Analysis: Does Trump really attack Iran?

US President Donald Trump and his top officials have continued their Iranophobic outbursts but have been unable to take any action against Iran. Recently, Trump said on Twitter that Iran was “playing with fire” and announced fresh sanctions on the country after saying “nothing is off the table” in dealing …

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Dangers of Concurrent Heat Waves, Air Pollution

The combination of prolonged hot spells with poor air quality greatly compounds the negative effects of each and can pose a major risk to human health, according to new research. “The weather factors that drive heat waves also contribute to intensified surface ozone and air pollution episodes,” said UCI (the …

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Canadian women to wear headscarf in solidarity with Muslims

A group of Canadian women, who promised to wear the Islamic headscarf for a month following World Hijab Day to show solidarity with Muslim women have expressed that it has been a positive experience, amid growing Islamophobia and racist sentiment in North America and the rest of the world.

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