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Imam al-Mahdi in Sunni Hadith Resources Part 4

Mahdi in Shiites’ Hadith Resources Believing the existence of a universal peacemaker called “Mahdi” is more common and expanded among Imamiyyah Shiites; because if Sunnis accept that as a certain side issue, Shiites consider it as one of the main principles, because the dynasty of twelve Imams ends to him …

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Imam al-Mahdi in Sunni Hadith Resources Part 1

Initially, it is necessary to notice to two matters: 1) Some ask that what is the necessary of ahadith and narratives, when Qur’an is available. And by considering that expression of anything is available in Qur’an (فیه تبیان کل شیء), what prevents us to follow those who said: “حسبنا کتاب …

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