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In the name of Allah (Who’s) the Compassionate Merciful

O, the Commander of the faithful!
Upon you be peace;
O the Remainder of Allah, on His earth,
Upon You be peace!

O Mahdi!
How could we suppress our despair in your extended non-attendance?
Where should we look for to find you?
Which supplication can lead us to you?
So that we head for it and learn how to get to you!

O Savour!
Being perplexed and wandering in your absence,
The diverse dreams – the inward Satan –
Has so prevailed us that we have become
Captives to our own passions!

O You the Gracious!
My heart, since start, has fallen in love with thy,
Fine hair – it will not break its promise till I die!

Thus, we adore you, so do we your ancestors,
And we are, with our own ‘laden-with-sin-hearts’,
To fit out a ground to delight you:
We are looking forward to witnessing that
Allah may forward your appearance to us;
And He may cast mercy on us, and deliver us
From this ‘the wondering of us’,
And to save us from the inwardly depression of us …

O Patriarch!
Now, we are to take to Allah this complaint of:
Not-appearing of yours,
As well the grievance of our ‘Not-knowing
You, and Your ancestor

I am uneasy, impoverished,
So I will, forever, hum this ‘Hymn’:
‘O Lord! Make me recognize You,
O Lord! Make me know the Messenger of Yours;
O Lord! Make me recognize the Assured Sign of Yours.’

O Daystar!
It is now a long period we have resorted to Your worthy ancestors
Hoping to catch Your sight, having Your affection upon us.
The main ambition of us is to get closer to Your wisdom–
Though we are too feeble to plunge amid Your know-how,
We pray Him to bless us to do so.

As it is said:
‘If it is hard to draw sea-water off,
Let’s try that to quench our thirst of’.

O Great!
We heard most heartily from the Messenger,
(Peace be upon him and his descendants), say:
“This ‘say of mine’: ‘The Divine Leadership of Ali and his offspring’
Must be delivered by those present, at this Ghadir Khom,
To those who are not present;
And also by the elderly to their offspring
Up to the Day of Resurrection…”

Now, we wonder how to carry out Your command?
From which direction shall we set out to fulfill Your bid?
We wonder what to do and what to relate!
You Yourself assist us, and guide us along our path.
Hold us on our hands to find our way,
And try to find out the endless superiority and competence
Of Your Father, and then to teach it to others.

We bear it in our minds that, by the Pool of Khom,
Our Messenger received the loyalty of the people for
Ali and his offspring, (upon them all be peace),
As the Leadership; and he confirmed to keep
That treaty until the Day of Resurrection…

Now, humbly we come to the court of yours:
You the Generous, from the lineage of Generosity –
So that You might give a shelter to us, the miserable!

So, pardon us; help us! Guide us to the right path!
Bestow the ray of Your radiance upon us,
Do not turn away from us;
And say, ‘Amen’ to this prays of us, as:
“O Lord! Hasten the advancement of
Your own adopted Master, Mahdi!”

“O, You the Omnipotent!
Trouble has afflicted us and our family,
And we have come [to you] with meager merchandise –
[which is too little to get anything].
So do [us] a favour, and fill up the load for us,
And act charitably toward us …”

Whether you shun us, with our thin goods,
or out throw,
We have not, in this word, a Master except You!

On the Assigned Day of the Commander of the faithful,
and the Highness Zahra (upon her be peace)
Aghdaseiie, Tehran.
Sunday: at 8 am, 29/11/1385, 29th Moharram 1428

S. Hosein Hoseiny

Nowadays, some of the intellectual religious leaders believe that the ‘Leadership’ in Islam is something related to the history! Therefore, they believe that any kind of discussion, concerning the ‘Leadership’, causes hostility among the different sects and creeds in Islam. In fact, by saying so, they refer to Shiite, not any other sects among the Muslims! They deliberately, or un-deliberately, but we believe deliberately, support the other sects rather than, the main theology, Shiite.
To probe their opinions, we are to point out the question of belief, the ‘Leadership’ in Islam, and then we refer to the straightforward narrations of the Holy Prophet and his offspring, (peace be upon them all), through the plain Verses of the Holy Qur’an.

I – Generally speaking, the first party of them are those who have no knowledge about the ‘Prophet-hood’ of the Messenger (peace be upon him and his descendants) that is related to the Unseen World – Divine. Thus, they see to the matter of the religion with their material eyes. And they simply take the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants), who is the Divine message carrier, as a peacemaker and merely a talented one. And, in their opinion, the religious percepts must be suited to the terrestrial affairs. Therefore, considering the ‘Divine Leadership’ as historical, not the truth, is their wrong assumption; the true believers, who believe that the ‘Leadership’ is straight from the Divine, do not agree with their false brainwork.
And that, in their opinion, such questions on the ‘Divine Leadership’, may lead to hostility; thus, we reply: ‘If you are telling the truth, and are so well-wishers to man, then why do you not make people accept the fact and set the ideology on the truest faith? There! In the name of solidarity, you ignore the numerous facts but set up a temporary brief and frail unity.

II – The sign of belief in the ‘Divine Leadership’ and its meaning must be taken into consideration. Regarding to Abraham, (peace be upon him), and his leadership, we read in the Holy Qur’an: ‘And when the Lord of Abraham tested him by means of some words of command and he fulfilled them, Allah stated, “I am going to set you as a guide for mankind,” he asked, “What about my offspring?” He stated, “My ‘Leadership’ pledge does not apply to the wrongdoers,”’ (the Cow: 2/124).
Therefore, the ‘Divine Leadership’ is a compact set by Allah Alone, and it is a position requiring integrity, and no one, but Allah picks one to such dignity if He desires. On the other hand, as the well-known narration of ‘θæghælæin’ quotes, there are two definite substitutions to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants): 1) the ‘holy Qur’an’, and 2) ‘the Divine Leader’. They are adhered to the prophet-hood – they both are attached and are side by side supporting the Rule of Islam and the teaching of the Messenger.
The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants), said: “I am to leave two most precious *Subordinates with you: Allah’s Book and my household. Now let me see how you are going to refer to them and respect those two,” (Kafee: 1/293, and the explanation of Nahj-ul-Balagheh: 7/375).

*Here the word, ‘subordinates’ means that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) was commanded to present a deputy by Allah’s leave; and his mentioning the household of his, alongside with the Holy Qur’an, means that his command by chosen them, was not merely choosing the ‘Imam’ as a simple governor or commander, but someone to represent all the characteristic of Prophet as a Messenger of Allah – except that his prophet-hood and law carrying was by Allah – as he had time and again announced:

“O Ali, you are for me as Aaron to Moses, except for that there will not be a messenger after me,” (Kafee: 1/199. [But after Moses there came messengers].
And Imam Kazim, (Peace be upon him), has narrated: “The Divine Leadership is but Light, (Kafee: 25).

And we read in Imam Reza’s famous narrations: ‘The ‘Divine Leadership’ is the main pride pillar of Islam, and also its tall branches,” (Kafee: 1/198).
The dignity and the state of ‘Divine Leadership’ is far beyond the reach of man’s wisdom to be chosen with ballot castings! That is why the Holy Prophet has chosen and introduced the ‘Leader’ and the ‘Divine Leadership’ as his own proxy after him. He well knew the dignity of Ali (peace be upon him), and during his twenty and else prophet-hood he has time and again expressed of Ali’s status of being a ‘Leader’ and owning the ‘Leadership’. And he has mentioned of his important positions in conveying the religious law, and commenting on the Qur’an and rites – governing and ruling the society, and his knowledge of the Unseen, and also the bravery and the courage of his.

III – The importance of the Leadership of Ali, (peace be upon him), is so great that many a Verses in the Holy Qur’an has been sent down about it, as:

(1) “Your Guardian is just Allah and His Messenger, and also those who believe, perform prayer, and pay the due welfare tax even when he bow down [to pray],” (The Heavenly Food 5: 55).
All the Shiite commentaries, as well as most commentators of the Sunnis have unanimously said that this lofty Verse has been revealed concerning Ali (peace be upon him). It was sent down when, bowing down to pray at the mosque, he had offered his welfare tax – it is recorded in Shiite’s comments: Majma-ul-Bayan: 3/209, Ghomi’s comment: 1/170, Ayashi comment: 2/ 56-58; and in Sunnis’ comments, Kashshaf: 1/623, Fakhr Razi: 12/25, Tabari: 6/186).

(2) O you who believe, obey Allah and His Messenger and those who hold the Divine Command, (Woman 4/59).
According to the commenter, the word ‘Those’ in ‘Thos who hold the Divine Command’, refers to the infallible Leaders, Imams, (Shiite commentators: Majma-ul-Bayan: 3/62, Hhomi: 1/141, Ayyashi: 1/410 – 4/14; and Sunnis commentators: Kashshaf: 1/535, Fakhr Razi: 10/ 142, Tabari: 5/93).

(3) Today I have preferred your religion for you, and completed My favour upon you, and have granted Islam as a religion for you – a commitment to live in peace, [The Heavenly Food: 5/3]; (Majma-ul-Bayan: 3/156).
Thus, we notice that the forgoing Verses, and tens of other Verses are about Ali, (peace be upon him)’s Leadership, and the assured guardianship of his.

IV– The above basis is about the Leadership of the Commander of the faithful, Ali, (peace be upon him):
The deputy and the chief-deputy should have something in common.
Thus, in Ali, (peace be upon him)’s case, Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants), had already trained him and brought him up in the warm and kind household of his. He had acquainted him with his moral attitude. In this respect, Ali, (peace be upon him), in the Sermon of the ‘Ghaseah’ says:
“You are aware that I am very closely related with the Holy Prophet, Muhammad, (peace be upon him and his descendants). When I was a lad, he took me up in his lap, he pressed me to his breast and he always kept me with him. He gave me food out of his mouth to eat. He never found me telling lies and doing anything unfair. Allah appointed the angel Gabriel to show the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) good morals and manners right from the very beginning of his childhood. I followed in the footsteps of the Prophet very closely. Daily he gave me instruction and told me to follow it. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) lived in the mount of Hira every year for one month and none but me saw him there. I saw the Light of revelation on his face, When Gabriel brought the first revelation from Allah to Muhammad (peace be upon him and his descendants), the Satan cried. I asked the Prophet what that cry was for. He said, “This is the cry of Satan. Now he is despondent and disappointed. You are indeed hearing what I hear. You are seeing what I see. But you are not a prophet; you are the minister of the Prophet. Surely you will stick to Islam.”

During the revelation of the Verse of (Poets: 26/214, ‘And warn your close relatives’), the Holy Prophet announced thrice: ‘Ali, you are the close tribe and relative to me. Surely Allah did not set up a messenger unless among his household was a brother, appointed heir and a deputy to him. So which one of you swear allegiance with me as a brother, heir and administrator; and in the mean time, being to me as Aaron to Moses, though there comes no messenger after me.’
But his relatives kept silence, and soon after, the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) said: “Now, let one of you stand up or somebody else will rise and then you will regret it.” Right then Ali, (peace be upon him) stood up on his feet. The Holy Prophet asked him to walk closer to him, so did he. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) received him kindly and announced: ‘Here! I quench him with the wisdom and knowledge’, (Behar: 18/ 163).
This event, along with hundreds alike, are the affairs going on between the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) and the Commander of the faithful, Ali, (peace be upon him), concerning the Divine Leadership.

V– The famous and the most authentic proof about the ‘Divine Leadership’ of Ali, (peace be upon him) is the event of Ghadir Khom, when the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants), after the rites of pilgrimage, in the historical farewell pilgrimage hold Ali, (peace be upon him) on hand and introduced him to the people around saying: “O Prophet announce what has been sent down to you by your Lord. If you do not do so, you have not conveyed His message. Allah defends you from people; surely Allah does not guide the unbelieving people, (The Heavenly Food: 5/ 67).
The successive narrations and the relevant texts of the Sermon about ‘Ghadir’ prove the importance and the credit of it, as:

(1) The announcement of the farewell pilgrimage and the last year of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants)’s life.

(2) Inviting the Muslims of Medina and all other Islamic regions for the rites of the pilgrimage.

(3) The set out of ‘one hundred and twenty thousand people’ from Medina to the pilgrimage ceremony.

(4) Summoning Ali, (peace be upon him) and his companions from Yemen to take part in the farewell ceremony.

(5) Delivering a speech, by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) in Medina, and in the Mosque of Khif for preparing the people for the Ghadir Khom event.

(6) Staying by the roadside and asking the people to settle and calling back the advanced crowd.

(7) The three-day stop for the announcement of the ‘Leadership by the Commander of the faithful, Ali, (peace be upon him) – from the first Day of Ghadir, Monday 18th of Dilhajjeh until Wednesday the 20th).

(8) The detailed sermon of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) and his insisting on the ‘Devine Leadership’, and the guardianship, as well the duty of the guardian by Ali and his offspring (peace be upon all) until the Day when the Awaited Upriser, Mahdi, (may Allah hasten his emerge) – rise up.

(9) The demand of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) having the crowd swear allegiance – both orally, and then by hand-shakings, and getting the covenant of those present.

(10) Having the males swear allegiance by shaking hands, and the females socking their hands in the full-with-water tub, (so that to avoid touching males’ hands).

(11) Having the crowd swear allegiance for the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) to obey his descendants, as well as the Faithful.

(12) Having the people to congratulate the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) and his Faithful Commander, Ali, (peace be upon him) about his Leadership and being an assured government.

(13) A durable and everlasting bid to the future generation of the world that the message of the selection of ‘Divine Leadership’ must be carried by those present to the people absent at that moment; and also the elderly to their children.

(14) Announcing that the ‘Publicizing the Event of Ghadir’ is the chief ‘Enjoining to Goodness’ and it is highly recommended.

(15) Introducing Ali, (peace be upon him) on the pulpits to those unknown, and highly admiring him during the lectures and sermons.

(16) Counting his about 200 virtues and pointing to his vast personality.

(17) Recommending the ‘Allegiance’ and offering peace upon him as the ‘Commander of the faithful’.

(18) Insisting on this title, the ‘Commander of the faithful’ and allocating it to Ali, (peace be upon him) only.

(19) Considering the Holy Qur’an, and Ali, (peace be upon him), and also the rest of the ‘Imams’ at the same inseparable level.

(20) Grounding the affection and the anger of Ali, (peace be upon him) in case of the people’s faith and disbelief.

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