America's game by the lever of cluster bombs

America’s game by the lever of cluster bombs in 2023

Articles: On the sidelines of the news of the war in Ukraine; A new narrative on the decline of the American power discourse / America’s game by the lever of cluster bombs.

America’s clear action in violating its alleged slogans in the field of the rule of law, and at the same time, taking any action to hit its international rivals, even at the cost of tarnishing the country’s image, carries a serious and important message: America’s alleged hegemony in the field of the international system has reached its end.

JahanNews International Group – the US government has recently taken a vast controversial action amid the war in Ukraine. In this regard, the Biden government has delivered cluster bombs to the Ukrainians. Weapons are considered destructive weapons according to international conventions. Throughout history, they have caused serious damage, especially to civilians.

However, the foreign political team of the Biden administration claimed that the Russians used cluster bombs for the first time in the Ukraine war. A claim that many defense and foreign policy analysts have strongly rejected and described as baseless.

However, this action of the Biden administration sends at least four important and strategic signals.

One: The revelation of the hypocritical policies of the Biden administration

US President Joe Biden, during the campaign for the 2020 US presidential election and after that, has always tried to introduce himself to the world as the so-called law-abiding face of the US and to emphasize that he and his government seek to develop peace, stability, and order in the world.

However, this government’s recent action in providing cluster bombs to Ukraine, which is a clear violation of international conventions, shows how far is a gap and contradiction between the declared and practical policies of Biden and his government. Interestingly, a year ago, the spokesperson of the US State Department clearly described the use of cluster bombs as a crime against humanity, and now the US government itself is openly giving these weapons to a foreign country. This issue provoked a lot of criticism against America in the international arena.

Two: Revealing the empty hand of the US government in the equation of the war in Ukraine

An important message of the recent action of the US government in providing cluster weapons to the Ukrainian government is the unveiling of the US government’s empty hands in the equation of the Ukrainian war. The Americans have reached a point in the framework of the mentioned war where they neither have powerful political levers nor can they advance their agendas with economic pressure against Russia.

Therefore, they have seen the only solution before them to take procedures such as handing over prohibited weapons to the Ukrainians. An issue that causes serious damage to the Americans’ perceived credibility of their international position, and of course, it reveals their true face even more before the international public opinion.

Undoubtedly, if the Biden administration had other levers to advance its agenda in the Ukraine war equation, it would have used them and would not have exposed itself to widespread criticism by providing prohibited and destructive weapons to Ukraine.

Three: The decline of America’s international position

For years, America has presented itself to the world as a claimant of values such as democracy, freedom of speech, protection of human rights, and the like. Based on this, it has tried to create and maintain a hegemonic position for itself in the field of the international system. However, in the past years, the gradual weakening of America’s global position and levers and the strengthening of its international competitors have forced the Americans to distance themselves from their alleged slogans and expose the true face of their policies and actions to the eyes of the world.

In this framework, America’s clear action in violating its alleged slogans in the field of the rule of law, and at the same time, taking any action to hit its international competitors even at the cost of tarnishing its image, carries a serious and important message: America’s alleged hegemony in the globe has reached its endpoint. A problem that, of course, the great American theorists such as Francis Fukuyama have also pointed out and emphasized that present America is like a big and beautiful building that is empty from the inside and is at risk of collapsing at any moment.

Four: Revealing America’s hypocritical policies about Iran

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and especially Russia’s use of Iranian drones, the United States has been trying to put pressure on Iran along with its international partners and lay the groundwork for the imposition of new sanctions against this country due to the sale of drones to the Russian side.

Iran has emphasized its policy of neutrality in the Ukraine war. It has explained that the weapons sold to the Russians are completely conventional, delivered to Russia as normal arms contracts before the start of the Ukraine war. Iran also said; it is in no way responsible for how they are used by Russia.

Now, in the current situation, the United States openly gives banned weapons, cluster bombs, to Ukraine, and it even appears in the international arena from a creditor position and considers it a legitimate act.

It is definitely provocative and unjustified, and international laws are strongly against it. However, the media empire of the West and their active political identities are widely trying to justify this issue and distance America from the space of accountability concerning its illegal actions.

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