Terrorism in China: Is the US involved, this time?

The Chinese province of Xinjiang has recently become the site of an episode of violent terrorism. A suicide bombing has killed 39 Chinese people in a market place, and in addition, 29 were stabbed to death at a train station. The response of the Chinese government has been swift, with 113 people being sent to prison.
As the world watches China’s noble attempt to keep this violence from spreading, a question remains unanswered: Is the United States involved, this time?

Currently, the United States is sponsoring terrorists all over the world. The violent insurgents in Syria, who behead, torture, and murder on a daily basis, are receiving US funding and support. These terrorists have bombed schools and hospitals. In addition, they actively recruit children as young as 11 and 12 to join their ranks. Despite these activities that fit any basic definition of “terrorism”, these terrorists, many of them being imported to Syria from other countries, are receiving direct US support.
The US is also supporting terrorists in Venezeula, who seek to remove the elected government led by the United Socialist Party (PSUV). The US is coddling the People’s Mujahadeen, a group violent extremists who seek to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran.
US funding of violent extremists takes place in order to destabilize, weaken, or overturn regimes that are not obedient servants of Washington. The US has sponsored terrorism in China for over fifty years. While this track record is largely unknown or unacknowledged in the US, the Chinese people know it very well.

Washington Opposed Democracy in China

The fighting that began in 1946 and led to the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, began in response to suppression of democracy by US allies. After the Second World War, all the forces that had fought Japan had intended to form a coalition government and to compose a new constitution.
However, the US aligned Nationalist Party banned the Chinese Communist Party from participating in free elections. The Nationalists feared that Communists would win the election, as they had proved to be the most fierce and heroic fighters against Japan. In 1946, the Communists took up arms and thousands of former supporters of the Nationalists came to their side. The battle was to drive out Wall Street and London, and to create a China were the people were not humiliated by foreigners and had control of their economy and natural resources.
As the Nationalists and Communists battled for control of China, twice as much military aid was given to the Nationalists than had been given to anyone in China to fight the Japanese invaders. The US government did all it could to support the Nationalist Party in China, as it fought against the Communists and those who supported their right to participate in the elections. The Nationalist Party engaged in a campaign of terrorism against the Communists and their allies, slaughtering civilians with US made guns, torturing, and committing other atrocities.
Despite all the US efforts to the contrary, the Chinese Communist Party was victorious in 1949. The People’s Republic of China was created by the Communist Party and its political allies. The country declared itself to be a “people’s democracy”, in the same fashion as many Soviet aligned states in the aftermath of the second world war, with the Communists sharing power with other democratic forces. In the Chinese People’s Democracy, the Communist Party was undoubtedly the dominant political entity, as it had been the most fierce fighter against Japanese aggression, and its People’s Liberation Army had defeated the US aligned Nationalists.

Dulles’ Strategy for Religious Violence

“The religions of the East are deeply rooted and have many precious values. Their spiritual beliefs cannot be reconciled with Communist atheism and materialism. That creates a common bond between us.” These were the words of John Foster Dulles, the prominent US global strategist, who eventually became Secretary of State. Dulles composed these words in 1950, almost immediately after the Chinese People’s Republic had been proclaimed. His words serve as guide for US efforts to undermine and overthrow the Peoples Republic of China with violence and terrorism, even up until today. The US has often sought to utilize organized groups of religious fanatics to carry out its aggression against China.
One of the first anti-China terrorist campaigns sponsored by the United States was in Tibet. The US provided Buddhist monks from the deposed feudalist regime with arms and weapons to engage in terrorist violence. In Colorado, the US trained an insurgent army led by the Dalia Lama’s brother Gyalo Thodup. The group was dropped into the Himalayan mountains by the by the US Air Force. The US supplied the group with guns and weapons, as they went from village to village slaughtering people, torturing people, and hoping to restore the old order of serfdom and dictatorship from the monasteries.
In addition, the CIA facilitated a media campaign to create sympathy for the violent Anti-China insurgents in Tibet. The Dalia Lama was directly paid by the CIA, as he built up a following presenting himself as a mystical guru, and worked to demonize the Chinese government.
This direct sponsoring of over a decade of anti-China terrorism is not the belief of conspiracy theorists, but the confessed truth of the Central Intelligence Agency. In the 2002 book “The CIA’s Secret War in Tibet”, printed by the University of Kansas Press, former CIA operative James Morrison and Kenneth Conboy of the Heritage Foundation describe this brutal operation with pride. The number of innocent people who died in the US sponsored blood bath in Himalayas is unknown.
The campaign of US sponsored Tibetan separatism has not ceased. As recently as the lead up to the 2008 Olympic Games, Tibetan separatists in France attacked disabled Chinese medalist Jin Jing as she carried the Olympic torch in her wheel chair.
The US has not just supported the feudalist Tibetan separatists, but also the Falun Gong. Like the Dalia Lama, the Falun Gong presents itself as a mystical religious group. To its US affiliates this organization emphasizes exercise, healthy diet, and a quest for inner peace. However, in China, the Falun Gong is known as a group of violent religious extremists who seek to overthrow the Chinese government.
Falun Gong openly calls for the persecution of homosexuals, preaches against women’s equality, and in all things hails the oppressive feudal society of landlords and serfs, that the Chinese people overthrew with the revolution of 1949. Falun Gong bemoans the “dharma ending period” of modern times where science, religious freedom, and steps toward women’s equality have been taken hold.
Falun Gong has received awards from the Heritage Foundation and other Wall Street institutions for it unending crusade to overthrow the Chinese government. With millions of dollars flowing to it from the west, the Falun Gong has kidnapped children, destabilized Chinese cities, and done all it can make China less safe and stable.

The Ongoing Global Conflict

It is interesting to note that the terrorist campaign in Xinjiang, that has already resulted in scores of deaths, is reported to be led by Sunni muslim extremists. The US has funded Sunni Muslim extremists in Syria in an ongoing attempt to overthrow the Syrian Arab Republic. In addition, the US funded Sunni Muslim extremists in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi, and dismantle the top oil producer on the African continent. Currently, the US is indirectly funding the Sunni Muslim extremist ISIS organization in Iraq, through the proxy regime in Saudi Arabia.
The US has a long record of funding extremists and terrorists who seek to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party. The US is currently funding extremists of the same variety as in Syria and elsewhere, as those just arrested in China. The question before us now is: What role is the United States playing the current unrest in China?
Are the Anti-Chinese terrorists the same as the terrorists in Syria, Libya, and Iraq, and who are receiving the backing of Washington and London?
The deal for a natural gas pipeline between Russia and China is the latest event, in the gradual changing of the geo-political landscape. The US and European billionaires seek to have the world economy centered around them, and to have all the peoples and natural resources of Africa, Asia, and Latin America as theirs for the taking. The want no viable competitors, and they want scarcity of resources, in order to keep the prices high.
The people of the world, however, have different ideas. Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979, the Cuban revolution, the rise of Bolivarianism in South and Central America, the growing cooperation between Russia and China, all represent the will of the people for independence over the decades. Despite the supposed victory of the US in the “cold war” the will of the people for economic development that is not restrained by Wall Street’s chains has not been eliminated.
The response of Wall Street to such steps toward freedom has been the unleashing of terrorist violence. The attempts to overturn the continuing results of the 1949 Chinese revolution are no different.
The truth about recent tragic events in China, and their global implications, is likely to surface shortly.

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