Morality of Imam Hasan (A.S.)

Quoting his grandfather, Imam al-Sadiq (a.s) has reported: Hasan ibn Ali ibn Abu-Talib was the most pious, the most devoted and the best of the people of his time. When he was on Hajj, he would often walk on foot and on many occasions bare-footed to the Holy Mosque. He would cry or be fainted whenever he remembered death, grave, resurrection on the Judgment Day and crossing the Sirat. He would be writhing like a snake-bitten whenever he was reminded of heaven and hell. He would ask Allah for heaven and sought refuge in Allah from hell.70
Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.) has reported: A man passed by Uthman ibn Affan who was sitting in the mosque asking for money. Uthman ordered five dirhams to be given to him. The man said to Uthman, “Guide me to one who can relieve my pain.”

Uthman asked him to go to those generous youths, indicating with his hand a place in mosque where Imam Hasan, Imam Husayn and Abdullah ibn Jafar were sitting. The man saluted them and asked for money. “Begging is not permissible save for three cases, blood money with compassion, debt with a broken heart and poverty which is intolerable. Which is your case?” The man said, “I am afflicted with one of them.” Imam Hasan ordered fifty dinars to be given to him. Imam Husayn too ordered forty-nine dinars to be given to him, and Abdullah ibn Jafar too ordered forty-eight dinars to be given to him.
After having received these Dinars, the man passed by Uthman once again. Uthman asked, “What did you do?” The man said, “I passed by you asking for money. You helped me only with five dinars and did not ask me any question either; but that generous young man having thick hair asked me something while giving me fifty dinars. The second one gave me forty nine Dinars and the third forty eight Dinars.” Uthman said, “Who can relieve your pain like these generous young men? They have appropriated knowledge and insight for themselves and have gathered wisdom and benevolence in them.”71
Imam Hasan’s humility was such that one day he was passing by some needy people sitting on the earth and eating pieces of bread. Seeing Imam Hasan, they said, “O son of Allah’s Messenger! Come and share the food with us!” Imam Hasan dismounted and said, “Allah does not like the arrogant.” He was engaged in eating with them. He invited them to his house a few day later, giving them food and clothes.72
Write Down Your Needs
A man came to the presence of Imam Hasan asking him to fulfill his needs. The Imam said, “Write down you needs and give it to us.” When he read his letter, he gave him twice the amount he had asked for. One of those present said, “How blessed this letter was!” The Imam said:
It was more blessed for us, for it placed us among the benefactors. Don’t you know that a good deed is one which is done without anyone ask for it? But what is given when it has been asked for is a low price against the honor of the needy person. Perhaps a needy person who has spent the night between fear and hope and has no idea of whether his needs will be accepted or rejected will receive little money against his being dishonored should you give him only to the extent of his need.73
Extraordinary Example of Generosity
A needy man once came to the presence of Imam Hasan who gave fifty thousand dirhams and five hundred dinars saying, “Bring someone to carry it for you.” When he brought a porter, the Imam gave his cloak to him saying, “This is the wage of one who carries it.”74
Giving Away All Savings
An Arab came to the presence of Imam Hasan, “Give him whatever savings we have.” They gave him twenty thousand dirhams. The Arab said, “My master! You did not give me permission to tell you my needs and recite a eulogy in praise of you.” The Imam composed a poem saying, “The fear of disgracing one who has needs urges us to give away before he expresses his needs.”75
Feeding A Hungry Dog
One day, Imam Hasan saw a black slave having a loaf of bread in front of him. The slave would eat a morsel of bread and give a morsel to a dog near him. Imam Hasan asked, “What compels you to do so.” The slave said, “I am ashamed of eating myself and not giving the dog anything.” The Imam said, “Do not move from this place until I come back.” The Imam went to the master of the slave and purchased him together with the orchard he was working in. He set the slave free and gave him the orchard.76
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