emergence of Zelensky

The important issue led to the emergence of Zelensky in Ukraine

MediaWest: One of the issues that led to the emergence of Zelensky in Ukraine was the organization’s potential power in the country’s extreme nationalist movement.

In addition to infiltrating the government’s security and intelligence agencies, they organized the Azov Battalion as their military wing.

This process is similar to the formation of the Nazi Party in Germany in 1930. On the surface, this similarity has led to the justification of the Russian leaders for attacking Ukraine. But obviously, this is not a proper justification for an attack of this scale. The main reason for the attack on Ukraine is something else.

The main reason for Russia’s attack on Ukraine, very briefly, is that in the past months, Russia became convinced that Kyiv will forever be a constant enemy for Moscow, and it will continue to increase its defense capabilities through the West and NATO soon. Therefore, the risk and costs of being passive (Russia) against Kyiv will be much higher than the costs of war, and as a result, it took action.

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