Be’that of the Holy prophet (SAW) the most important event in all History

The issue of and the occurrence of this divine event is the most important thing that has ever happened to humanity. In the history of mankind, no other event has been more significant than Be’that and no divine blessing has been greater than this blessing. We have the honor of having accepted Be’that with all our heart and soul. We have developed faith in it and we have become familiar with this path to happiness.

This is a great divine blessing and every Muslim has a responsibility to achieve the paradise of divine and spiritual happiness through building faith, doing good deeds and moving towards the goals of the Holy Prophet of Islam’s (S) Be’that. Of course, we cannot comment on the meaning and essence of Be’that. The true essence of Be’that is beyond our limited intellectual capabilities.
Two important points about Be’that
Regarding the issue of Be’that, there are two things which are important for Muslims of the world. First, Be’that of the Holy Prophet (S) is like a flowing spring and it is a divine blessing that has been bestowed on all humanity. As Allah the Exalted has repeatedly promised in the Holy Quran, the purpose of Be’that is to imbue the life of human beings with the essence of Be’that. And this will happen.
“That He may make it prevail over all the religions.” 1
1. Be’that: a definite truth for humanity
The issue of Be’that is a definite truth in the world. The purpose of the kind of justice that is supposed to be administered in the world as a result of the Holy Prophet’s (S) Be’that was not to make a particular group of people develop faith in it at a particular stage without the majority of human beings developing faith in it throughout history, rather the issue of Be’that was put forth in order to build a new world and new human beings and to help all human beings achieve perfection.
And this will happen because if it does not, the original goal of Be’that will not be achieved.
Of course, the movement towards this goal is one that has its own conditions and requirements and we are moving towards this truth. Every step that human beings take whether they want it or not, whether they know it or not will bring them closer to the essence of Be’that.
Today the slogans that are proposed in the world are in line with the issue of Be’that although these slogans are usually not accompanied by action. Example of such slogans include slogans of social justice, intellectual liberation, freedom, knowledge, progress, improvement of living conditions and other slogans that are promoted by different governments, peoples, intellectuals and schools of thought. The existence of these slogans in the world is due to the introduction of divine prophets and the last Be’that. Of course, these slogans exist in a flawed form among the people as well, and some people are moving towards them.
Today we as well as the entire humanity are moving towards developing faith in the concepts and values that are associated with Be’that of the Holy Prophet (S). In the Islamic Republic, we have the honor of being among the nations that have implemented slogans of piety and acting according to Quranic principles and we are moving towards perfection in this regard. We have the honor of having identified this truth. We have the honor of having witnessed this truth. We have the honor of loving this truth. We have the honor of moving towards this truth and we have made great progress on this path. The entire world and humanity should and will follow the same path.
The second point concerns the Holy Prophet (S) himself. The memory of the Holy Prophet (S) and the love and respect that Muslims have for him are the main factors that unite Muslims in different eras. There are no other factors in Islam that all Muslims from different countries and denominations agree upon from rational, emotional, spiritual and ethical aspects. The Holy Prophet (S) is the pivot of Muslim unity.
The Holy Quran, Ka’bah and Islamic obligations and beliefs are all shared by Muslims and each of them is related to one aspect of human personality such as faith, affection, spiritual tendencies and issues relating to Taqlid and practical ethics. However, the majority of these things are interpreted in different ways among Muslims. What all Muslims agree upon intellectually, ideologically and emotionally is the Holy Prophet (S). It is necessary to appreciate this. It is necessary to increase this love for the Holy Prophet (S) and to strengthen this spiritual tendency towards him in the hearts and minds of all Muslims.
Regarding the machinations and cultural invasions that have been designed against Islam, one of the targets that the enemies have focused on is the Holy Prophet (S). He was attacked in that satanic book, which revealed the emotional and ideological target of the enemy’s machinations. 2
2. Muslims’faith in the Holy Prophet is accompanied by affection
The memory of the Holy Prophet (S) is one of the most attractive things for all Muslims throughout the world because the issue is one that involves both affection and faith. Thus, compared with other aspects of Islam which are ideological in nature and do not involve emotions, the memory of the Holy Prophet (S) plays a more important role in Muslim affairs. For this reason, certain great intellectuals of the world of Islam have rightly pointed out that the Holy
Prophet (S) and his memory and Muslims’ faith in him can be the pivot of Muslim unity. Fortunately, this year’s commemoration ceremonies have coincided with the official inauguration of “The International Forum for Proximity of Islamic Denominations”. Our brothers made efforts and started this work and by Allah’s favor, the forum will promote the noble goals of Islam.
Two fundamental points regarding Muslim unity
Regarding the issue of unity, there are two essential orientations, each of which is important in itself. When we shout slogans of unity, these two essential points should be kept in mind and this will prove useful in the lives of Muslims. One point is the necessity of clearing differences, conflicts, disputes and obstructionism that has existed for centuries among different Islamic groups and denominations.
And these problems have always harmed Muslims in the end. If we refer to the history of Islam, we will see that origin of all these problems originate from governments. If you read the history of Islam, you will realize that the almost all of the disputes in different Islamic countries originate from centers of materialistic power, including the initial disputes namely, the issue of creating different versions of the Holy Quran and other such issues and the other disputes that happened over time among different Islamic denominations, particularly between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

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