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I Pet Goat 2.99: Decoding the Antichrists Plan (2020)

Mouood and alvadossadegh present:

I Pet Goat 2.99: Decoding the Antichrists Plan (2020)


Praise and appreciation belongs to God, who sent the holy Quran, the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and his sacred Household (PBUT) to be the guides for the mankind. Now, in an auspicious and blessed night coinciding with the anniversary of the Imamate of the Imam Mahdi (PBUH), the new phase of activity of the website “” is launched in three languages, namely Persian, Arabic, and English, and we are pleased to announce that an important project entitled “I Pet Goat 2.99: Decoding the Antichrists Plan (2020)” has been finalized and published.

The present project started in March 2019 following the series of events in April 2019. It took more than 17 months and hundreds of hours of research, translation, correction, narration, editing, etc., to be released as 18 hours of videos in Persian and English languages, with Arabic subtitles, alongside 3 parallel articles in Persian, Arabic, and English, all done by young pious youths of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Obviously in this project, carried out in scientific and technical partnership with the solemn institute of the “Mouood”, some notable and somehow golden subjects appear. However regarding its scientific and research-based character, there is also the possibility of different imperfections and drawbacks.

At the beginning, and before watching the films or reading their corresponding articles, the following points seem to be noteworthy:

  1. The entire present project, including the enhancement of the “alwadossadegh” website, and the project “I Pet Goat 2.99: Decoding the Antichrists Plan (2020)” was carried out without any financial support from official institutes and organizations, but merely on the financial support of the project’s involved contributors. Therefore it targets no commercial application, and dissemination of its contents is free of charge, and with reference to their source, the dissemination shall be legitimate and appreciated.
  2. Regarding the purpose of this film and project in creating an international dialogue with the followers of other religions and the people of different countries, preference is given to the non-Iranian audiences. Therefore, the cited videos and sources are generally in English, so that the non-Iranian audiences would have the possibility of fact-checking.
  3. Provided that the main target audiences are non-Iranians, efforts have been made to pay attention to the international works of music in selecting the soundtracks of the film, considering the international musical taste. Therefore, we urge the respected audiences to be reminded of these considerations upon possible criticisms.
  4. It might be felt at the beginning that some comments are unnecessary or lengthy when watching the films or reading the articles. Audiences may initially find no urgency in such comments. This is more tangible especially while watching the first two episodes of the main film. Yet from the closing of the second episode onwards, the information provided will become more attractive and in faster pace. Therefore, at the first place we recommend the audiences to be patient and follow the information of the opening episodes and chapters with endurance. After acquisition of the basic information, the remainder of the discussion will be more easily studied.
  5. One reason for making use of sometimes long and repeated explanations in different parts of the project has been to reduce the possibility of deliberate trimmings and abuses on the film for misleading the audiences. It is obvious that the potential of the film trimming and abuse can never be turned to zero, but it can be reduced through acquiring a number of measures. Moreover, some explanations may address a similar topic. However in practice, they refer to different aspects of that topic, and this can be well-understood in most of the said cases.
  6. Although the general routine dictates allocation of maximum 50 percent of the total duration of the film to narration, but heavy work load, extremely limited time, and intense technical constraints made us avoid prolonging the episodes and adding further supporting scenes and cutaways, and also using professional visual effects as little as possible, so that the core content of the film and its key message would be duly made available to the audiences. For this reason, we beg the dear audiences’ pardon for that the film is in the category of amateur productions in terms of audio-visual effects.
  1. If we hold a commercial, advertisement, or profit-oriented position towards the present project, dissemination of the current contents in the last year of Trump’s term in office in the United States might be a risk to the audiences’ attention to the film and its producing websites; since there is the possibility that Trump would lose and after Biden’s victory, the course of the United States’ collapse might be delayed for whatever reason. This is naturally an issue we should always keep in mind. However, the main purpose of releasing this film is not “to predict the political future of the United States, Europe, etc.” in the short run, but is to introduce the complicated and documented tricks and plans adopted by the enemy to establish the global diabolic rule in Jerusalem, and they would step forward towards its realization sooner or later. Therefore, a better portion of the presented contents are not aiming at a precise prediction of the future of the United States, etc., but it is to become more familiar with the tricks and plans of the enemy to realize the global diabolic rule, and also to provide a picture of the definite future of the world in the eyes of the divine religions. For this reason, despite the question who would win in the United States, or when the final collapse of the Unites States of America would take place, yet the main principle of the enemy’s reliance on the codes, secrets, and symbols, etc. would remain constant and unchanging. For instance, the rise of the Sirius star’s era from September 2001, and the onset of global evolutions age in relation with the Regulus star beginning in the closure of year 2011 and early 2012 is an unchangeable matter and these key symbols are in line with the enemy’s apocalyptic plans. Therefore, whether a fool like “Trump” and “Johnson” are ruling in the United States and Britain, or if playing with “Joe Biden” would later on become the enemy’s point of attention in the manner of “Biden’s” dementia, yet their focus on symbols namely “Sirius”, “Regulus”, “The Fool”, “Joker”, “Ordo Ab Chao”, etc. is a key prerequisite and point of their movements related to the global diabolic rule in Jerusalem at the outset of the third Christian millennium.
  2. The article entitled “Freemasonry: Antichrist of Apocalypse” written by the author of the present material was posted on the early weblog in 2006, and then on the “” website and is the earliest subject matter of this category available on the cyber space of Iran. Later, in 2011, the article entitled “The World under the Dominance of the Antichrist: Iran, the Island of Hope” was published on the “” website, which was a complementary to “Freemasonry: Antichrist of Apocalypse”. We highly recommend those dear friends and estimable audiences who are not fully familiar with the Freemasonry subject to review and study the above mentioned articles which are written in details and well-documented. It is because the present project is in fact complementary to the previously written materials and there is a close association between them in terms of the contents.
  3. The author, the director, and all of those involved in the present project encourage the audiences to watch all of the 18 episodes because we have tried to provide the audiences with special information packages in each episode. For instance, episodes 12, 13, and 14 have addressed conflagrations of the recent years, including the Notre-Dame cathedral, “Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” etc., and the 16th episode has addressed the COVID-19 pandemic. So, the information packages are prepared completely in 18 main episodes for the audiences and especially, the researchers. However for the audiences’ comfort, some short video clips of 5 to 15 minutes have been extracted from the different parts of the project, so to put some important contents at hand for those audiences who face time shortage. Meanwhile, we have also prepared various posts on the website, social media, etc., for those interested in reading, in addition to 3 PDF files in Persian, English, and Arabic tailored for the dear audiences. Naturally, those involved in this project would recommend using the main18-episodes film. Yet, we have considered making the key contents available for the audiences’ comfort.

Although the contents of the article and the film have been corrected and edited more than 71 times, given the abundant load of works, limitations in the number of the staff and the financial resources might make a range of errors and mistakes possible. Notwithstanding, as the proverb says “there is no error in an unwritten dictation!”, triggering and accomplishment of such a huge and time-consuming project by itself would make the possibility of such errors inevitable in different parts of the project. Therefore, the producers of the present film and the authors of its corresponding articles would welcome every scientific, logical, documented, and distraction-free criticisms. Yet, the difference between criticism and blackmailing or propaganda, and cyber and media ballyhoo is well understood. There is always the possibility of blackmailing and demagogue for various purposes such as seeking fame or reducing the effects of the films and the articles on the audiences.

On the other hand, the presence of drawbacks and mistakes in some parts of the articles is something real, which is inevitable in 18 hours of an analytic film. Yet, putting the whole concept under question just because of a few weak points or ambiguities would be neither scientific nor moral.

Moreover, the presented film is technically in the category of amateur and unprofessional productions, in which the minimum audiovisual effects are incorporated. The reasons behind this were extremely limited budget and financial resources, unwanted limitations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, impossibility of access to desirable audiovisual studios, and the very limited timeframe of producing this film and its corresponding articles. It should be reminded that making of the “I Pet Goat 2” animation, which is 7 minutes long, enjoying tangible and intangible financial and logistical support of the enemies has taken more than 4 years; while the present project’s 18 hours of film and its corresponding articles were produced during nearly 17 months, and there has been no time for improvement of its technical conditions regarding intense and fast-pacing developments in the world conditions. Notwithstanding, the producers of the present film have put all their efforts to improve its quality, relying only on the possibilities they had available.

Finally, we would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to all the dear ones who assisted us in the long way of producing the present film and articles, hoping that our efforts would be pleasing to God almighty, and the great divine saviors of mankind – the Promised Imam Al-Mahdi (PBUH) and Jesus Christ (PBUH). We hope that the Islamic Iran would take the final huge steps forward towards the era of The Rise with strength and firmness under the governance of its great and wise leader – His Highness the Great Grand Ayatollah Imam Khamenei (may his eminence live long) – and would connect the Islamic revolution of Iran to the global revolution of the Promised Imam Al-Mahdi (PBUH).

Hoping that day


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