Black spot of promiscuity

Everything is imbued with lust and sexuality. Modern West’s civilization and countries particularly the United State of America have become symbol others in giving up their ethical values and getting into sexuality. West’s detachment from moral values has advanced to such an extent that good from evil and inappropriate behaviors are no more differentiated.
As long as the article “forbidden effects of abusive pictures and films” was not appeared in the first page of Mouood Website

I never thought that  Mouood’s visitors and readers have considerable interest in such matters.  Comments from the readers at the end of article showed that our youth’s minds are full of questions which cannot be put aside simply; hence the chapter of discussing obscenity and immodesty was opened.

Obviously when we closed our doors on others, or restrict our relations to some families or nearest friend: pasteurized one, in modern youth’s term and the good boy, we remain unaware of what is going in outside, we interpret the immodest society as being limited to the men of lust and felon. We do not consider the deep and livelong effects of an event which covers major part of our life. The tradition of writing about obscenity and immodesty in one hand  and the sufferings of a major part of Islamic East on the other hand is an issue which needs our serious attention, unless we do not leave solitude and open the window for discussion keeping its quantity and quality in view  we have not followed the issue seriously. At that time we will come to know that the only way of getting free from such universal and fatal disaster is not to mobilize police force against them.

None of a doctor would be able to cure his patient unless he detects the type of diseases, and its effects on the other parts of  body.

Most of my writings about cultural disease and problems resemble toothache, which is at the beginning only a black spot on teeth and we do not care about it. When the black spot touches the roots in ignorance and naivety comfort and peace are taken from man and the cry of pain touches the heavens. Alas! It is too late.

What I want to say so far is that contact of a large and considerable part of our society: people of different ages from kids to aged one, with the pictures, films and abusive writings is not a simple problem and it is not an issue occurred suddenly or it is not a small spot which appeared in the surface of teeth.  We cannot take it easy by blaming others. We believe that by discovering some examples of polluters and polluted one we can become busy in our daily life. It merely an illusion.

Sexual revolution:
Talking about sexual promiscuity and its triviality, just like a tsunami which displaced and covered the most boarders of the east and west, is very difficult in the eastern society. Many prefer to be in silence or cover it in the beautiful shield; but the fact is that the best way of encountering such problem is to deal with them properly and truly. The duty of watchman in the battlefield in conveying witnesses and evidences is to be honest and true. To be true means he must not lie or don not present a normal issue as big and big issue as normal and must not deceive his commander. To be honest means he must not leave his efforts and must not be one-sided and as soon as possible he must convey his evidences and witnesses so a long and rapid step can be taken.

By two obvious reasons we can add bravery and courage to the honest watchman.
Only a coward and low level watchman ,who has  information about the presence of the enemy in a geographical area,  their number and preparation ,can hide the truth from the commander by giving false interpretation to catch the  pleasure of his commander and does not report his true and exact evidences. Hence the commanders face raid and disaster and lose every opportunity of their defense.

Therefore I interpret the sexual promiscuity as being like tsunami which was faced by Europe, west and America before entering it into the Islamic eastern society. This incident is known in the west as sexual revolution.
The western researchers relate it to the historical change in sexuality in 50th   in Europe and America. As the result of such broad change in the present social and cultural conditions the discussion of sexuality have been grown, means a vast prepared ground for  human’s independence without any obstacle in  the way of lust and sexuality was available and all formal  and religious values of human being were destroyed.

In scientific term “sexual revolution” is the creation of William Wilhelm Reich.
In 1936 after his migration to America he wrote a book “sexuality v/s culture” the book was published in English by the title of “sexual revolution”.

Feminism, leading to sexual revolution:
During the last decades independent researchers and foundation have done a deep research about the outcomes of such revolution and published many literary works. They discover terrible results of the event during the last decades; whereas not a single sign of ethical security was detected. Collapse of ethical values and the decline of civilization can be known as a simple example of such revolution.

Michael Asnabvr in his website writes: is the sexual revolution had something good for American women? Never, in fact realistic eyes see the sexual revolution as being a big disaster for American’s women.
All pioneers to sexual revolution intended to create a free atmosphere for American’s girls and women so they can enjoy men’s company freely.

After the feminist movement 1, the first wave of feminism was started in 18th century (1792), most initial writing was from Mary Wellston Craft in England and in second wave of the movement literary works of Simone de Beauvoir and Virginia Wolf played important role in this regard.  Sexual revolution was the biggest milestone in the history of political and social movements to remove all obstacles and open free ground by breaking all human values including women’s personal and social life.

Although the ultimate purpose of the movements were covered with few good slogans such as women’s rights, revolt against inequality and women’s sufferings. They opened their mission for the purpose of defending women’s political, economic and social rights; but the movements appeared with some ideologies and movements which challenged all social and ethical infrastructures and destroyed them at all. Hence a big change in all fields of life appeared such as politic, economy, skills, rights even in anthropology and sociology. In fact feminism challenged systems and values of traditional human society and to some extent defeated them.

Effective factors in Western sexual revolution:
 Sir Noel Hornor ,the writer of the article “West and sexual immorality” writes:
Everything is imbued with lust and sexuality. Modern civilization of the West and Western countries in particular the United State of America have become symbol for many others in giving up ethical values and got into sexuality. West’s detachment of moral values has advanced to such an extent that good from evil and inappropriate behaviors are no more differentiated. Youths, families, community and….have dipped into immodesty, in such conditions Allah’s message to return towards peace and power is repentance.

Sexuality has covered everything…I think that the society is suffered from sexual problems.
An overall research about the effective factors of Western sexual revolution introduces some basic factors such as; immoral writings of westerners, internet, TV channels, dish antenna, drama, publications, books and music; but these are the mediums which are recognizable as being the producers of obscenity and immorality in society but there are some hidden hands behind the curtain which play key role in producing such materials and promoting sexual revolution in society under a preplanned schedule.

William Murchison in an article about the modern sexual intercourse in the United States writes:
I graduated in 1963; past discipline was still with me. During the middle of 70th c I lost my discipline and it has been changed at all. Girls from our society after getting their master’s degree used to change at all and to calm their sexual intercourse they entered in the west’s universities or law schools in different group. Being in a controlled society, where sexual relations are limited to husband and wife (sexual intercourse) we are facing AIDS and many other contagious disease.
We adopt divorce to live instead of marriage. Abortion was dealt with as a big catastrophe, but in today’s term abortion is the part of human rights and sign of glory and freedom, in fact today abortion is dealt with as an option.

Jews, flag-bearer of sexual revolution:
Western research scholars introduced Alfred Charles Kinsey (1956-1894) an American zoologist and biologist as the founder of sexual studies and the father of sexual revolution (modern sex). In 1947 he opened “sex research institution” in Indiana province. Kinsey recognized by his experiments and recommendation all what was immodest among all people and traditions (adultery and homosexuality) and he theorized the topic and the meaning of porn (sex and prostitution) and gave originality to it. Wilhelm Reich other than Kinsey and his destructive theories also named Herbert Marcuse (1897-1979) and Paul Kidmn (Jews) as flag-bearers of 60th c sexual revolution in west.  They theorized sexual freedom, considered common tradition among people as inferior and encourage immorality and immodesty and this brought about freedom of sexuality in western society.  In fact researches (cursed, evil and forbidden) of Kinsey supported the evil theories of Wilhelm Reich and others like him which succeeded in recognizing sex as a legal act in American Society. The ultimate result of such legalization and issuing license to it was so immodest which appeared in the form of  more than twenty five millions porn sites, thousands of clubs, TV channels, recognizing homosexuality, legalizing abortion …..Etc.  Gradually punishments, penalties and related laws were removed. They prepared ground to make the punishment law liberal so they can cross limits without having any obstacle.

Jews investors invested all possibilities to promote pornography and immoral literature under the shelter of the same incidents. Currently Los Angles in the United States of America is the center for the business of pornography industry. The annual party of the porn makers and producers in Los Angles to offer them rewards is famous. They encourage the best porn video producers.

If we look at the initial immoral books and magazines, we come to know that the most of the writers of such material in between the years 1890-1940 are Jews who migrated America recently. Even because of their weak writing power for a long period of time they were forced to publish immoral stories and pictures to catch reader’s attention. However, the topic with its wide support continued and with the passage of time Jews were changed to be producers and suppliers of porn products.

Modern experiments, first step towards sexual revolution:
I state the view of a teacher who recognizes his view as being the result of cultural study and research about the cultural history of the west.
West in his gradual journey of culture and civilization, and his experience of secularism, liberalism and modernism reach such a point, whereas Jews with their corrupt and business oriented policy, in a high speed enabled himself to root out western culture and civilization. Such a stand becomes important when general society which got in the train of modernism late about one century ago (or we can explain it by using another term like advancement..etc.)  for healing the pain of backwardness (following western pattern),was unaware of the very point that the experience of culture being slippery and jelly is the first step of ultimate result of modernism and liberation from traditional law and breaking everything which is good and to be praised.

The writer has no doubt about some people who deny the fact at all.
Avoiding divine laws from merciful tribes (prophets and their successors) and adopting the system of cursed tribe (Satan, and his followers in the field of culture and civilization) sooner or later they slaughter all nations in the slaughterhouse of sin and immorality.

During the last four hundred years of the west modernism history we cannot find even a single society which has not gone through American and European modernism or it became able to control necessary (not ordinary)things.
Perhaps all these nations are the permanent riders of west’s modern civilized train and travel station to station; but some nation considers them to be in twenty first number stations whereas they in fifteen number station . They suppose themselves free from the experience of the twenty first number stations, and praise themselves. All nations who are traveling in the train of modernism will come across the results and the experiences of the water, air and land of the different stations.

Only for one time we look at the rules recognized by world’s organization for the countries which are in search of development and advancement and go through each and every point so we can discover the total number of the stations and their condition.

Humiliation, crisis, deadlock, and downfall in all fields of culture and civilization are the creation of westerners who back the heaven and started their Godless journey. All nations who see their destiny in western historical mirror and interpret their future in the same scenario, will find nothing except what is there in the western’s hand today.
Once again I refer to the article, “west and sexual destruction,

He wrote:
In such conditions, Allah’s message to return back toward peace and power is repentance.

Ismael Sarvestani


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