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Who are the black flag bearers or Abdaals from Khurasan?

Dajjal through the medium of satanic super-rich Jewish elites of the Dajjal’s World Order of Gog and Magog is ruling the world from New York and Jerusalem behind the curtain. After the 1973 Arab-Israel War when the satanic Jewish-Zionist alliance masterminded by Dajjal gave a new life to the dead, …

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Putin is flanking American (Dajjal) moves in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq

The leaders of ISIS are the members of secret societies the Illuminati and the Black NobilityObama is involved in a strategy to push forward the timetable of “Armageddon” US treatment of ISIL militants ‘dubious’’ISIL presence in Iraq no coincidence’There is something enormously sinister behind the seemingly endless coincidences of recent …

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