Monotheism and justice: The Holy Prophet’s (S) gifts to humanity

The birthday anniversary of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S) is the day of reflecting on the endless blessings that originate from him. One can say that the greatest blessing of the Holy Prophet’s (S) birth was the gift of monotheism and justice that was bestowed on human communities. Humanity is still suffering from polytheism in an era of scientific progress and great intellectual advances. This is the case even in countries that have made a lot of progress on a materialistic level.

Therefore, it is clear that having faith in monotheism despite all the blessings requires spirituality and this spirituality cannot be achieved except through rationality that is guided by divine revelations. This was the gift that the Holy Prophet (S) gave to humanity, just as the previous divine prophets had. Faith in monotheism affects one’s heart and soul and even one’s daily life in certain ways and it is necessary to think about the ways in which monotheism affects us and to move towards the blessings of monotheism.
Another great gift that Allah the Exalted has bestowed on humanity as a result of the Holy Prophet’s (S) birth is justice, the gift of justice to human beings who have been suffering from injustice. Since the beginning of time up until today, injustice has been the biggest problem of humanity. The religion that was bestowed on humanity as a result of the Holy Prophet’s (S) birth is calling human beings to noble concepts such as monotheism and justice.
Therefore, the blessings which originate from the birth of the Holy Prophet (S) belong to all humanity that is to say, anybody can make use of the blessings. Moreover, the blessings are not limited to a particular era. Today human beings still need to return to pure monotheism, Islamic justice and the prescription that Islam has offered for justice.
“Surely the most honorable of you with Allah is the one among you most careful (of his duty).” 1
That is to say, Islam calls human beings to piety and fear of God. It calls on human beings to sideline the factors that create discord, factors such as ethnicity, race, skin color and other such things.
Today the most advanced countries in the world are still dealing with the problem of skin color. Black people and white people each have defined delineations in societies. There are still conflicts over race and ethnicity. Many lives are being destroyed because of conflicts between different fake ethnicities and nationalities. Many people are being killed over these issues. The rights of many people are being trampled upon and many people are displaced. Therefore, humanity is still in need of calls to unity, monotheism and justice. And Islam and Muslims are the standard-bearers in this regard.
Who is opposed to this? Powerful people who are benefiting from the existence of discord, powerful people who are benefiting from the existence of polytheism, powerful people who are benefiting from lack of justice, powerful people whose existence is based on discrimination.
Today powerful people of the materialistic world namely, the same people who are shouting slogans in support of democracy in their own countries, the same people who are claiming to promote democracy and equal rights, the same people who are claiming to be opposed to autocratic governments have destroyed democracy in the world.
They have discriminated between nations, geographical regions and races and thus they have made autocracy prevail in the world so that they remain in charge of running the world. These are the conditions of human beings today. And we see that today humanity is in need of the Holy Prophet of Islam’s (S) calls to monotheism and justice. We people of Iran decided to name this week “Unity Week” and in this week our magnanimous Imam (may God bestow paradise on him), who always promoted Muslim unity, helped the call to unity reach all Muslims and all people who are after justice.
Unity Week: An initiative to address the need for monotheism and justice
“Unity Week” is an appropriate name. Thankfully, there is unity among the people of Iran, regardless of their social and professional backgrounds and the paths they follow. Despite all the efforts that are made to foment discord and design machinations, the people of Iran are united and are moving in the same direction: the direction that has been specified by Islam, the direction that has been specified by the Holy Quran, the direction that has been specified by religious rule.
And there is no discrimination between Shia and Sunni or between different ethnicities, including Persians, Arabs, Azeris, Turkmens, Baluchis, Kurds and others. The Iranian nation is a unified nation. Thanks to Islam, the Iranian nation is indeed an exemplary nation. It is a successful role model among Muslim nations. May God be satisfied with you people of Iran for your sincere acceptance of the call of Islam and our magnanimous Imam (r.a).
It is necessary to preserve this unity. The valuable unity which helped you achieve victory has enemies who are lying in ambush. You should be vigilant. You should not allow discord to be created. Whenever there are pretexts that the enemy can use to foment discord, you should be more careful. You should be more careful regarding the issue of sectarian differences, which the enemies have been using to their advantage for many centuries. Both Shia and Sunni Muslims should be careful. 2
Mab’ath: An event that is as great as creation of man
If somebody wanted to describe the importance of this auspicious day in words, it might be impossible for him to find the right words to describe the greatness and importance of Be’that. This is because many words have been used in figurative senses and they do not have the capacity to describe the greatness of this event. One may say that for example, Be’that of the Holy Prophet (S) is an event that should be compared with the creation of man. This comparison would show how great and important Be’that is.
Goals of Be’that
1. Spiritual purification and the teaching of the Book of wisdom
The lesson that we can learn from Mab’ath should be at the level of our understanding and our capacity to make use of it. In brief, what can be understood is that Be’that of the Holy Prophet (S) has specified a particular goal on the individual level as well as the social level. On the individual level, what is important is the need to transform human beings, which has been mentioned in certain Ayahs in the Holy Quran. For example, it has been mentioned in this holy Ayah from Sura Aal-e Imran:
“Certainly Allah conferred a benefit upon the believers when He raised among them a Messenger from among themselves, reciting to them His communications and purifying them, and teaching them theBook and the wisdom.” 3
This purification and the teaching of the Book and the wisdom are the same as inner transformation of human beings. In order to fulfill the purpose of their creation, human beings should first achieve the goal behind Be’that of divine prophets. That is to say, they should transform themselves on an individual level. They should improve themselves and cleanse themselves of corruption, evil, flaws and evil temptations which exist in their hearts and which drag the world into corruption. This is the individual level. This is one purpose of Be’that.

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