ABWA’s cultural deputy explained the roots and reasons behind the destruction of Al-Baqi’s graves and Islamic works by wahabists

the rise of Wahabism in Hejaz, which is inspired by Ibn Taymiyyah’s beliefs which considers pilgrimage of the graves disagreeable with monotheism, caused any building of the sort in Hejaz to be destroyed by their hands. They attempted to destroy Al-Baqi’s monuments twice, once in 1220 and once in 1344, believing that pilgrimage of the graves is heresy.

Shawal eighth is the anniversary of sacred Al-Baqi’s cemetery’s destruction by Wahabists and Al-Saud located in medina.

the rise of Wahabism in Hejaz, which is inspired by Ibn Taymiyyah’s beliefs which considers pilgrimage of the graves disagreeable with monotheism, caused any building of the sort in Hejaz to be destroyed by their hands. They attempted to destroy Al-Baqi’s monuments twice, once in 1220 and once in 1344, believing that pilgrimage of the graves is heresy.

Read ABNA’s exclusive conversation with Ahlul Bayt World Assembly’s deputy of cultural affairs and a faculty member of university of Islamic Religions, Hojjat-Al Islam Alireza Imani moghadam about this topic.

Ahlul Bayt World Assembly’s deputy of cultural affairs also said about the role of Imams (AS) in guiding the Muslims: Imams were the source of goodness and blessing as they were alive even after their martyrdom, their names, memories and graves and visiting them is the source of goodness and blessing. Enemies noticed this, and as a result they created new sects with their guidance and consuming a big amount of time to fight this way of belief.

He said about the role of colonialism in foundation of Wahabism: Wahabism is one of the sects that was founded with direct intervention of the great colonialist at the time, England. A famous English spy searched the Islamic countries for weak points and located them then contacted a young Najdi student called Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahab and told him: you are a knowledge man and should have innovative ideas. And with this he distracted him from the true way of obeying the prophet (pbuh)and asked him to discuss our comments. This resulted in him creating a new Religion due to Englishes’ intervention. The founder of Wahabism needed manpower and support so he allied with another Najdi clan called Al-Saud. historians proved that Al-Saud’s root is Jewish. Al-Saud are from Al-Darieh region. Which means armor and this region is the place that prophet’s armor got stolen by Jews. Al-Saud’s root is from the Jews that Quran calls “The people of the world are in heavens and the earth”. He created a new religion with the support of Al-Saud and England and they allied with each other.

Imani continued about the power structure in Saudi Arabia: now days, after nearly 2 centuries, Saudi Arabia’s political leadership is in the hands of Al-Saud clan and the Religious leadership is with Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahab’s clan. Abdul Aziz Bin Baz Saudi Arabia’s previous Mufti was from Abdul Wahab’s grandchildren. The current Mufti is also from the same clan. They promised each other that the political and military power be in Al-Saud’s hand and the religious and cultural power in Abdul Wahab’s clan.

This Islamic thinker stated about the roots of the destruction of the graves of Al-Baqi by Wahabists: Quran says “[Such niches are] in mosques which Allah has ordered to be raised and that His name be mentioned therein”. In many stories told by Imams, “Mosques” is related to Imam’s shrines. meaning that Imams are the source of blessing for people, even after their martyrdom they guide Muslims with their name, memory and graves. the enemy couldn’t stand this fact. So they murdered all Imams, even Imam Mahdi would’ve been murdered if he had stayed among people. He is entrusted with continuing Imams’ bloodline and appear when he sees fit. According to story “What we are but poisoned or killed” meaning all Imams were assassinated with either sword or poison. Imam Ali (AS) and Imam Hussain(AS) are “Blood of God”

And were assassinated with sword and other nine imams were assassinated with poison. The enemy saw that they are killed but their way and legacy continues so decided to destroy even their graves and monuments. Wahabists attacked all Imams’ graves and throughout history in the Saudi Arabia region sacred graves of four Imams, prophet’s uncle, daughters and wives, Ibrahim prophet’s cousin, aunts and many of other companions were turned to dust.

“May God curse the pilgrims” women shouldn’t visit the graves and men shouldn’t address the deceased even if they visit the grave; because they are dead and can’t hear us. Pilgrim should say: “Greetings to those who are believers of God” and shouldn’t say “Hello back” because the dead can’t hear us. This belief is against Sunni narratives. There is written in Sunni’s books that in Badr war, the prophet said toward the dead polytheists in the well and said “we found our divine promise and emerged victorious”what about you? Did you see hell. One of the prophet’s companions protested to the prophet that are you talking to the dead people? Prophet said: «والله ما انتم باسمع منهم» I swear to god, you cannot hear more than these people, the dead hear me better than you, only God doesn’t let them to talk after they are dead and if God allows they will testify that the divine promise is true. So according to the teachings that Sunnis have narrated from the prophet(pbuh) this actions are not correct. It’s good to know that the first person that opposed Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahab was his brother Suliman Bin Abdul Wahab Al-Najdi that wrote the book “الصواعق الالهیه فی الرد علی الوهابیه” and throughout history most of Sunnis and Shias both agree that Wahabism is a sect created made by England and has nothing to do with Islam. Our never ending pain are the twenty million Wahabists that are allied with Zionists and helping the enemy otherwise Shias have no problem with living next to other Sunnis.

He said about destruction of Islamic works in Mecca and Medina by the Wahabists, “if Wahabism can convince its followers with some fake Hadith into destroying the graves of Imams but why Mosques should be destroyed as well? Why they are destroying Noori Mosque which has been around since the Abbasids rule in Mosul of Iraq or other Islamic works and mosques which are somehow related to the prophet (PBUH) or Imams or prophet’s companions. the answer is clear. They pretend to be a branch of Islam but in reality they are supported by Global Arrogance and western colonization and the clear reason is that the Zionist regime relate Al-Aqsa Mosque to Judaism with thousands of lies to make an originality for themselves but Wahabism destroys Islamic works in different Islamic countries by their own hand to destroy their origins. They destroy Mosques in the east of Saudi Arabia, saying they belong to the Ismaili and قرامطه as an excuse while these mosques represent Saudi Arabia’s history and originality. They also destroyed the graves of many Islamic characters. I visited them before, In the past they had tombstones but after they expanded the mosque they destroyed them. They also destroyed Gomama and Sabaa mosque and built another mosque near them as a monument, while it was Imam Ali (AS) and Salman’s worshiping place and also the site of Fatah verse’s descent. All of these were protected until recent years but Wahabism destroyed them. They have no excuse because of this except saying that these places have turned into idols and they have to fight idolatry. News mentioned that Isis announced that they are going to destroy Kaaba because it has turned into an idol for Muslims and we should only worship God. They are after the destruction of Islamic works to serve their masters and destroy Islam’s originality in this region with These deceiving words.

Faculty member of the university of religions stated in the end, “in Shawal’s eighth Wahabism made a horrible act of terror and destroyed Al-Baqi’s graves and also intended to destroy Imam Ali (AS) and Imam Hussain (AS) graves as well but due to Shia clerics in Iran which caused peoples disagreement with these actions. In this way they’re headed with today’s Wahabism and Isis exploding the graves’ of Imams and the oldest Islamic long dome. Also their allied hypocrites who planted a bomb in Imam Reza (AS)’s shrine in Mashhad in Islamic revolution’s first decades. Anyway blasphemy is a united nation and their objective is the same. We should be vigilant and identify our true enemy according to our supreme leader have vision in our beliefs in order not to let them shake our ideals and beliefs”.



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