Analysis: Does Islam have a violence problem?

  In Paris and Brussels terrorists indiscriminately killed innocent people in the name of Islam. Their barbaric actions heap discredit upon an entire world religion. The terrorists invoke Islam and justify their killing by making reference to the Quran. This is devastating for the peaceful majority of 98 percent of …

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Minnesota Faiths Break Barriers in Ramadan Iftar

    Invited to break fast with the city’s Muslim community, residents of Mankato city in Minnesota attended the first iftar at Envision Labs on Sunday, June 26, building relations between the religious group and the community at large.

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Muslims in Canada Share Iftar with Indigenous People

  Muslim leaders in the Manitoba province in the longitudinal centre of Canada have invited indigenous people to share spirits of Ramadan, paying an overdue payment to the community. “Ramadan is a time that we try to bring out the value of charity and giving for others,” Idris Elbakri, president …

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