The West is more dishonorable than ever

WestOccidentalogy: The West is more dishonorable than ever: The events in Ukraine once again opened a new page of the West’s view of the events in front of the eyes of the world. Many lessons can be enumerated from these events.

Fars news; Note – Sepehr Khalji: The events in Ukraine once again opened a new page of the western view of the occurrences in front of the world’s audience, from which we can take many lessons. In addition, the events in Ukraine, compared to some events that the world has witnessed in recent years, put a collection of contradictions of the West in front of the eyes of every viewer.

We believe that war against nations, destruction of infrastructure, defenseless people killing, making nations homeless, genocide, and similar are war crimes. But in the comparative comparison of events in Ukraine with some of the same of the last few years in the international system, the west selective, double, and hypocritical attitudes against the events are fully observed. Pay attention to these contradictions:

1. In the Ukraine war, the Westerners came together to defend Ukraine. In the Syrian war, the same claimants against the war acted unitedly against the legitimate government and openly supported the terrorists and Takfiri.

2. In the Syrian war, the West unitedly wanted to overthrow the established legal government, but in the events of Ukraine, it unitedly supported the established government.

3. In the Syrian war, they imposed an arms embargo on the government that fought against terrorists, but in the events of Ukraine, they sent a flood of weapons and ammunition.

4. In Syria, they mobilized all the international media against its legitimate government, but in the events of Ukraine, they brought all the media to the service of the Kyiv government.

5. In all these years, they remained silent against the killing of the people of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen and genocide in these countries. On the contrary, they created vast propaganda and political campaigns for the war in Ukraine. The guest of the BBC program looks at the camera while angry and laments the killing of Ukrainians. He stares at the camera and expresses regret for the killing of Europeans with blond hair and colored eyes.

6. In the events of Ukraine, sports, art, and science, which they always claimed to be non-political, were turned into sanctions tools. They even prevented the Russian cats from the sports competitions!

7. In the case of Ukraine, they used all their capacities in the European Union and the United Nations to condemn Russia. On the contrary, Westerners did not stand up against the killing of children in Yemen and made the murderers of the Yemeni people a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The West is more dishonorable than ever

8. In the Ukraine war, they opened all their borders to the refugees, even allowing them to stay for up to three years, but had no desire to accept the refugees in the Syrian case.

Western media and politicians, who have opened their mouths to protest these days, are not only silent but fully support Israel’s 70 years of occupation, racism, infanticide, and displacement of Palestinians.

It is natural that awakened human consciences are against wars and killing. The loss of wars is towards the nations. On the contrary, war benefits go to the pockets of the arms and energy mafias, said Rand Paul, one of the American senators, the two parties, Democrats and Republicans, are brought together by one thing War! Both love Wars. The more war, the better.

There is no conflict or crisis in the world in which America has no interference. From East Asia to deep Africa to Libya, Iraq, Syria, southern Russia, Afghanistan, and Yemen, America can’t be far from a crisis. America is the axis, background, or driver of all wars and tensions in the world.

Today, America, which has assumed the opposite face of the war and campaign against Ukraine, has an occupying military presence in Iraq, Syria, and Somalia and has established military bases in dozens of European, African, and Asian countries. The contradictions between the West and the Americans in the developments in Ukraine are in front of the eyes of the world. More dishonorable than ever. In this world full of contradictions, one must be strong. Security and power are not borrowed, imported, or begged. Sustainable ability is endogenous and relies on people.

The definitive and unchangeable strategy of the Islamic Republic is to increase progress and the endogenous power of the ordinary people in all strategic areas, regardless of naive or treacherous temptations to give up the elements and components of national power.

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