The Position, Personality and message of the Holy Prophet (SAWA)

The Holy Prophet (S) is the best among creation in terms of his personality, both the dimensions that can be understood by human beings such as noble human characteristics including wisdom, acumen, intelligence, generosity, forgiveness, mercy, decisiveness and other such things and the dimensions that are beyond the human mind, including the dimensions that show the manifestations of Ism ul-A’dham in the personality of the Holy Prophet (S) and his closeness to Allah the Exalted.

Manifestations of Ism ul-A’dham and the Holy Prophet’s (S) closeness to God are only words and descriptions to us and their essence are only known by Allah the Exalted and by His great saints. Similarly, the message of the Holy Prophet (S) is the best message that can bring about happiness for human beings – namely, the message of monotheism, the message of transcendence for human beings, the message of human perfection.
Although human beings have not succeeded in implementing this message completely in all aspects of their lives, there is no doubt that one day the progressive movement of humanity will reach that point, and that point will be the peak of transcendence for humanity. Assuming that the understanding and knowledge of human beings are improving and that the message of Islam is still alive, there is no doubt that one day this message will find its place in human communities. The truth of the Holy Prophet’s (S) message, the truth of Islamic monotheism, the lessons that Islam taught and the path that Islam showed to humanity in order to help it achieve happiness and progress, will help human beings reach that point. They will help human beings find the smooth and bright path which leads to that point. They will help humanity step onto that path, move forward and achieve transcendence and perfection.
What is important for us Muslims is to increase our knowledge of Islam and the Holy Prophet (S). Today in the world of Islam, one of the greatest afflictions is discord and separation. The Holy Prophet (S) can be the pivot of unity in the world of Islam because all Muslims have faith in him and all human beings love him. We Muslims do not share any other area that is as brilliant and comprehensive as the personality of the Holy Prophet (S). This is because Muslims have faith in him and besides this faith, there is an emotional and spiritual bond that has attaches the hearts of Muslims to the Holy Prophet (S). Therefore, the Holy Prophet (S) is the best pivot of Muslim unity.
The Reasons why the enemies insult the Holy Prophet (S)
It is not a coincidence that in the recent years, the enemies are insulting the Holy Prophet (S) just like in the Middle-Ages and in the era of malevolent analyses by orientalists. During the Middle-Ages, priests would insult the Holy Prophet (S) in their writings, speeches and artistic works. And when writing history books became common among orientalists, they did the same thing in their works. In the past century, one of the areas that was the target of insults by non-Muslim western orientalists was the personality of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S).
These efforts had stopped for a long time, but they have been resumed recently. One can see that over the past few years, there has been an evil cultural and journalistic invasion in different parts of the world against the personality of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S). This could be a well-calculated move because attention has been paid to the point that Muslims can unite around the Holy Prophet (S) and around their faith in him and their love and affection for him. This is why they have focused on this area.
Muslim scholars, intellectuals, writers, poets and artists have a responsibility to try their best to delineate the personality of the Holy Prophet (S) and the dimensions of his greatness for both Muslims and non-Muslims. These efforts will promote unity in the Muslim world and they will also contribute to the tendency towards Islam which is developing among Muslim youth.
Dear brothers and sisters, today the world of Islam needs to move closer to Islamic principles and truths more than ever before. Today the ground has been prepared for an Islamic movement throughout the world of Islam. Today it is not difficult for Muslim nations to understand the truth of Islamic monotheism, especially now that they can witness the corruption of the materialistic western world. Today is the day when Muslim scholars and intellectuals should make efforts to familiarize hearts with the truth of Islam and to bring the Islamic Ummah closer to the requirements of the revival of Islam. Thankfully, the ground has been prepared in this regard and one clear example is the establishment of the Islamic Republic in our country. There are also other examples around the world.
Wherever we paid sincere attention to Islam, Islamic truths and the responsibility that Islam has specified for us, we received assistance from God and we managed to achieve victory and success. We have experienced this in the case of our domestic issues and in the case of the issues relating to the world of Islam. The faithful youth in Lebanon managed to achieve a great victory for themselves, for the Islamic Ummah and for the Arab world, and this achievement was because of Islam, familiarity with Islam and observing Islamic rules. This is the case with everything else as well. This is the remedy for the afflictions of the world of Islam and the remedy for the deep wound of the Muslim world – namely, the issue of Palestine.
It is wrong to think that the issue of Palestine is over, that the Palestinian nation has been wiped out and that the issue of Palestine has been buried under the existing uproar. This is a mistake and an illusion. Passage of time cannot wipe out a truth like the issue of Palestine. Palestine and the Palestinian nation are alive and the future prospects of Palestine are bright.
The fall of the eastern super-power: An example that reveals vulnerability of the arrogant powers
Notice that several countries both in Central Asia and in the Balkan region were part of the former Soviet Union, some for fifty years and some others for seventy years. And nobody would have thought that one day they would restore their original identity, but they did. There was a day when the Soviet Union appeared to be invincible. It looked like a country that would never decline. Narrow-minded people thought that those countries had been incorporated into the Soviet Union forever, but this was not the case. The same is true of Palestine. After all, Palestine cannot be wiped out. Palestine cannot be wiped off the map of the world, just as southern Lebanon could not be wiped off the map.
The Zionists had not occupied Lebanon only to leave later on. They were there to stay forever. You saw that the selfless struggle, patience and resistance of the people and youth of Lebanon, which lasted for twenty years, made things difficult for the enemy and forced them to retreat. The same is true for Palestine as well. The resistance of the faithful people of Palestine and their commitment to Islam can wipe out the existing fake borders and restore the original Palestinian territories to the people of Palestine. By Allah’s grace, this is possible.
In the shade of familiarity with Islam and implementing Islamic rules, many of the things that might appear to be impossible and difficult to certain people, are possible and once they have been made possible, people will realize that they were not very difficult either.

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