The Zionist regime and the triple forgery

The Zionist regime and the triple forgery

Articles: The Zionist regime and the triple forgery: In the Israeli regime, there was neither a nation nor a territory. Since sovereignty is the product of a Nation and a Territory, there was nothing more than a forgery in which its mere elements lie.

Fars news; Note – Saadullah Zarei – The developments in Palestine in the 74th year of its occupation show that the Israeli regime cannot manage its stabilization process and become settled as a state. In establishing a government with no previous history, a maximum period of 25 years – that is, a generation – is needed for a process to lead to the emergence of a project.

One example is the country of Pakistan, whose existence was at the age of 25, or India accepted it as a definite entity at the end of this period (1972) and started political relations with it. Moreover, the story of the formation of the countries of Bangladesh, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, etc. is the same.

But why did this not happen in the case of the establishment of the state of Israel, and its army is still on alert? The reason and the difference are that, although there was no country under the mentioned names, there was a land and a nation for the state that emerged. The people who became the owners of a country like Pakistan did not come to this land from somewhere else. The people of Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, etc., lived in these lands. They were the owners too.

These lands and their people had an objective existence. They only lived under another government. Thus, when Pakistan became separated from India, only one government added to the elements of this geographical area, and Pakistan’s formation happened.

Triple Forgery

In the case of the Israeli regime, none of the three elements of government formation have existed. There has been no nation to the extent of determining the state, nor has there been a territory. Since sovereignty is the product of the term nation-territory, it has not existed. A “triangle forgery” is the quality, and an absolute fake regionality has been formed.

The continuation of the resistance in Palestine, although three generations, i.e., 75 years have passed, alone proves the fakeness of the Israeli regime. Even today, when a Palestinian child is born in Gaza, Ramallah, Haifa, Safed, Bir al-Sabah, Jaffa, Akar, etc., his country is under occupation and must be liberated.

Today in all parts of the occupied lands, the Palestinian movements are prominent. From the point of view of its citizens, all Palestinian lands have been usurped, and there is no difference between Khan Yunis in Gaza, Hebron in the West Bank, Bir al-Sabah in the south, and Safed in the north. Therefore, the separation of 1948 from the Palestinian issue is no longer a matter of debate.

Seventy four years after the betrayal of the West in forging Israel in the Islamic land of Palestine, this regime has still not been able to solve the prime issue of the holy places. On occasions, these places are still on alert by the army, and the grounds of these places are still the scene of Muslim youths and Zionist settlers lining up. As you are reading this note, the holy spots in the cities of Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus, and Quds is surrounded by the army.

It means the issue has not yet resolved, and Israel has not gained control over them. This issue is important because the “Protocols of Zionism” and the “Jewish Agency” have called the Jews of Europe, Africa, and Asia to this land in the name of reaching the holy cities and places. Now many of those, who were called, have died. Many who moved to this land are decrepit. They cannot even visit these places without fear, let alone perform rituals.

The fact that the Jewish population settled in the western areas – where there are no holy places- instead of being settled in eastern Palestine means the inability of the Israeli regime to fulfill the promise with which it called the Jews here. It is interesting that despite all the efforts made to evacuate the Jews, still in all the cities where the holy places are located, Palestinian Arab populations- with an overwhelming majority of Muslims – live. Most of the Jews who live in these cities are young settlers who immigrated from the western to the eastern part of Palestine.

It is the secret of the Israeli regime’s insistence on dominating the so-called 1967 areas and the strategic nature of its continued settlements in these areas. So, another aspect of the fundamental failure of the Zionist project is the lack of control over the holy cities and places.

Because of what was said, Quds is the heart of the Palestinian issue, which has also become the Palestinian flag. For this reason, keeping this flag flying is a strategic action. From the point of view of semiology, Quds is a sign of domination and authority. So, Ayatollah Khomeini used to say: Quds Day is the Day of Islam and the Day of all Islamic Countries. If Quds is occupied by Zionists, it means a decisive victory against Muslims. If Muslims preserve and stabilize Quds as an Islamic place, it means their decisive victory over global Zionism.

Since the formation of this state is an Anglo-American project, and its life depends on the support of the West, the stabilization of Quds in the world of Islam means the decisive victory of Muslims over the whole West.

Experience has shown that Palestine is not an issue that anyone in the Islamic world can hand it over. Therefore, during these years, although traitors among Muslims and their affiliates have taken measures in favor of the Israeli project, and these measures were not few, in the end, they have not been able to go to the end of the line and therefore have fallen into contradictions.

These days, we are witnessing that, for example, Erdogan, while talking about warming relations with the Israeli regime, as soon as the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in Al-Aqsa Mosque, he takes a stand against Israel; Either the UAE summons the Israeli ambassador just a few days after receiving Israel’s foreign minister in Dubai due to the events of the recent days at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, or Jordan while taking the second Arab normalization step with the “Wadi Araba” agreement (1971). These days, he summoned the ambassador of Israel and – in the parliament – raised the issue of expelling the ambassador.

It proves that Palestine is not a purely political issue. Yes, in the Islamic world – Arab or non-Arab – some promise to hand over a part of Palestine to the Israeli regime, but in the end, no one can implement it. It is one of the prime problems of Israel. For this reason, on the very day when the American and Arab delegations gathered in the office of “David Ben-Gurion” – the first prime minister and the founder of Israel – in the neighborhood of “Kibuts Sedeh Bukar” in the city of Be’er al-Sabah to say that the project of establishing Israel is over, and A young Muslim Arab attacked the Zionists in this city, killing 4 of them and injuring five others.

The later operations happened in Tel Aviv, south of Haifa and Jenin. Al-Aqsa Mosque will arrive, and the scene of the Arab world and the Islamic world will change for Palestine’s sake and those who prepared to sign souvenirs in Beer-al-Sabah and Ben-Gurion’s office! They summoned the ambassador and emphasized the rights of the Palestinians. It is hypocrisy! But what makes Erdoğan, Bin Zayed, Bin Salman, Sisi, and Sultan Muhammad II to hypocrisy?

It is good to notice that their hypocrisy shows the extreme sensitivity of the Muslim people of Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Morocco towards Palestine and Al-Quds Sharif and Al-Aqsa. It means that Palestine continues, and the Israeli regime has not yet been established in the true sense of the word.

It has not been long since the Israeli army was shooting at the Palestinians without restraint and without fear to show its control. In 2002, Minister of War Shaul Mofaz and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, in response to the martyrdom act of a Palestinian in Nahariya, entered a camp in Jenin and martyred 200 Palestinians in front of the 30 dead Jews of Nahariya. In two weeks, at least twenty Zionists have been killed by four Palestinians, and Israel does not dare to react harshly against the Palestinians.

Today, the path of the Israeli regime has narrowed. On the contrary, the way of the Palestinians has expanded and diversified. Based on this, Jacob Heiman, the former director of the Federation of Jewish Temple Organizations, referring to the confrontation of Palestinian youths at the entrance of the Al-Aqsa Mosque with the Israeli army, writes, “At the Temple Mount – Al-Aqsa Mosque – we are obliged to sacrifice like Passover – one of the three great Jewish holidays – to We can calm the Islamic jihadists.

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