Imam al-Mahdi in Sunni Hadith Resources Part 1

Initially, it is necessary to notice to two matters:

1) Some ask that what is the necessary of ahadith and narratives, when Qur’an is available.

And by considering that expression of anything is available in Qur’an (فیه تبیان کل شیء), what prevents us to follow those who said: “حسبنا کتاب الله” (Qur’an, the book of God, suffices us)?
Especially, when we hear that there are fake and incorrect ahadith among beside ahadith and this causes all of them to be invalidated.
But by considering that we are Muslims, a Muslim who is obliged to Qur’an cannot act according to Islamic ahadith which have reached us in correct ways, because:
Firstly, in fact, those who deny tradition and correct ahadith are considered as denier of Qur’an itself, because Qur’an has explicitly introduced the expressions of Prophet (S) as a reliable and binding resource and says:
Accept whatever prophet has brought to you and orders you to do and act according to that, and abstain from whatever he prohibits you from (Surah Hashr 59:7)
No believer man and woman have the right to disobey the order of God and his messenger! (Surah Ahzab 33:36)
Anyone who obeys the prophet has obeyed God and those who ignore, you are not responsible for them (and their punishment is by god (Surah Nisa 4: 80)
And other verses which all of them consider

order of prophet binding as the order of God.Secondly, Qur’an contains general orders and essential laws of Islam; and if we ignore the tradition then it loses its practical aspect and remains as intellectual generalities which is not executable; because all the details and practical and executable regulations of those general laws have entirely expressed in the tradition.
Although, some unknown people insisted that nobody writes the ahadith of Prophet (S), after his demise, lest it disturbs Qur’an! But after a while, everyone understood the weakness of this though that if more time passes and ahadith of Prophet (S) are forgotten then Islam loses its executable and practical aspect; therefore, that the leave that old-fashioned, fanatical and short-sighted theory and began collecting hadith books.
Thirdly, it is true that forgers entered into Islamic ahadith and began disordering ahadith with different motives, but it is not in the way that there is no regulation for correct, fake and doubtful ahadith, and they are not differentiable; but this act is completely possible by considering the sciences of Rijal, hadith and Dirayah.

2) He is a revolutionary man not a materialist politician!

None of the reasons which have been mentioned through wisdom or innate and genuine human nature for realization of an expanded reformist revolution in the entire world – like the verses which can be seen in Qur’an about this matter – talks about a specific person; and they only follow a general discussion, but undoubtedly, such revolution needs a leader like other revolutions; a powerful, knowledgeable, resistant leader having expanded and global sight.
Is it possible for this leader to rise from materialist societies like today’s leaders of the world?
It means like the leader whom their first goal is keeping their positions, and then whatever helps them to keep their positions; and their obedience from different political and economical schools is as much as the effect which they have in keeping their positions; and in the next level their highest goal and ambition is to make steps toward the benefits of their nation, although they take other nations to “slaughterhouse”!
Twenty years of war in Vietnam with millions of casualties and millions of destroyed houses, and millions of handicaps, and billions of lost capitals, proved that today’s capitalism is ready to fight for keeping its benefits, and even sometimes for nothing – not nothing, but a bunch of hallucinations called prestige and nothing else; and during this time some great leaders were replaced, but all of them followed their predecessors in this way and proved that this act was not personal opinion of an individual or individuals but it is an expression that they are all expressing and in this the characteristic of the countries which is being governed with those principles.
They demand freedom as the greatest goal, but only for themselves; sometimes, they talk about freedom for others but when it interferes with their benefits then it is immediately removed, like a snowball in summer!
They all gather and cooperate for providing their material interests and their only sacred and acceptable principle is this; maybe they have made a permanent and eternal contract about this matter.
And tools like “human rights” and principle of “freedom of humans in choosing their destiny” are mostly for defeating the opponents; accordingly, when their friends are in the field, these tools are useless and they are exempt of execution of these principles because of that friendship and commonness of interest!
Is it possible for these social systems and these superpowers to flutter the flag of freedom and justice in the world and is there any difference between superpowers!
The condition of “capitalist superpowers” and their oppression, injustice and imperialism is clear without any expression and it doesn’t need any discussion.
But left superpowers: they have destroyed all powers and reduced to some persons – that means the leaders of their only party – for generalization of justice among the working class and building a non-stratified society.
They melt down thousands of big and small feudalists in the furnace of revolution “proletariat”, and made some giant feudalists by them who hold the strings of all political and economical movements of the region.
They have enforced so much censorship that people don’t have even the right of thinking against what these leaders want or think!
They have made the principles, which are produced by the mind of changed revolutionized human in the way of evolution, into the series of forever dogmatic principles, maybe they want to stop the history in the previous century and stop their wheels forever.
Sometimes, one of the leaders, who have defeated other opponents, becomes so much of a dictator that it reminds us of legendary dictators like Mongolian leader and for instance like Mr. Stalin who consider killing one million and two hundred thousand people permitted!
But after the death, even they move their body from this grave to another and remove their name from anywhere, maybe he has never existed, while he was the only shelter of freedom for the working class and the only friend and supporter of exploited people of the world until yesterday!
Sometimes, they fight very hard with their associates for keeping their interests and become friend with their strong enemies and make “peaceful coexistence” and forget their eternal principles!
Is it possible for them to flutter the flag of justice in the world and call the nations beneath that?
What should we expect from a materialistic school other than this? Certainly not! Whether it is Materialism Capitalism, Materialism Socialism or Materialism Marxism.4
Only a human and beyond-material school can execute such humanly program in the entire world:
A school, which its leader doesn’t think of his position, doesn’t belong only to his nation.
Don’t look at the world only from the limited point of view of materialism.
Have divine, high and deep thoughts, and is pure of lowliness and flounders.
He is the one who can save the humanity from this dangerous passage of history and take to the land of safety, under the light of the principles, which its alphabets are different with the alphabets of the principles of materialism.
Who is he? And who will it be? General belief of Muslims is that he is a man called Mahdi with the following characteristics.

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