Posters of Ashura

Posters of Ashura

Ahl al-Bayt, Slide: Posters Epical Upbringing Ashura Personality

The event of Ashura’s retelling sets an example from the trained character, Ansar al-Hussein (AS), who elevates us and gives growth and excellence until we reach the border of readiness for Ansar al-Mahdi. As a result, in the present age, with all the talents, opportunities, connections, etc., be on the path to helping religion.

How to use

Publish on the Internet and networks and cyberspace generates audio podcasts and short audio, or video narratives based on each of the posters, paper printing or banner printing and installation at the entrance of religious places such as mosques, Husseiniyahs (1), and mourning processions installation on city bulletin boards, offices, institutions, schools and universities and creating space for friendly social discussions or scientific meetings about Imam Hussein and Ashura.

A simple and fast exhibition set up with a banner and creating opportunities for Ashura thinking on a global scale along with Ashura ceremonies up to the great epic of Arbaeen, giving gifts in the form of a cultural package to non-Shiites and none-Muslims and inviting them to study and talk.

List of Ashura posters

a) Hussein is the soul of the Prophet (s)

b) Ashura and life situations and three choices for humans

c) Ashura and male social situations and roles.

d) Ashura and female social situations and roles.

1. The basis of Islamic and Shia lifestyle (Habib).

2. The scope of religious life from serving God to being in society (Ebne Ovsajeh).

3. Repent and return to himself (Hurr).

4. Insight and courage to return to the truth (Zuhair).

5. Courage in breaking the coercion of society and political pressure to join the truth (Abu al- Shasa).

6. A lifetime of waiting and gaining epic preparation until the promised time (Anas).

7. Maximum effort and struggle to help religion (Qais).

8. Preparing yourself to take on the toughest responsibilities in a crisis (Muslim Ibn Aqeel).

9. Training and promotion to the degree of resemblance to the Prophet (Ali Akbar).

10. The epic of Zeinabi’s Message after the epic of the Hosseini (related to Imam Hussein) uprising.

e) From the Ashura of Imam Hussein to the Ashura of the advent of Imam Mahdi.




1. Husseiniyah(s): a place(s) that Shia held the Imam Hussein’s ceremonies.


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