The Guarantor of Gazelle

English Translation of A`ahoo Nama
English Translation by: Masooma Towhidi
This book contains a story from among the most popular historical stories of Persian literature. The main story revolves around a character that is a great historical and literary personality known as “Z`amin- e –A`ahoo”. He is also famous by the titles of Saminul Aema (eighth Imam), Ghareeb e Toos (stranger of Toos), sultan e Khurasan (king of Khurasan), shams ush shumoos (sun of all suns) and Alreza min Aal e Muhammad (Reza from the Holy Prophet’s progeny).

He is eighth Imam of Muslims, the eighth successor to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and a perfect man. His holy shrine is there in Toos (Khurasan). This place, which is called Mashhad Ur Reza because of the presence of his holy shrine, is one of the world’s famous historical, religious and cultural cities known as holy Mashhad. His miracles and marvels are well known all around the world. His holy shrine is one of the most visited places of the world where millions of people come for pilgrimage to benefit physically and spiritually and return with fulfilled ambitions.
Aastan e Quds e Rizvi foundation which owes the trusteeship of his holy shrine, is the center of knowledge, education, culture, propagation, research, industry, finance, philanthropy, development, welfare, tourism and science. His holy shrine is a symbol of Islamic architecture and without exaggeration it is unique place in world.
Who is not familiar with the concept of Imam e Zamin in sub-culture and Urdu literature? During Mamun’s reign when the heir-apparent (wali ahdy) of Imam Reza was announced by force and the coin with his holy name minted on it was released, people used to keep these coins with them as the sign of consecration and through this their wishes were fulfilled. We tie Imam Zamin on our arm which is some amount of money whenever we go off on a journey and on our return we give it in charity. It is considered a sign of security during our journey.
The underlie story revolves around one among many historical miracles of Imam Reza in which he protected a deer from the bloody hands of a hunter, he conversed with her in her own language and through this way he presented living proof for his Imamat and spiritual leadership.
Events, historical stories and biography of great figures play an important role in the nourishment and development of one’s personality. For the same reason the bulk of Quran contains stories, events and historical figures and Allah repeatedly orders to contemplate in such events. The holy messengers and spiritual leaders are at the last stage of perfection therefore the positive effects of events in their lives would be more beneficial in bringing about positive changes in human life.
Imam Reza’s life history and his teachings are good source and our basic needs to protect contemporary men from conceptual, ideological, ethical, psychological, practical, educational, economic, political and many other problems. Here is his thought provoking saying: “If people knew the virtues of our words then they would follow us.”
Some aspects of the personality of Zamin- e -Aahoo
1. I have never seen Imam Reza (a.s) speaking wrong against anyone.
2. I have never seen him interrupting any speaker’s word.
3. He never refused to fulfill any beggar’s asking when it was possible.
4. He never sat stretching his legs in front of anyone.
5. He never sat prop up in the presence of anyone.
6. He never said anything bad to his slaves and servants.
7. He did not laugh rather used to smile.
8. His slaves, even guards and sweepers used to sit with him on cloth table.
9. He slept less, most of the nights awaked and most of the time fasted.
10. He used to do well and give charity in secret, often during intense darkness of the nights.
(Narrator says 🙂 If anyone claims to see a person parallel unto him in perfection don’t believe him.
This narration makes our responsibilities’ more serious so to understand their teachings and apply them in our life and by promoting them throughout the world we try to establish an exemplary, welfare and Islamic society.
Masooma Towhidi
The Guarantor of Gazelle
Hundreds of year ago, there was a hunter. He used to hunt deer and sale them in the market to earn his livelihood. The tall hunter with big face, strong bon, wide chest and powerful arms had very sharp eyes. Baby deer was tremulous by seeing him. His thick mustaches had made his face more terrible. He used to go for hunting by keeping his bow on his back and quiver of arrows on his shoulder. He put his feet in the stirrup of his wild horse and ridded on it by putting zinc on his back and fixes his balance and leave quickly towards hunting ground. The horse forwarded whining, trail running, blowing dust around and ripping the land chest. His black eyes glitter like a mirror in sunlight. The horse’s neck long hair was waving in the air like a delicate silk fabric. He ran towards hunting ground as he had set a race with the wind speed. When he came like a tornado the dust remained behind him. The island and deserts were chanted with the horrible voice of horse’s feet.
The animals of desert were frightened on hearing the voices of horse’s feet and escaped themselves from the coming danger. They hided themselves in shelters to protect themselves from the danger of the hunter. They knew, if the hunter witness the prey he would move ahead downtrodden everything. The animals of desert knew very well that how painful the slavery is? as to live a day in freedom is much better than hundred year life passing in slavery. Therefore, these animals run towards their shelter to protect themselves and were afraid of him.
As usual the hunter went for hunting riding on his high speed horse towards desert. His good wife had been looking at the dust which was being raised into the air by the horse’s footsteps while embracing her both kids. She was not seeing her husband clearly out of the dust. The sun was giving light in the wide blue sky. Birds were singing, they were busy in flying and singing between the branches of green trees by opening their beautiful wings. Hearts were filling with joy on their voices and it was increasing pleasure and attraction in morning.

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