Western civilization’s full-scale war against all the religions Part 2

Charles Darwin, who was a Zionist stressed on the origin of species and misinterpreted the concept of evolution. All the scientific experiments carried out to proof the claims of Darwin have so that far utterly failed. Darwin believed that the first living cells in the earth originated from mud and considered crystals and alien objects to be responsible for creation of the earth and universe. But most of the modern and contemporary scientists firmly affirm that an Intelligent Being is the creator of the universe.
Darwinism which is considered as a sacred and irrefutable theory by the secular materialistic scholars in the Western societies are afraid of any free speech against the concepts of Darwinism. If any scientist in any scientific institution or university affirm or express the fact of the scientific discovery called Intelligent Design is opposed and combated first by scientific academies and institutions aided by Zionists in the Western societies. The Zionist bankers and capitalists have created watchdog institutions like the ‘National Center of Science Education’ in USA which carry out the slandering campaign of the scientists through the Zionist controlled media. The scientific academies, institutions, watchdog institutions and the media have obtained many rulings and orders from courts in USA and many European countries that any scientist not believing in Darwinism can be purged form the universities and scientific institutions.
Darwinism like Holocaust is considered as sacred in the atheistic Western societies and any researcher or historian finds evidences against Holocaust event or any scientist supports the ‘Intelligent Design’ scientific discovery are severely punished by the institutions and governments controlled by the Zionists.
But the believers in the concepts of Darwinism are legally allowed to carry out defamation of religion and ethical values and they declare openly that they are waging a full-scale war with all the religions who believe in God. They claim their aim is to obliterate all the traces of religions from the world so that they can establish united universal society of ‘Utopia’ where only the fittest will live. The Darwinist are propagating in the name of optimum world population, sustainable development agenda and Ecoscience that the present world population have to be reduced from six billion people to only one billion people. US President Obama’s present Science Advisor, Professor John Holdren, the hardcore Darwinist is the main ideologist of one billion optimum world population to establish united universal society of ‘Utopia’ which he have named as ‘Planetary Regime’. In the so-called united universal society of ‘Utopia’ only superior fittest human beings with racial superiority have the right to exist and rest of the humanity have to be completely exterminated.
The defenders of the materialistic Western civilization are opposed to all ethical and human values and dictate that human beings have no right of free-will and religion should be completely obliterated from the world or should not have any role and influence in the daily life of the people.
Thus, all violent, terrorist and racist movements like Zionism, Mercantilism, Imperialism, Colonialism, Nazism and Fascism are directly connected to Darwinist ideology. They believe that in order to bring a perfect and fit human society or utopia all the handicapped, crippled and disabled people have to be exterminated. The supporters of Darwinism firmly believe and practice ‘Eugenics’ in which unfit people are not allowed to bear children and abortion is legalized.
Darwinism has rationalized all forms of evil in the name of science and Darwinism in the materialistic Western societies has successfully curbed the freedom of enquiry in modern sciences.
It is to be noted that scientists supporting Darwinism theory express their utter ignorance when and how the first living cell came into existence on earth and when these hard core Darwinist are refuted by scholars they accept that there is a Superior Higher Intelligent Being which created the universe and which now controls it.

Dr. Hyder Reza Zabeth, PhD
Research Scholar in Islamic History
Department of Islamic History
Islamic Research Foundation
The Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.)
Mashhad, IRAN

Western civilization’s full-scale war against all the religions Part 1

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