Daily answering to religious questions for non-Iranian pilgrims at Razavi shrine

Experts of Razavi Holy Shrine answer the questions and doubts of religion and belief issues of non-Iranian pilgrims.


The establishment of institutions responsive to young people and steer them toward correct, scientific and rational answers could strengthen religious beliefs, removing religious doubts and even cause the tendency of followers of other religions to Islam and also preventing the diversion of the Muslims.


Since Razavi Holy Shrine hosts a large number of non-Iranian pilgrims of different nationalities, the non-Iranian Pilgrims’ Affairs Department of Astan Quds Razavi, by setting up the centers to answer religious questions and prescripts has provided a fertile ground for the flourishing of pure thoughts of these pilgrims.


Arabic, Azeri, English and Urdu speaking pilgrims could refer to these offices in person or by phone, freely ask their questions and receive answers.


Turkish and Azeri-speaking pilgrims, every day from 7 a.m. to 17 p.m. in the Ghadir portico, Urdu-speaking pilgrims, from 15 to 16 in room 40 in eastern entrance of the Razavi Jame’ Courtyard of the Razavi Holy Shrine and Arabic-speaking pilgrims in the Dar al-rahmeh portico could receive their answers to prescripts and religious questions from experts.


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