The only way to win for the West - part 1

The only way to win for the West

Article: When the only way to win for the West is the absence of Putin

Sometimes I think the writers of the western media are idiots or their audiences are idiots! Of course, throughout more than two decades of news work. I have never trusted this media. They are connected to the security and advertising apparatus systematically. Journalists and media members of these countries are like powerless robots at times. They write reports and analyses and send them to the media grid. These materials are nonsense.

Whenever I think, for example, how the audience in these countries believe such lies, I look at our own country and the daily lies of Saudi International, BBC, Me and You, and other anti-Iranian media feed to the nation. I realize that some people like to hear lies. The war in Ukraine was the final fall of media and professional ethics among Western countries’ media. Since the beginning, these Media did not tell the truth and published false and ridiculous news etc. None of them are proven yet. The reasons for this lying are now clear. I don’t want to go into Why. I can interpret and explain it in just one sentence:

“The more the war goes on, and the public opinion of the West becomes more against the war, the more the media lie as a tool of the governments and Arms companies. Media fiction, as a tool for governments and Arms companies, is increasing to deceive more people.”

It is an equation. As days pass, we find it more correct. With the continuation of the war and the failure of Western countries to defeat Russia, the type and form of lying are changing. For example, Time magazine said a report about six possible scenarios of the Ukraine war end that one will get a headache when reading it! I didn’t want to address this report, but it shows the form, the type of lying, and the heart of the truth by the media apparatus as NATO’s propaganda horns in the new phase. I want to mention a part of it. By reading it, you may understand the lies fed to the audience.

In the various news, you can see the unfulfilled dreams of Westerners daily. At the beginning of this note, it is stated:

The mission of bringing Ukraine to the negotiating table is difficult, especially after Moscow violated the former regional agreement it signed with Kyiv. Removing Putin as the president could go a long way in persuading Ukraine to reach a workable peace agreement“.

Be careful; It accuses Russia of violating the former regional agreement, which means the same as Minsk Agreements One and Two! the People and scholars know that according to Angela Merkel, quoted by the Regional Time writer, the agreement prepared to buy Time by Westerners. From the beginning, the West, especially the Ukrainians, did not intend to comply.

The next issue, which is very interesting, is the removal of Putin as the “only possible way” to establish a workable peace! Time tells the Western audience; as long as Putin is in power in the Kremlin, the war will continue! Elections will be held in Russia next year, and Putin will undoubtedly become the president again; should the western countries prepare themselves for years of war on the Eastern Front? How can the people of Europe, who have many problems right now, straighten their backs under the burden of a multi-year war? In the continuation of this report, which is a senseless joke, but it is necessary to fool the western audience as much as possible; He said:

Despite the extraordinary costs incurred in this war, which are estimated to be around two hundred thousand dead or wounded and the destruction of half of its tanks, Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine’s resources, and there is a possibility that the war of attrition will continue for several years and with different intensities. It has…

Pay attention to the number of 200,000 dead and wounded! This number has been constant for four months. It does not change at all. They have done maneuvering on this number since November. It is unclear whether anyone has been killed or injured in these four months! This form of reporting on Russia’s human casualties comes at a time when writing about the destruction of half of the country’s tanks makes one’s brain whistle. Do you think the author had accurate statistics on the number of tanks in the Russian army? What is the exact number of these half-tanks? Can we count the number of stars in the sky? The number of exploded tanks and dead have the same sense.

In the following, the author emphasizes again the continuation of the attrition war, which in the original report also refers to its nature, like guerilla war in the areas controlled by Russia. We have a similar western pro in our country. Everything they wrote turned upside down. The reporters and writers mentioned above know nothing about the World of Militarism. In the regions occupied by the Russians, no guerilla warfare capability is evident. The regional nature form is the reason. More important, the majority of the residents of these areas are of Russian descent, fighting in the anti-NATO front today.

This note has many humorous content and views that we will go through. But Ukraine insists that it can defeat Russia on the battlefield. It emphasized that if the Western support continues, it will probably do this within the next year! Just Judge for yourself; if NATO enters all its forces into this country’s territory and its soldiers do not go to the battlefield wearing Ukrainian military uniforms, and the sending of equipment becomes double, according to the British Prime Minister, it might be able to resist another year.

Defeating Russia for the same reason, as stated above, is highlighted in the Western media when they know there is no such thing. Even if they want to, they cannot do it for various reasons. Now see the author’s wish, another name for Zelensky’s delusions, who wrote about the form of victory:

The details of this victory for Ukraine are evident yet, But Kyiv insists that this victory should include the recapture of the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed to its territory, as well as the recapture of parts of the Donbas region, lost in 2015-2014. Besides, if Ukraine succeeds in achieving these goals, it puts this country in a stronger position than when the Russian attack began!

If Russia stepped back from Khorson, there was a tactical reason. After retreating behind the Dnieper, did you hear any news line about any advance on the Ukrainian side? What exactly happened in Bakhmut axis in these four months? Does anyone know what will happen in West Odessa in two weeks? Therefore, anyone who thinks he can step into Crimea is either a psychopath or a fraud. Zelensky and the Western arms manufacturers deserve to be known for this quality.

 What are the reasons for Westerners’ fear concerning Russia’s goals? To answer that, read the few lines below about Russia’s victory in Ukraine:

when Putin started special military operations, he said that the war declared to disarm Ukraine and destroy the Nazis living there; but his main goal was to bring Ukraine back into the Imperial Union, the same thing he did with Belarus.

Indeed, Putin’s strategy description for Ukraine is the expression; if I cannot have it, no one ever will!!

For Westerners, the problem is that they are concerned about the expansion of Russian power in Eastern Europe.

If the US and England did not engage in sedition in Ukraine, we would not have seen the war. Now the war is started. It has strange consequences that require some caution.

However, I put caution aside and expressly write that if Russia deploys its forces of Western Odessa, and gains access to the Transnistria region, Moldova will undoubtedly fall. The consequence of the fall of Moldova is the effects of this advance on Romania and Bulgaria, countries where most of their people follow the Orthodox Church.

The continuation of these reactions, which practically makes the war a religion, will also reach Greece. In the Balkans Zone, countries like Serbia and Macedonia can also take a position easier. Russia’s advance in western Odessa is like the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Remember this one line of mine for the future. Time’s Writer should be worried about this issue:

Just as the collapse of the Berlin Wall caused the Eastern Bloc collapse, without a doubt, the disembarkation of Russian troops in western Odessa can have the same effect on NATO and the European Union.

We have to see what happens in the spring. The terrible moans heard from Western politicians are not without reason. They are well aware of the living conditions of people in the countries of Eastern Europe, bent under heavy war.



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