Imam al-Mahdi, Imam of Kindliness – says Shiite scholar

It is unfortunate that we see some people refer to Imam al-Mahdi (PBUH) as the Imam of wrath and anger whereas he’ll appear to fight infidelities.

Speaking to the worshippers and pilgrims in Lady Masuma’s shrine in Qom, Hujjat al-Islam Rafeei said, “It’s been mentioned in 55th verse of al-Noor Surah in Quran that a day comes when Muslims gain enough power to form a religious administration and to spread security in the world so they will break free from the arrogant domination. In Imam al-Mahdi’s (PBUH) era, people will be faithful and the infidel cannot cause any damage to Islam,”

“Mahdism is an undeniable truth, since there are so consecutive narrations or Hadiths supporting that, more than 30 companions of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have mentioned Mahdism and there are over 30 different books written on Mahdism doctrine, “he added.

Reiterating that Imam al-Mahdi (PBUH) is the Imam of kindliness and affection he continued, “Unfortunately some people want to propagate this idea that Imam al-Mahdi is a wrathful and angry personality whereas he will appear to fight the infidelities, injustice and those who stand against him,”

The seminary lecturer further said, “When Imam al-Mahdi (PBUH) appears, Christians will accept his call and pledge allegiance to him since Jesus Christ (PBUH) will be accompanying the Imam,”

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