Lady Fatimah, the Loyal Wife of Imam Ali

Hadrat Fatimah Zahra (S.A.) the Loyal Wife of Imam Ali (A.S.)
“In the event that Ali would not have been created, there would have been no one worthy to be Fatimah’s (s.a..) spouse.”[23]ٌ
A Marriage Made in Heaven

The extraordinary virtues of Fatimah on one side, and on the other side, her blood relations with the Prophet (S) and still on another side, the nobility of her family, caused many of the high – ranking supporters of the Prophet (S) to propose to her; but all heard negative answers.

The interesting point here being that the Prophet (S) would usually answer them, saying: “Her matter is in the hands of her Lord.”

The strangest case was the proposal of “Abdul Rahman Ibn Awf”, that rich man who, by the customs of Age of Ignorance, looked at everything through the material viewing window, visualizing a heavy dowry as the sign of a woman’s personal status and the superior position of the husband.

He came to see the Prophet (S), saying: “If you will give Fatimah to me in marriage, I will make her a dower of one hundred camels with loads of precious material from Egypt along with 10000 Dinars in gold!”

The Prophet (S) was so enraged by this meaningless proposal that he took a handful of gravel and threw it towards Abdul Rahman and said: “You thought that I was a servant of money and wealth that you are expressing pride in your money and wealth.” [24]

Yes, in Fatimah’s marriage proposal, Islamic examples must be defined, the customs of ignorance suppressed, and the standards of Islamic values made clear.
The people were speaking of these very things when suddenly everywhere it was heard that the prophet (s.w.a) wished to give his only daughter to Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) in marriage. Ali ibn Talib (a.s.) who was in accessed to worldly wealth and possessions, and possessed none of the standards of the Age of Ignorance, but was instead from head to toe full of faith and real Islamic values.

When they investigated this, it became clear that the indicator I guide of the Prophet (S) in this blessed historical marriage was a heavenly revelation, because he said himself: “An Angel of God came to me and said; God sends you greetings and says that in heaven I have made Fatimah the wife of Ali ibn Abi Talib. You also marry her to Ali on earth.”[25]

When Ali (a.s.) came for his marriage proposal of Fatimah (s.a.), his face was red with shyness. When the Prophet (S) saw him, he became cheerful and smiling saying, for what have you come to me?

But Ali (a.s.), because of the imposing presence of the Prophet (S), could not put forth his wish, and as such remained silent.

The Prophet (S), who was informed of Ali’s inner self, said: “Maybe you have come for marriage proposal of Fatimah?”

He replied: “Yes, I have come for that very purpose.”

The Prophet said: “Ali before you, other Men had come for proposal of Fatimah. Whenever I informed Fatimah of this matter, she would not show her approval. Right now, let me inform her of this conversation.”
It is true that the marriage was heavenly and must take place. But especially, the personal status of Fatimah (s.a.) and, generally, the respect and freedom of women in choosing their husbands, made it necessary that the Prophet of Islam should not go ahead in this matter without the consent of Fatimah.

When the Prophet described the virtues of Ali (a.s.) for his daughter saying: “I wish to make you the wife of the best of God’s creation. What is your opinion?”
Fatimah, who was submerged in shyness and modesty, lowered her head saying nothing and making no denial.

The Prophet (S) raised his head and spoke this historical sentence, which is a document for Islamic Jurisprudents in relation to the Marriage of previously unmarried girls: “God is the Greatest. Her silence is the proof of her agreement.”

And, following these events, the marriage contract was concluded by the Holy Prophet (S).
Fatimah’s Dowry

Now let us see what Fatimah’s (s.a.) dowry consisted of.

It is without doubt that the marriage of the best of the men in the world with the princess of the world’s women, must in every way be an example, an example for all centuries and ages. Therefore the Prophet (S) turned to Ali (a.s.) saying: “Do you have something to stipulate as your wife’s dowry?”

He replied: “May my parents be your sacrifice, as you well know, my belongings consist of nothing more than my sword, armour, and a camel.”

The Prophet (S) said: “That is right. Your sword is needed during battles with the enemies of Islam.

And you must water your palm orchards with your camel, and also use it on Journeys. Therefore, you may only stipulate your armour as your wife’s dowry, and I give in may daughter Fatimah (s.a.) to you against this very armour.” [26]

This is one side of the story, but, on the other side, we read in hadiths that Fatimah (s.a.) asked her father to make her dowry an intercession for the wrongdoers of the nation on the Resurrection Day. This request was granted and Gabriel revealed this command to the Prophet (S) from Heaven.[27]

This is how incorrect values must be broken and replaced with pure values. And this is the custom of faithful men and women. And this is the way of life for the true leaders of God’s servants.

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