and bilateral meetings with heads of state and international forums, establishing political and security relations with the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf against Iran, and holding joint military exercises with the United States and Arab countries and the simulation of an air attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

In the past decade, at several points in time, the Zionist regime has pretended to be at the beginning of a massive direct attack against Iran by creating psychological-media operations and external actions, but despite the passage of time and despite all the staging and According to Israeli military and political officials, no action taken by the Zionist regime.

Some domestic or foreign experts and analysts believe that if the Zionists did not.

attack Iran directly, it was because of some international developments and issues or special conditions and events that caused a delay in the direct attack of the Zionist regime on Iran.

The question is why the Zionist regime has not fulfilled its promises to attack Iran in these few years, despite holding numerous military exercises and buying modern war equipment and other political and military measures. Is it really due to international conditions/ or is there another consideration? What is the opinion of Israeli experts in this regard? A look at the statements of security and internal political experts of the Zionist regime can find a clear answer to this issue.

Is Israel going to act alone and without the support of Western countries against Iran?

One of the most repeated claims of the Zionist authorities regarding Iran is the threat of attack and direct action against Iran alone and without the support and help of Western countries. In the last few years, during the nuclear negotiations between Iran and Western countries and the response of the Europeans and the United States to the Zionist authorities to take direct military action against Iran, the leaders of the Zionist regime stated in their speeches that there was no need for the help of the United States and Western countries don’t have it. They have enough military power to go into conflict with Iran alone!

The issue is, how close is this claim of the military and political authorities of the Zionist regime to reality? Is the Zionist army alone really able to engage with military power? The answer is clear; the Zionist regime authorities know very well that alone against a regional military force, they have no chance of a win or even survival. They know that the Israeli army has no potential for such a conflict. The statements of Zionist officials and experts alone reveal this fact.

In one of his interviews with the French newspaper La Figaro in 2008, Shimon Peres, the head of the Zionist regime, said about taking action against Iran:

“If economic sanctions do not force Iran to suspend its nuclear activities, Israel will use civilian as an option, and Israel will not consider unilateral action against Iran. “I would prefer to stop the development of Iran’s nuclear program without going to war. There is no chance for us to act unilaterally against Iran. We are not reckless enough to increase the threat of Iran threatening Israel.”

Danny Citrinowicz, the former head of the Iran department at Aman Israel Research Unit:

Israel’s ability to deal with the threat of Iran alone and without the help of the United States is limited considerably. Although Israel can do some damage to Iran’s nuclear project, Israel’s ability to lead this campaign against Iran depends on America’s willingness to help it.

Derdon Matzah, Zionist expert of INSS Institute:

Israel’s hedonistic society is not built for military conflicts, certainly not with those much larger than the Palestinian resistance organizations, such as Iran, a military power. Thirty days of war with Hamas is not similar to a month of war with the Iran Army. The war evidence in Ukraine clarifies this issue well. Even the IDF no longer remembers an all-out field battle face. The Israel Army is not ready to confront Iran, just like the welfare-seeking society of Israel.

Yair Golan, Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry, Member of the Israel Knesset, and former Zionist Army Major General said:

The issue of Iran’s nuclear program is not the story of the attack on Iraq’s nuclear program in 1981 or the story of the attack on Syria’s nuclear facilities in 1987. I will not go into all the details. The war with Iran is not a TV show. Why should Israel cooperate with the superpowers why? The answer is: it cannot do anything against Iran alone.”

The said statements are only a part of the confessions of Zionist experts and officials, which makes it clear that the current Zionist regime’s political and military official’s statements regarding Israel’s independent ability to attack Iran are nothing but their delusional thoughts.

The disgraceful performance of the Zionist army in the last few years against the Palestinian resistance organizations,  considered as a small pseudo-army with not very advanced weapons and without any ground and air combat equipment, revealed the true strength of the fragile Israeli army confrontations in which the Israeli army, despite the most modern fighter planes, helicopters, drones, tanks, destroyers, combat weapons, communications, etc., could not stand against a poorly equipped Palestinian organization for more than a few days, and finally to reach out to other countries to mediate to achieve a ceasefire and peace.

With the above descriptions and statements of the Zionist experts and analysts, it is clear to everyone that the Zionist regime will never take independent action against Iran against the Western countries, and all the statements and threats of the Zionist regime in this regard are a ridiculous show by the leaders of this regime.

Will the United States and European countries decide to go to war with Iran for Israel?

The Zionist regime will never take action against Iran without the support of other countries, especially the West because they know very well that this action will sign the document of their destruction. The desired condition for Zionist actions against Iran is the direct support and presence of Western powers, including the United States. The area of the occupied territories, the amount of population, the level of the ability to store ammunition so on are among the factors that make the Zionist army need a supporting power in large-scale wars.

But the question is, are the Western powers willing to enter the war that Israel wants to start? The Western powers, aware of Iran’s military power and influence in the region, have never had and will never have the plan to go to war with Iran. They will not allow this to the Zionist regime, which will cause tension and conflict between Iran and the western countries.

Yoni Ben Menachem, security-political expert of the Zionist regime:

Israel has failed to press the US for a military confrontation with Iran, the trip of senior Israeli officials to Washington, Prime Minister Bennett, Foreign Minister Lapid and the head of the National Security Council, Eyal Holta, and their meetings with senior US government officials so far no practical result achieved. In case of failure of the nuclear negotiations, there is no plan for joint military operations between Israel and the United States against Iran.

Foreign Minister Lapid emphasized in his meetings in Washington that Israel reserves the right to use force against Iran. But Israel will not do such an action without the support of the American government. Rob Mali had previously announced that if Iran is not ready to return to the nuclear agreement, the sanctions imposed against it will remain in force, with more sanctions that may add against it. But in his statements, there is no mention of the military option. There is no military option against Iran on the table of the Biden administration, and Biden does not believe in such a thing.

Israeli nziv website:

Former US President Obama threatened Israel that if it decides to act, independently against Iran’s nuclear program, the US military will act to prevent such an attack.

Zionist Israel Times website:

“Israel is trying to convince and force the US government to launch a military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities because these facilities are dangerous for the whole world, but Joe Biden strongly opposes this and believes that a diplomatic solution is the right solution, and using military force against Iran is not the correct method.

Ami Rojkes Dombe, editor of the Zionist website Israel Defense:

The threats of Israel’s Minister of War, Benny Gantz, and news headlines about the possibility of Israel’s war with Iran can indicate the disappointment of the Israeli political system with the US’s position on Iran. America is eager to return to the agreement with Iran, and there is doubt whether Joe Biden is interested in starting a new war in the Middle East or he is not.

Ehud Olmert, former prime minister of the Zionist regime:

In early 2008, Bush told Israel, in my presence, to then-Defense Minister Ehud Barak that he would in no way allow Israel to take action against Iran, also that the United States would not allow Israeli planes to fly over Iraq to attack Iran. Bush believed that such an ambitious effort by Israel, followed by the support of the entire international community in the proposed way, is a dangerous and potentially destructive action.

A look at the statements and analyses of the Zionist media and experts, some mentioned above, proves that America and other Western countries have made it clear to the Zionist regime that there is no plan or interest in starting a military war with Iran. The consequences of this war for America and Western countries and their interests will be much more extensive and destructive than the ones on a calculated paper.

The Zionist regime does not have any military support from the West for a direct war with Iran and alone cannot take any action against it, inevitably resorts to demonstration measures such as holding military exercises to simulate an attack on Iran and empty its rhetoric. It presents a face that is constantly threatening.

No one trusts the military power and deterrence of the Israeli army

Hardly a day goes by that the Hebrew media and the authorities of the Zionist regime do not raise the threat of a military attack against Iran. The situation in the occupied territories has become such that the residents in the occupied territories and Israeli military authorities do not take those claims seriously. This issue has a reflection in the statements and reports of experts and Israeli media, and they admit this fact.

Zionist Israel Times website:

Over time, it becomes clear that Israel has lost its deterrence power against Iran. The main reason for this issue is the repeated threats of a possible military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities without anything happening. The countries of the world and Iran have gotten used to Israel’s threats and warnings. Those threats no longer worry them.

Israel shows weakness when it keeps repeating a threat and changing it to an outdated and worn-out issue. Your enemies no longer take the warnings seriously. These threats become a trivial issue and lose their deterrence. “Iran has long crossed the ‘red line’ that Israel has set on the nuclear issue. The observant has not seen any preemptive action by Netanyahu’s or Bennett’s governments to stop Iran from continuing down its path, except for a few inadequate covert operations.

Nir Dori, Israeli military and security reporter:

The Israeli army is conducting a large-scale ground exercise (referring to Israel’s Chariots of Fire exercise), but Israeli political authorities do not trust the army’s ability to achieve its goals. The war exercise that the Israel Army held once again raised the question of the gap between what the army plans for and the ability to realize it.

The Zionist newspaper Israel Hum:

The crisis of internal distrust towards the Israeli army is increasing, and an important part of the reason is the army’s performance. The Israeli army has not won any war for years.

Yoni Ben Menachem, security-political expert of the Zionist regime:

The talks of Israeli security officials about the destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities are not taken seriously by the security chiefs of the IRGC. The Iranians consider these statements “nonsense” or, at best, “a failed attempt to create a psychological war against Iran.

Examining the reaction of political officials and residents in the occupied territories shows that no one takes Israel’s army power seriously, especially Iran. The belief is that in the occupied territories, the threats of the military and security authorities of the Zionist regime are for show and have no practical output. For example, in one of the reports published in the Zionist media, it is stated:

The news of Israel’s possible attack on Iran has not attracted public opinion in Israel for a long time because public awareness in Israel is increasing and this opinion It expands that this news is mainly to get new funding for the Israeli military and that the Israel military forces do not intend to attack Iran’s nuclear program, especially when it is clear to everyone that the president of the United States, Joe Biden, will not support such an attack.

Action against Iran will make the whole region hell for Israelis

In the military doctrine of the Zionist regime, Israel’s enemies are three main threats. The first circle of threats is the Palestinian resistance organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the second circle is the threat of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq, and the third circle of threats is Iran.

Experts and analysts of the Zionist regime have repeatedly emphasized that war with Iran means war with all three threats. They know very well that if a direct attack happens by the Zionist regime against Iran, the answers to Israel will not come from Iran alone. Israel will witness a ring of fire around it. Massive inside chaos and conflicts happen too. By taking direct action against Iran, the Hell gates will open on the Zionists.

Currently, the issue is not limited to action against Iran. The unity, solidarity, and military power of the Resistance Axis has increased so much that; if the Zionists go to war against any of the countries and organizations of the Resistance Axis, the members of the Axis should react together.

The words and acknowledgments of the senior expert of the Zionist regime clearly illustrate this issue.

Danny Citrinowicz, the former head of the Iran department at Aman Israel Research Unit:

The story of attacking Iran is not just about the ability to damage protected nuclear sites and getting a response from Iran. “Here we are talking about the beginning of a difficult and perhaps unbearable war for Israel against other members of the united resistance axis of Iran, whose power has grown significantly in recent years.

Zionist Israel Times website:

“The resistance-oriented military organizations have become organizations that are a real strategic threat to Iran’s enemies and annoy them. Iran’s point of view is the capability of these organizations also strengthens its deterrence force. The war against Iran cannot start from its borders. The attacker will inevitably have to overcome from the front of Iran’s defense belt of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. Therefore, one of the things that stop anyone from attacking Iran is not only the response of Iran but also the response of its proxies.

Begin Sadat Zionist Center for Strategic Studies:

Israel’s second war with Lebanon was maybe the last time that Israel could focus on fighting on one front (a war with only one side). The next war may be a regional war, especially with the military doctrine of Qasem Soleimani. “To encircle Israel with a rocket “ring of fire” from all sides, from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq to Iran and Yemen.

Israel Army Reserve Colonel Gabi Siboni and Israel Army Reserve Brigadier General Yuval Bazak:

After the war in Lebanon and several rounds of confrontation in Gaza, Israel finds itself at the starting point in the face of threats that are becoming more complex and stronger gradually! Starting an all-out war to occupy Gaza and Lebanon and destroy most of the military forces of Hamas and Hezbollah is doomed to fail and complicate events. Iran is trying to advance its strategic goals by operationalizing the conventional capabilities it creates around Israel’s borders.

The Iranians are developing their guerilla threats with all their might through their proxies. Prioritizing the third ring of threat to Israel (Iran) and directly attacking Iranian targets and neglecting the first ring of threat (Palestinian resistance organizations and Lebanon’s Hezbollah) is in Iran’s favor.

A large part of the military power of the Zionist regime army in conflict with the Palestinian resistance organizations is spent in the recent years, while none of the powerful organizations and countries of the resistance axis have taken any threatening action against Israel in the last few years.

On the other hand, in the past few years of conflicts with the Palestinian organizations, the Israeli army has not had any success or achievements! The Zionists know very well that when their power is fragile and unstoppable in front of the not-so-big Palestinian resistance organizations, the talk of a simultaneous war with Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Iran is nothing more than a ridiculous joke.

There is no war option against Iran on the table

The Zionist regime will never endanger its existence with its own hands. They know what consequences and devastating results any action against Iran or the axis of resistance will have for them. Therefore, there are no plans in the occupied territories. It is not relevant to take action against Iran. The intention of the Zionists in rhetoric against Iran and holding military exercises is to simulate an attack on Iran and force European countries and America to create pressure and threats against Iran.

The Zionists want to tell the Western countries that if the West Asian region should not receive any chaos and their interests stay unharmed, they should increase the pressure on Iran. In this regard, the Hebrew-language website “Srugim” wrote:

Israel’s attempt to show the possibility of attacking Iran from the past until now is mainly to put pressure on the world superpowers, either through economic sanctions or by military threats. In other words, “Force Iran to withdraw from its nuclear program and reduce its regional influence.

If the Zionists could take direct action against Iran, they would not have attempted the cowardly assassination of Iranian scientists or sabotage actions in Iran. Of course, the authorities and experts of the Zionist regime have repeatedly stated that the sabotage and assassination of Iranian scientists did not stop Iran’s activities but increased the motivation and speed of Iranians’ activities, a big failure for Mossad. The frank confession of the former prime minister of the Zionist regime confirms this.

The Zionist website Israel Defense wrote in this regard:

Naftali Bennett admitted in a speech the failure of Mossad’s actions against Iran and Yossi Cohen’s exaggerations in the actions against Iran.

In his speech, Bennett said that when he entered the office of the Prime Minister, he was puzzled by the discrepancies between words and reality. I felt a disturbing disconnect between statements like “we will never allow Iran to go nuclear” and the legacy I received. Regarding Iran’s nuclear situation after Mossad’s actions in Iran, he said:

I must say that Iran is in the most advanced state of its nuclear program, in a situation where its enrichment mechanism is more complex and extensive than ever.

Currently, the Zionist regime, in a state of internal instability for several years, desires to form a stable political government. Yet, this regime has not achieved it after nearly four years and four elections. It seems that the Zionist authorities should think about their internal situation and disintegration, which is turning into a fundamental crisis, with destructive consequences for the existence of this regime, instead of making empty threats against Iran and the axis of resistance.

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