“Wonders, beauties of Razavi Holy Shrine unknown to European tourists”

A Spanish tourist said, “Wonders and beauties of Razavi Holy Shrine are unknown to European tourists”.

According to Astan News, Jose Galindes, from Spain’s Bilbao and Basque state, stated, “This is my first visit to Iran and I attained lots of valuable memories and experiences in this trip”. He was visiting Mashhad within a 65-person group from Spain.

He stated, “We got familiar with Iranian people’s culture and customs in this trip and we also received a lot of good information. What we were getting about Iran via media and press was totally different from what we saw here”.

Jose Galindes added, “Most of the TV channels depict unbeautiful and false images from Iran and its people; however, this trip showed us something completely different. People of Iran are really kind and hospitable and we touched this reality in our visitations from Shiraz, Yazd, Kashan, Isfahan, and Mashhad”.

“We acquainted with many beauties of world’s architecture in our visitation from Razavi Holy Shrine. Courtyards and walls of this complex are really glorious and these beauties surprised us very much”, he said.

This tourist continued, “I am really eager to visit this holy place with more time in future. As soon as I get my country, I will suggest all my family and relatives to visit this holy place which, in my opinion, is the most attractive place in Iran”.

He reminded, “The kind of faith and wisdom feeling I found in this place is a feeling which is now fading in Europe. I enjoyed this feeling very much and I like to experience this feeling more and more”.

It is worth mentioning that this group enjoyed programs provisioned by Astan Quds Razavi’s office of non-Iranian pilgrims held in Dar al-Rahmah and Ghadir porticos of Razavi Holy Shrine. Visiting Astan Quds Razavi’s Museum and receiving cultural packages were some of the programs provisioned for the group. 



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