Secret Societies

Saudi crackdown in Shiite regions continues with US green light

The Shiite communities of Saudi Arabia are economically impoverished despite the fact that the Persian Gulf Arab kingdom is the world’s top oil exporter. When it comes to the cultural and social taking, the government treats the Shiites like second-class citizens. For example, the courts do not consider valid their …

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Poisonous fruit of Saudi Arabian trees expand ISIS to Southeast Asia

 Days after eruption of the deadly clashes between the militants affiliated with ISIS terrorist group and the Philippines’ security forces in the city of Marawi in the country’s southern island of Mindanao, the media are talking about the black flag of the ISIS flying over some buildings in the Philippines. …

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Disclosure of Unmanly Virus War by Pentagon and Al Saud against Muslim World

  Bioterrorism is an issue, which is recently focused on more seriously within Iranian circles. Bioterrorism is terrorism involving the intentional release or dissemination of biological agents. These agents are bacteria, viruses, or toxins, and may be in a naturally occurring or a human-modified form. This method is usually exploited …

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