The Marriage of Imam Ali (A.S.) and Lady Fatimah (S.A.)

One day, the Holy Prophet came to the Mosque holding a branch of basil in his hand. He said to Salman, “Summon Ali.” Salman went to Ali saying,“O Ali! Go and see Allah’s Messenger!” Ali said, “O Salman! How did you find Allah’s Messenger at this hour?” Salman said, “He was very happy like a shining moon.”

Ali came to the Holy Prophet who gave him that branch of basil. It had a very sweet-smell. Ali asked, “How sweet-smelling this is! What is it?”The Holy Prophet said, “It is a gift from the paradisiacal women for the marriage of my daughter, Fatimah.” Ali said, “To whom will she be married, O Allah’s Messenger?” He replied, “She will be married to you, Ali! I was sitting in the mosque when an angel came in a way I had never seen before, saying: My name is Mahmud and my station in heaven is Nedia. A third of night had passed when I heard a call from the layers of heaven saying: O archangels, heavenly creatures and cherubim! Get together in the fourth heaven. All got together. The inhabitants of Paradise were present too. A decree said: O Archangels and Favorites of the King! Recite the Quranic chapter: The Man (Insan or al-Dahr).
Then, Tuba Tree was ordered to offer the marriage of Ali and Fatimah Zahra to heavens! At this time, Tuba started shaking whereby Jewels, pearls and ornaments showered down. Then, there came a decree to put a pulpit of a white pearl under Tuba Tree. An angel went up the pulpit praising Allah and greeting all the prophets. Then Allah called: O Gabriel! O Michael! You are two witnesses of Fatimah, and I, the Lord, am Fatimah’s Guardian! O Cherubim and heavenly creatures! I take you as witnesses that I gave Fatimah in marriage to Ali. Give the good news to My beloved that we made this marriage in heaven, you do the same on the earth.
So, the Holy Prophet invited the Muhajirun and Ansar on the same occasion. Turning his face to Ali, the Holy Prophet said, “O Ali! This was decreed in heaven. Now I give Fatimah to you in marriage against four hundred Dirhams as marriage portion. Do you accept it?” Ali said, “O Allah’s Messenger! I accepted her marriage to me.” Allah’s Messenger said, “Allah bless you.” (Abul Fadhl Meybody, Kashf al-Asrar: 49/7)
Imam Ali’s Knowledge
Ibn Abbas is reported as saying: One night, Ali said to me, after you have accomplished your night prayer, come to me so that I can give you a gift. It was a night shining with moonlight. Ali said, “What is the meaning of (the letter) alif in Surah al-Hamd (No. 1)?” I said, “O Ali! You know it.” So, he started speaking and spoke for an hour on the alif and another hour on (the letter) lam. He did the same with the other letters and when he finished, the sun was rising. I found that my knowledge as compared to Ali’s was like a small pond is before a sea. (Abul Fadhl Meybody, Kashf al-Asrar: 686/10)

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