The Truth of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.A.)

Since the Holy Prophet is inwardly and outwardly the root of Ahl al-Bayt and their spiritual dignity, we must get to know the Holy Prophet thoroughly in order to know Ahl al-Bayt.
Based on narrations, four truths are referred to as the first creatures:
The first thing Allah created was light.34
The first thing Allah created was pen.35
The first thing Allah cre ated was intellect.36
The first thing Allah created was my light.37
The first thing Allah created was my soul.38
The Holy Prophet himself is, owing to the signs of wonder that flow from his sacred interior and the truths that emanate from his heavenly heart, the perfect meaning of light, pen, and intellect in these statements. It is for this very reason that the Holy Prophet has in the last two narrations introduced his light and soul as the first creations. Although these four names are different in appearance, they are identical in referring to the Holy Prophet himself.
We will discuss this important point by invoking the Holy Quran and narrations based on reason, without any bias:

Defining light, the philosophers say that light is a truth which is manifest by itself and makes other things manifest. Intellect in the aforesaid narration means a truth. It is a medium between man and all information and truths in the creation. The Holy Quran describes the Holy Prophet as a light-giving torch:
O Prophet! Surely, We have sent you as a witness, and a bearer of good news and a bearer of warning. And, as the one who invites towards Allah, by His permission, and is a light-giving torch. (33:45-46)
The Holy Prophet was light – that is the same as truth, which is luminous in all aspects. He gave light to all others. He knew the entire truth inwardly and outwardly. He was eagerly willing to make others aware of the truth of their existence and their relation with the outward and inward of universe.
This is the meaning of light as mentioned by theosophists:
Light is a quality, being manifest by itself to reveal other things.39
Based on many authentic narrations, Allah created the light of Muhammad (S) before all creatures and then created the other truths of light, intellect, spirit, and material from the rays of his light. He, then, removed the veil of darkness from the face of all creatures thanks to the blessing of this light. Actually, Allah made him a medium of realization between Himself and all other creation. Based on the Holy Quran (33:46), the Holy Prophet has described himself as the sun:
I am the sun.40
What a wonderful comparison! The sun is the origin and source of solar system. All the planets of solar system depend on the sun. There was a time when Mars, the Earth, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto were parts of the sun. When Allah willed to create the solar system in its present-day form, a big explosion occurred in the sun and a series of actions and reactions followed. As a result the parts that had been separated were placed at a distance on a special orbit. Presently, they all move attracted to the sun and are illuminated by the sun.
Likewise, the light of the Holy Prophet was created before all other creatures and due to Allah’s will, all truths emanate from that source of light manifesting themselves on the earth thanks to the light of Muhammad (S). Just as the planets of the solar system are the same as the sun but of a different shape and, on the words of philosophers, in a state of reduced individuation, so also are the heavenly creatures reduced individuation of the light of the Holy Prophet. In this relation, the Holy Prophet has been reported as saying:
I am the sun, Ali the moon, Fatimah Venus, Hasan and Husayn two stars.41
In this narration, the comparison made by the Holy Prophet, who is the most eloquent speaker, shows the wonderful nature of the narrations that compare a spiritual truth to a physical manifestation in creation. Firstly, it makes it known for all that the truth of Muhammad (S) is nearer to Allah than the rays of the sun to its source. Secondly Muhammad (S) is the medium for realization of all creatures. They are indebted to him and he has a claim on all creatures for material and spiritual rights.
And obey Allah and the Apostle, that you may be shown mercy (3:132)
And know that whatever thing you gain, a fifth of it is for Allah and for the Apostle… (8:41)
The ownership of all blessings belongs to the Holy Prophet by the permission of Allah. And we benefit from the blessings he gives us. Hence, we should pay him what is due to him and the profit of what we give returns to ourselves thanks to the favor and generosity of the Holy Prophet.
Say: Whatever reward I have asked you, that is only for yourselves…(34:47)
Pen in the aforementioned narration means a truth that determines all spiritual and inward (esoteric) affairs and registers happiness, guidance and favors, and spreads mercy for the world’s nations with the hand of Allah’s will.
Pen, in one sense, is the truth of Muhammad (S) by whom Allah has sworn in the Holy Qur’an:
Nun; I swear by the pen and what the angels write. (68:1)
Pen, in another sense, is the mission of the Holy Prophet who determines the happiness and prosperity of anyone who has the merit and spreads mercy for the nations with its guidance and binding laws:
And we have not sent you but as a mercy to the world. (21:107)
Intellect, in its primary meaning, is the truth of Muhammad (S) who is not only the first creation but also the most-loved by Allah:
By my Glory and honor (I swear), I have not created anyone more loved to Me than you.42
Now that the narrations have introduced the Holy Prophet as the dearest and most-loved by Allah, why should we not regard intellect, the most-loved creation, as the Holy Prophet himself? He is indeed the universal intelligence; and all the signs of intellect and intelligence, which are the most positive and useful phenomena in universe, manifest themselves in the Holy Prophet.

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