Signs of Beginning of the Universal Revolution of Imam al-Mahdi Part 2

Appearance of Sufyani, one of the events of End of Days

The appearance of “Sufyani” has been also mentioned in many resources of hadith of Shiites and Sunnis like the appearance of “Dajjal” as a sign of the advent of great universal peacemaker, or as one of the events of End of Days.( Refer to the book Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 53, pages 182, 190, 192, 206, 208 & 209 and other books).
Although, it is understood from some of narratives that “Sufyani” is a specific person from the dynasty of Abu Sufyan and his children, but it is also understood from other narratives that “Sufyani” is not exclusively a person and it is pointed to specific characteristics and plans which many persons have been their examples in history.
For instance, it is quoted in a narrative from Imam Ali ibn Hussein (as):
The appearance of Sufyani is one of the certain matters; and there is one Sufyani against anyone who rises!( Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 52, page 182).
It is cleared from this hadith that Sufyani has “descriptive” aspect not “individual” and his characteristics is his plans and conditions and it is also understood that one (or some) Sufyani will stand against any revolutionary man and truthful peacemaker.
We read in another hadith from Imam Sadiq (as):
We and the dynasty of Abu Sufyan are two dynasties that don’t have agreement about divine programs; we have confirmed the expressions of God and they have denied. Abu Sufyan fought against the Holy Prophet (S); and Muawiyah against Ali ibn Abi Talib (as); and Yazid against Hussein ibn Ali (as); and Sufyani will fight against Imam (al-Mahdi) who arises. (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 52, page 190).
In previous discussion, we understand the role of Dajjals against constructive revolutions, now we should know about evil plans of Sufyani; because it is highly necessary to know all the “adherents” and “oppositions” of universal reform plan for establishing the definition of real waiting.
Abu Sufyan, who was the head of the Sufyanids, had the following characteristics:
1) He was capitalist who had collected his fortune by plunder, violation of others’ rights, usury and like them.
2) He was a powerful man who had gained his power through evil ways and was the leader of ignorant parties in Makkah and it surrounding regions; and all his personality was summarized into these two.
He had a considerable leadership and government for himself before Islam; but after Islam, all the bases of his power became weak, because Islam was the strongest enemy of those who had the power of people like Abu Sufyan; and there is no surprise that he became the number one enemy of Islam.
3) He was considered as the symbol oppressive system of class society of Makkah and his devoted support of idols and idolatry was according to this matter; because idols were the best tool for “divide and rule” and “fooling and stupefying exploited people” and in result strengthening the bases of the government of people like Abu Sufyan.( Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 52, page 26).
His strong opposition against Islam – as we said before – was because of the reason that Islam was destroying all bases upon which his evil personality was based; therefore, he didn’t stop trying to suffocate the revolution of Islam. But, finally his last fort of power destroyed during the conquest of Mecca and was removed forever and became isolated; although, he didn’t stop hidden motivations.
He transferred all these characteristics to his son, Muawiyah, and through him to his grandson Yazid – by teaching and through the genes – and both of them followed the plans of the father – but in another way – although they finally failed.
Abu Sufyan was a completely backward person who was genes afraid of revolutionary movement of Holy Prophet (S); because Islam had a multidimensional plan for changing that backward society which was full of corruption; a plan in which there was no place for leeches like Abu Sufyan and his gang.
And we can understand here that why his children and successors tried to destroy Islam and return people to the rituals of ignorance, although they have been crashed under its wheels; but anyway, they have made strong strikes to the advancement of Islam and Muslims.
We return to the discussion; we read in previous ahadith that the appearance of Abu Sufyan in the way of Holy Prophet (S) was not exclusive to Islamic revolution, there was also there is an Abu Sufyan with the characteristics of a plunderous, powerful and oppressor, backward and distributor of superstitions capitalist against anyone who arises and any peacemaker who tries to nullify the efforts of the al-Qa’im and peacemaker; makes troubles for him and at least, delays the time of his revolution.
There will be also “Sufyani” or Sufyanis against the rise of the great universal peacemaker “Imam al-Mahdi”, who try to delay the real revolution of Imam al-Mahdi by their hellish powers; return the time to the past or at least stop it; prevent the destruction of oppressive class systems in benefits of the exploiters.
Maybe the difference between “Dajjal” and “Sufyani” is that Dajjal established his evil plans through deception and tricks, but Sufyani performs this act by using his expanded destructive power; as it has been mentioned in news that he conquers some flourished regions of the earth, that we have read similar cases in governments of Abu Sufyan, Muawiyah and Yazid.
There is no problem for Sufyani of End of Days who stands against the great universal peacemaker “Imam al-Mahdi” to be one of the grandchildren of Abu Sufyan and his genealogy reaches him, as it is mentioned in news; but it is more important than genealogy that his characteristics and efforts are all similar to Abu Sufyan and has the same method.
This “Sufyani”, like all people like Abu Sufyan and all other Sufyani, will be defeated against the universal revolutionary movement of Imam al-Mahdi (as) and his efforts and plans will all be destroyed.
The most important thing is that people should know “Dajjals” and “Sufyanis”. These Sufyanis have also another sign adding to what have been mentioned before that its example can be seen clearly in the history of Islam, and that is: They remove the righteous and competent ones from society and place unrighteous people in their positions.
Divide “Bayt al-Mal” among their adherents, as it was in the same way in the government of the dynasty of Abu Sufyan; they support different kinds of discriminations, stupefactions and separations; and it is possible to recognize and show them by these characteristics.
“Dajjals” form mysterious antirevolutionary rows, and “Sufyanis” form apparent antirevolutionary rows, and in fact, both of them are in one side but in two different features, and there is no assurance for “development” and “existence” of revolution until their rows break apart.

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