Forgotten History!

Hazrat Ibrahim’s era was the important starting point for oppress d’s presence and human’s journey. In the era, opposite to world’s oppressors two important branches of Hazarat’s holy tree: Bani Ismael and Bani Israel raised. Bani Israel and Bani Ismael as modern oppressors came to the scene ,and Bani Israel by arming itself prepared gull ground to destroy Bani Ismael a weak and oppressed one so he can establish its own rule in politics ,economy and all other fields.  Talking about the forgotten history is a kind of remembrance of noble tree

 ; Ibrahim and his progeny means Mohammad wa Al Mohammad. Beginning and the foundation of Islam in Hijaz and “Masjid-ul-Haram” and the starting series of Imamat one after another from the same noble tree light all places and periods.
We read in the following line of Duwa-e-Nudba:
و بعض اتخذتہ لنفسک خلیلا
Selected some for friendship of your own.

Hazrat Ibrahim laying foundation to a new civilization started a new journey in the history among oppressed tribes so by breaking the chains of slavery and worshiping idols oppressed people can make free from oppression and worshiping idols.
At the same time oppressors and dictators once again accompanied to light a big fire in the way of Imam of oppressed one. The titles Allah’s friend was particular to him, in his praise Allah said:

وَ مَنْ أَحْسَنُ ديناً مِمَّنْ أَسْلَمَ وَجْهَهُ لِلَّهِ وَ هُوَ مُحْسِنٌ وَ اتَّبَعَ مِلَّةَ إِبْراهيمَ…؛
Who is better in religion than he who surrender his purpose to Allah while doing good and followeth the tradition of Abraham. (An-Nisaa 125)

Hazrat Ali ib Musa Reza in one of his narration interprets the Quranic verse and said:
انما اتخذاللہ ابراھیم خلیلالانہ لم یرد احدا ولم یسال احد غیراللہ قط
Allah selected Abraham as his friend because he never excluded anyone and he never asked from anyone. 

Abraham’s era plays important role in the human’s historical journey and oppressed presence in the world. In the same period contemporary to Abraham’s struggle against oppressors two branches from the holy tree grew, Bani Israel and Bani Ismael, oppressors took a new shape and organized themselves, armed and offered all necessary needs so they can defeat Bani Ismael and take the leadership in their own hands in politics, culture and economy.

Beginning the leadership of righteous:In duwa-e-Nudba Imam Sadiq after the discussion about Noah’s era and the rebel and ungrateful nation talks about the beginning of new era ,the history of holy tribe ;tribe of sibghatuallah means Abraham’s era. The universe symbolizes names and characteristics of Allah in scholars and philosopher’s eyes. In the universe within different level every symbolized one takes its transposition from the transposition of his symbol. Therefore none of the levels can carry all Allah’s characteristics with it rather every level of the universe symbolizes one or some names and the characteristics of Allah.

The comprehensive name of Allah which covers all Allah’s names and qualities is “Allah”. This holy name also needs a symbol which covers in its wideness all other symbols. The holy prophet Mohammad is the comprehensive symbol of the name “Allah”; such as the name “Allah” in fact superior to all other names and symbolizes all names, the symbol of this comprehensive name is the perfect personality of Mohammad (PBUH), superior to all other symbols and he is the perfect reflection of Allah.

None of the prophets possess such a position, because although they are also the symbols of Allah’s names and qualities but the rank of Allah’s last prophet has perfect leadership over all things.The perfect personality of the prophet Mohammad is the mirror of all Allah’s good and well-known qualities.Before Quran there are two heavenly books which have superiority: Bible and Torah. It is clear that the two were not exactly similar to one another, they possess some differences and unique qualities as well, because if the two were exactly same the can be replaced. In accordance with the rank of Hazrat Moses Torah interpreted outermost world, and in accordance to the duty of Hazrah Messiah Bible focused on innermost and spiritual world   but the comprehensive rank of the prophet (PBUH) demands that Quran must interpret both outer and inner world at the same time therefore Holy Quran beautifully interprets the both world and take the responsibility of this world and the world hereafter.

In this contrast Quran is the most perfect book and the Islamic Sharia is the more holy and pure way of life and covers all words and known as “comprehensive word” because Quran was revealed in the  heart of the prophet with all stages of perfectness and in another words it is the summary of all other books.All know that Allah sent one twenty thousand prophets for the guidance of human being, but among them the era of few prophets were introduced as the era of change. The words of supplications and ziyarat particularly mention the starting point of such a big historical change and stressed it more.Perhaps we can interpret each one of the starting points as a step in the human journey toward perfectness and growth so they can take Allah’s message.

Allah‘s perfect prophets, their experience about Allah’s religion and their holy books draw the holy caravan of  sibghatuallah  ahead step by step. Therefore every former prophet possesses heritance who transfer all of them to the next one, while every one of them represents  only one among Allah’s names.
Jews had a big misunderstanding in regard the continuation of Moses religion in Bani Israel’s branch. They stressed Isaac as being the only  zabihollallah while the branch of khilafat grew from the holy and pure tree of Hzarat Abraham and his progeny  from Ismael’s (zabihollallah) race.
Bani Israel as they lost prophet hood during Hazrat Messiah era were jealous of Hazrat Ismael and Al Mohammad from Ismael’ house. In sura Nisa verse 54 Allah says: 

 ام یحسدون الناس علی ما آتاھم اللہ من فضلہ فقد آتینا آل ابراھیم الکتاب والحکمۃ و آتیناھم ملکا عظیما ،
Or are they jealous of mankind because of that which Allah of His bounty hath bestowed upon them? For we bestowed upon the house of Abraham (of old) the scripture and wisdom, and we bestowed on them a mighty kingdom.

The state of being jealous was the continuation of the Hazrat Adam’s regret about the rank of Mohammad and his household that in spite of Allah’s prevention not to approached the prohibited tree under Satan’s deception which at last brought about his distance from heaven and residence on the earth.  In the next step Bani Israel has envy with Bnai Ismael (Mohammad and his household). No doubt for the same reason they lost their ability of selecting them for Allah’s holy rank.
It was the same extreme desire for Khilaphat under Satan’s revelation that caught Qabil  as well. When he knew about the khilaphat of  Hazrat Habil he was  determined to kill him.
Many verses and narration say that the khilapahat of Mohamamd and his household was established on the roots of Abraham’s (friend of Allah) khilaphat.
Allah talks about the holy tree seven times in Quran:
In surah noor verse 35 Allah says :

اللہ نورالسماوات والارض مثل نورہ کمشکاۃ فیھا مصباح المصباح فی زجاجۃ الزجاجۃ کانھا کوکب دری یوقد من شخرۃ مبارکۃ زیتونۃ لا شرقیۃ ولاغربیۃ
“Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of His lights is as a niche wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is as it were a shining star.(this lamp is )kindled from a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East nor of the West ,”

In many narrations the words “a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East nor of the West” were interpreted as being the blessed tree of Abraham’s household.
 Jabir from Imam Mohammad Baqir and he from the prophet (PBUH)reports:
The origin and the root of blessed tree is Hazrat Abraham (a.s).
Ibn e Mardooia reports from Abu Hurarah that the prophet (PBUH)said:
Blessed tree means the holy heart of Hazrat Abraham (a.s).
The remains words of the blessed tree have been stated in supplications book. While Imam Asr performs Imam Ali’s pilgrimage recite these words:

“”السلام علی الشجرۃ النبوۃ والدوحہ الھاشمیہ
In the common practices of the month of Shaban Imam Sajjad says:
اللھم صل علی محمد و آؒ محمد شجرۃ النبوۃ و موضع الرسالۃ”
There is in duwa-e-Nudba, and the prophet said “انا و علی من شجرۃ واحدۃ وسایر الناس من اشجار شتی”
I and Ali are from one tree, and all others people are the branches of the same tree.

However, narrations related to the blessed tree are there in Noor-us-thaqalian as well. According to mentioned the narrations, supplications and ziyarat  Hazrat Abraham is the root of Muslim’s religion and Mohammad and his household are the continuation of the same tree .
Saleh bin Hamdani from Imam Jaffar Sadiq reports that he said:

“Allah means Abraham khaleel from the blessed tree.” 

Jew in family relation belongs to Hazrat Isaac little son of Hazrat  Abraham .  Since a large number of Isaac’s offspring (48) were prophets Jew thought that prophet hood did continue from another Abraham’s son Ismael and they did have imamat and prophet hood, and only Jews are the heir of Abraham. While according to Allah’s  promise Ismael’s sons and Ale-Mohammad were the inheritors of the mighty kingdom. Hazrat Abraham during his life brought Ismael to the land of Hijaz to perform Allah’ duty and by celebrating the ceremony of sacrifice in Allah’s way established the universal religion of Mohammad wa Al-e-Mohammad from the blessed tree.
According to the narration of Imam Reza from Raban bin Salat ,; the basic factor of Jew’s enmity  with Islam is jealousy.
Jew centered all their activities and struggles on searching period, and birth place of last and promised prophet. Since they were expert in unpopular sciences (jafr, astronomy ….) believed that they would be able to find him and kill him.
Ali ib Abraham ibn Akhtab a Jews said:
“We believed that the awaiting prophet was from Bani Israel but now it became clear that he is from Bani Ismael , we never ever accept him because these are Bani Israel who have superiority over all people of the world even over Bani Ismael.
In Tafseer Noor-u-thaqalian volume 2 page 92 is narrated from Imam Baqir that

“Simple and common Jews used to read about the prophet (PBUH) and his qualities in Torah but the jealous, oppressor and enemy Jews prevented them from this.”

In the same page it reports from Ahtijaz ,that Imam Hassan said:
“the rebellious branch of Jews used to mention some false qualities for the last prophets from their own and interpret them to their people that the last prophet of Allah possesses such qualities which totally differed from those mentioned in Torah ,and used to add that such prophet will come after 500 years! Jealous Jews wanted to save their position among people by giving such interpretations they wanted to still rule their people to prevent them from paying taxes and donations to the prophet (PBUH).”

Ahle sunnat scholars and their narrative sources also stressed the topic of Jews jealousy and enmity towards the prophet and his household.
As it is mentioned above , Hazrat Abraham Khaleel ur alRehman during his lifetime obeying Allah’s order founded Islam and formed the branch of Ismael from the blessed tree and by leaving great signs such as foundation of Kaba ,performing sacrifice ceremony and fulfilling other necessary promises drew the general  holy design  for Allah’s last prophet’s mission.
Hazrat Ismael holy graveyard in Masjid ul Haram and Hijre Ismael is another proof of the mentioned point. Hence we can say that Hazrat Abraham was the founder of Islam, and the Abraham’s era was the birth period of Islam in history.
According to Ahl-e-sunna sources :
Ahmed bin Irbaz ibn Saye reports that the prophet (PBUH) said:
“still Adam was clay ,,, I was named as the last prophet in the ummul kitab (real book)and I say clearly from where my history started ? I let you know, that the most beginning of my period was that when Hazrat Abraham asked me from Allah”
In shia sources , Ali ib Abraham reports , the prophet said:

“I am the result of Abraham’s prayers.”

Late Sadooq in “khisaal” reports from Abi Ammama that he said:

“I asked the messenger of Allah, what is the exact period your call (Islam)in history ? he replied : “count it from when Abraham asked my prophet hood from Allah.”

The messenger of Allah said: “each prophet has an Imam from late prophets and my Imam is my father Abraham.”
The prophet’s words interpret this prayer and supplication of Abraham:
Abraham said :

‘ربنا وابعث فیھم رسولا منھم یتلوا علیھم آیاتک و یعلمھم الکتاب والحکمۃ ‘
“Our Lord! And raise up in their midst a messenger from among them who shall recite unto them Thy revelations, and shall instruct them in the Scripture and in wisdom…”

Many verses from Quran support the  point. Quran states many qualities for Abraham such as right path, obeying man and flag barrier of Oneness.

 ثم اوحینا الیک ان اتبع ملۃ ابراھیم حینفا وماکان من المشرکین
“And afterward We inspired thee (Mohammad, saying): Follow the religion of Abraham, as one by nature upright. He was not of the idolaters.” An-Nahl 123

Allah introduces the great prophet of Allah as good example to follow:

ومن احسن دینا ممن اسلم وجھہ للہ وھو محسن واتبع ملۃابراھیم حنیفا واتخذاللہ ابراھیم خلیلا
“Who is better in religion than he who surrendereth his purpose to Allah while doing good (to men)and followeth the tradition of Abraham , the upright? Allah (Himself) chose Abraham for friend.”

 Although  Jews because of their relation with Bani Israel and Hazrat Moses  related themselves to Hazrat Abraham but they were not true followers of him rather they rebelled against him , crossed Allah’s limits and left the law and orders of righteous .
In Al-Imran verse 68 Allah says :

ان اولی الناس بابراھیم للذین اتبعوہ وھذالنبی والذین آمنوا واللہ ولی المومنین
“Lo! Those of mankind who have the best claim to Abraham are those who followed him, and this prophet and those who believe (with him) and Allah is the protecting Guardian of the believers.”

Therefor the prophet of Islam , Muslims and the followers of Mohammad and  his household under following the aims of Hazrat Abraham (Allah’s friend) are the true and nearest followers and friends of him.

Imam Ali says : “the most appropriate followers of the prophets are those who are more aware of their message.” Then he recited the verse 68 from Al-Imran.
Hazrat Abraham and his upright religion is the opening of Islam; the universal religion of the last prophet which in the hand of his last successor will convert into universal reign of Oneness and the roots and oppression of Jews will come to an end forever.
One of Jews scholar who is well-known rabbi of Jews says:

“The discussion about the late history of Palestine is not only the solution to the current problems; rather the real discussion is about the end of the world.”

Discussion about Bani Israel and their false resources reflect future and the foundation of a universal reign and religion. Hence they have armed all their powers to suppress oppressed ones, dominate other and genocide of Muslim Ummah who are the real heir of Hazrat Abraham.

The detailed discussion mentioned above made the importance and necessity of supplication about such important period mean the coming of Abraham ; Allah’s friend.

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