Satanic shadow of Albait Tower over Bait-ul-Allah Haram’s head

The biggest wahabis’ design  shall be practiced till 2012, up to the year they will destroy all indications ,examples and Muslim’s heritage and the Umul Qura( the center of Islam) will be wiped out, the absence of Allah’s indication and Islamic tradition because of  Salafi’s struggles against innovation (Bida ) and shirk will result at last destruction of Masjid-ul-Haram and Majid-ul-Nabi and Muslims because of their false slogans against innovation and shirk shall lose all their heritages and it will help Jews to prepare ground to establish dajjal’s universal satanic reign.

Some years ago the highest building around the Masju-ul-Haram was Malik Fahad’s (former Saudi king or the servant of the haramain)castle which were at the  height of Abu Qabees hundreds miles above from Haram. The especial guests of him were served in the same castle so they can along performing Hajj’s rituals have view of other’s rituals. But today this castle is seem small in front of (albeit’s Tower”. In frond of Rook-ne-Yamani as I shall explain later, this tower was built and it will be inaugurated in 2012. Such glad tidings deserve appreciations. We do not find the example of such a big tower in Islamic world ,not in a single point of the world of Islam was built such a tower.

Business towers of Makah(Ibraj-ul-Bait),which ought to be called satanic branches ,are  Masonic indications which has surrounded holy Kaba .  Carl Lord  Forster   ,a famous builder and mason and “Bin Ladin’s group ,will complete the “albeit Tower” in 2012 which is the year of starting “new plan for the world” in the hand of satanic groups , and Holy Kaba will be in the hands of these Satan’s fellows.

A big tower between the two wings is the biggest column of obelix of the world in its nature and was not constructed from the ancient Egypt till today.  
All those who had thrown pebbles at Satan’s column during Hajj Tamattu remember the satanic towers.  The tower with four Corners appears showing its Pyramidal tips. This tower is exactly same oblelix which can be known today as the indication of freemasonry

This tower has been displayed in front of White House Washington , big building of Vatican ,Paris , London ,Brazil and many other parts of the world.  The presence of such indication from freemasonry in all parts of the world indicates their dominance over the destiny and resource of the world.  In many other countries such as Egypt and Turkey Masonry had and have their political, economic and cultural power in their hand for a long period of time. We also had some examples of this masonry till the year 1357.   
France Eiffel Tower , and London Clock Tower are two example of fantasy obelixt which were built by Masonic architect. Perhaps highest tower of Al-Bait has stolen the popularity of all other towers. These towers have become the biggest tower in the world Islam, Ummul Qura(the center of Islam), but by destroying Satanic column during throwing pebbles at Satan, and a wide wall has been replace by this column. These towers are the creation of famous Masonic architect Mr. Lord Foster  so it can be an answer to Muslims who disrespect Satan by throwing pebbles at him and also it can be a kind of compensation. Foster up to now has designed and constructed more than 200 obelixt towers all over the world. In fact he is the famous architect in Freemasonry’s view.  Hence the dominating towers beside Majid-ul-Haram and Holy Kaba  with two big towers along are the sign of Masonic domination over Saudi Arabia even over the Holy place of Muslim world.

The story of doors is also very interesting. In ancient Egypt among magicians and later among Kabalystha and freemasonry, the two towers like door in their shape scattered in floor like chess (all freemasonry) were known as the door of communication with rest of the world.  Their dirty action such as humiliation of Holy places, satanic rituals and magicians made men’s communication (or the same magicians) with Satan and jinn possible. Today evil Jews, freemasonry of highest position and Kalbaystha  to make relationships with Satanic powers and defeat their opposites benefit from the chess floor and the same masonic door ,towers and columns.

Some year’s age during my trip to France, I witnessed the highest door shape and glassy towers. Perhaps you also saw such examples. During the last four years two examples of such big door shape and glassy towers were built in the side of  West Highway of Musaris, on the famous hills of Abbas Abade. It is interesting that these towers, eve these are government’s property but they have constructed famous pyramid’s sign all-seeing eye over them. Everyone has to dealt with this incident in his own way the pyramids builders will fulfill their duty.

The words were about the “Satanic horns” over Masji-dul-Haram.  At the end of these obelixt towers and over the two wings there is a big clock and the ends of the towers were built just like bat’s wings. 
It is notable that the big tower has 72 stories. The number 72 is known as the number of power in freemasonry’s symbolism. According to them these are 72 Satan (jinn’s powers) which were brought by Hazrat Solomon  to build a temple. The inauguration of the tower on 21 September 2012 is also to be think over it. Because according to Freemasonry and its secret organizations this day is well-known as day of Satan and by building Ibrag-ul-Bait(albeit Tower) this Satanic building will dominate the Holy Kaba.

It is also interesting to be noted that in Christian literature Satan’s image is drawn in animal’s shape ,with bat’s wings, lion’s legs and ram’s head . These symbols are reflected in most of Hollywood’s films such as Omega Code2. Perhaps the architect of the towers aims to teach others that the Satanic wings have covered the Masjid-ul-Haram. In fact throwing pebbles from the top is started , secret pebbles from pyramid’s powers over the pilgrims. The negative and satanic wave aims their poisoned arrows at Muslims pilgrims. Scholars believe that the twins towers explosion on 11 September was in fact was the result of an explosive plan for a door which were exist in a particular time and place. Although the freemasonry which has power over secret organizations prepared ground for satanic powers to enter the society.    
 As I mentioned, that the building and its satanic wings have to be inaugurated during 2012.
According to the satanic and the architects of modern world, has started designing new world map. In these years Kaba will be under Albait tower, the satanic symbol.

 Inauguration of the tower on 21 December 2012 has a close relationship with the predicted incident and according to the western prediction it will be occurred during the year 2012. Many works which were published about worldwide incident during the last years such as films, TV reports and magazines of America and Europe focused the same incident. They  have called the year as the year of  Christ’s appearance or the year of dajjal’s appearance. The number 11 is the holy number of Freemasonry. Some indications reveal that the heads of these secret groups determined to prepare ground to interpret worldwide incidents during the year 2012 as being the same predicted and imminent signs of appearance. Hundreds and thousands of people in America and Europe are looking for the appearance and counting days one by one because of the same TV reports and films.

Even they convinced the people that the incident will destroy major part of the world and this will happen according to Maya’s and Nostradamus predictions.

What is clear for us is that the west , the heads of secret satanic groups and freemasonry which have the duty of controlling the world , to practice their latest design to change world’s map extended their hands to design symbols and by seeking help from unseen powers satanic and jinni they have prepared themselves to destroy Islam and oppressed people of the world.

Christians and all other deviated religious groups have no role in this game, because all heads and important persons of the church are the under power of the same powerful groups and the heads of these groups in fact are the part of the same secret groups and players of the predesigned game.
We must depart the oppressed Christians from these groups.
Only Islam, Muslims ,Kaba and biggest Shia movement means Iran Islami can compete as the last heir of Islam with such secret and satanic movements.

The director of the film 2012 , in his film by drawing the picture of worldwide incident shows that all Christian and Buddhism’s holy place will destroy but  the fear of Muslim’s reaction prevented them from drawing the picture of Holy Kaba’s destruction.

Wahabis will practice their biggest duty till 2012.  Till the year all Muslim’s indication, and heritage of former Muslims and Ah-lu-bait will be destroyed in Ummul-ul-Qura (the center of Islam) and with the destruction of all Islamic tradition under the slogan of Shirk and innovation the poisonous arrows of Masonic will hit the Masju-dul-Haram and Masji-dun-Nabi so the worldwide freemasonry or the same dajjal of the end times can establish their reign easily.
Every one can show its sensitiveness towards the albeit towers from his own way.
This building overwhelms Kaba , masji-ul-Haram and Tawaf . The original tower 595 meter high beside the 6 residence towers ,and all of them belong to Bin Laden. Even you are not allowed to take a picture of Masji-dul-Haram, flowers and wide green sky.

World organization such as UNISCO looking at the Satanic shape but to register the historical places of Iran such Imam’s big ground in Isfihan they give concession in their condition towards the stories of the worldwide tower.
The silence from world’s organization is not meaningless. The all do their duty under the instructions of  Masonry . UNISCO is known as one of the original and cultural member of Masonry in the world and the heads of the organization are generally freemasons, but the silence of Islamic cultural organization throughout the world including Iran cannot be justified.
The heads of the cultural organizations are paying no attention to the most important topic which is related to the future and Islam and Iran and they never missed a moment from taking care of other heritages such as towers under Jamshad’s  throne and flower charts. The spend a large amount to exhibit such heritages in Europe and Iran and sometime they celebrate the great festival of Noruz  with the false slogans of press police and waste their talent. According the poet: where am I in the sea of thought and where are you?

Another reason of the project of 2012 which is more important is that, they have targeted   shia’s belief of wilayat in one hand and Haramain Makkah and Median on the other hand , and this can be known as a kind of revenge from Abraham’s Allah and his household. The holy tree was planted so the successors of the universal religion of the world and its worldwide reign can be established be Bani Ismael and successors of the last prophet and the false story of Bani Israel can come to an end.

The great appearance of Time’s Imam is Divine design and stability of holy tree which is planted in Abraham’s hand and it will fruit during the merciful reign of the last heir of the holy family. Albeit tower project in Makah has a false reason which to let non-Muslims know about Islam because this brings about the destruction of Haram’s geography and this undefeatable castle will be in non-Muslims reach. It is a place which never came in anyone’s reach even aircrafts have no potential to cross the holy place  how non-Muslim dear to extend their hands towards it.

These towers shadow Masji-dul-Haram and overwhelm all rituals of pilgrims. It is the second secret mission of freemasonry that by overwhelming spiritual and religious rituals of pilgrims want to weaken pilgrims enthusiasm of prayer ,supplication and practices.

The Satan groups during the years of appearance are determined to remove the obstacles from the way of appearance and by harming human and other religions physically and spiritually they want to prepare ground for their worldwide reign.
  They prepare ground for satanic group’s influence by eliminating great indications, holy places, traditions, rituals and sign the great personalities the Satanic group’s arrows can hit directly the mankind.
Extension of Satanic traditions, and rituals, introduction to anti religion groups and construction of freemasonry signs over Islamic world particularly around  the holy and religious places will remove all obstacles and at least it will reduce their spiritual strength and mankind will appear without shelter in front of Satanic army. 

All these are the satanic revelation and instruction which are the root cause and double the sins and men’s vices.
Terrible state of westernization prevents men to comprehend the topic. Satan and its forces encourage men at the beginning to commit sin and vice by its revelation and inductions.  In later stages they dominate men and use them as a puppet in their hands. Satan’s domination over men is achieved in different stages and at last some people in their views and practices become Satan’s son. Hence I call all Muslim youths from Arab , Persia, Turkey  and all other parts of the world to come forward and compete with such conspiracies. They can started media war throughout the world to block satanic projects in the world.  

The brave Arabian youth in Arab, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and subcontinent have especial potential to create a cultural wave through media.

I know cultural counselors, in case they free themselves from institutional analyses and material suffering, as the ambassadors who along with their reach to the conspiracies and satanic designs can highlight their objection in religious societies and even can declare their position in international organizations.

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