drowning in tensions

The Zionist regime, drowning in tensions

According to Mouood, quoting by MashreghNews:

The Zionist regime, drowning in tensions

Saadullah Zarei: Erdogan’s gamble on the region was unsuccessful .Netanyahu remembers the words of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, who said that if a war starts, it will be a regional, intense, and  last war in the region.

According to Mashreq, Saadullah Zarei wrote in a note in Keyhan newspaper: “The Zionist regime has entered into a vicious circle with the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu.” The reason is that the political atmosphere inside the regime filled with conflict. The conflict level in the past few years has shortened the life of the governments and parliaments of this regime and has once again put its cabinet and parliament at risk of collapse.

In these years, the governments have been an incomplete coalition of the left and the secular or the right and the Talmudists. Whenever the coalition formed of one of these two factions, the other faction immediately started working to overthrow, and disintegrate it.

Right now, Netanyahu’s government is a combination of the traditional right and the Talmudists – religious Zionists, and not two weeks have passed yet, Channel 13 of the Zionist regime TV announced that if elections held right now, the number of seats in the Netanyahu-Ben Goer coalition fall from the majority, and, the number of its seats will decrease from 64 to 58. On the other hand, for several nights, supporters of the rival movement have gathered in front of the prime minister’s building and demanded the resignation of corrupt Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s cabinet is internally conflicted. Basically, the combination of the anti-religious Likud movement with the Jewish extremist parties is a conflicting and heterogeneous combination – the Likud party has nothing to do with religious teachings and does not believe in it, when the Talmudic “Utopia” parties consider themselves a political system based on the teachings of the Talmud. Netanyahu’s cabinet is 36 seats of the right-wing Likud party and 28 seats of four religious parties. This combination is at the opposite point of other parties. It is also in a state of competition with the parties forming the government. Accordingly, most analysts and observers believe that the life of this cabinet does not reach more than one year.

Benjamin Netanyahu was the prime minister of the Zionist regime between 1988 and 1999 and has now formed his sixth government. His first government was under heavy pressure from the Lebanese resistance and the Gaza fighters, and the Israeli regime was forced to completely abandon Lebanon after suffering hundreds of deaths a year after the end of Netanyahu’s first term as prime minister. Even though the Israeli army was defeated several times by the residents of Gaza in second and third governments of Netanyahu.

Therefore, Netanyahu cannot be considered the new agenda of the usurping regime for the residents of the occupied Palestinian territory. But at the same time he is the “strongest” among the existing personalities of this regime. Now, the usurper regime remains. It is the last solution it could offer to get out of the situation. In other words, we can say that while Netanyahu is not a “phenomenon” due to being the head of state for the past 26 years, he is the last shot of the Zionist regime and all its plans.

The composition of the “security cabinet” of the Zionist regime also speaks of its growing concerns. “Security” is the most sensitive agenda of a government. Stable, strong governments hand over their security structures to more mature and experienced elements. When novice and extremist elements exists in these structures, it indicates the regime collapse.

In the new cabinet of the Zionist regime, radical and novice Jews have entered the security cabinet. The head of Mossad, the Minister of Internal Security and the Minister of War are of this type.in the meantime, “Itmar Ben Guer” is the leader of the party “Otsama Yehudit” and the Minister of Internal Security. These new violent forces face the left and secular parties of the regime on the one hand; On the one hand, they face the Arabs living in the territories of 1948, and on the other hand, they face the Palestinians living in Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank.

The appointment of these people increases the political and security tensions in these three sides. They also face with strong opposition from all their neighbors – Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Jordan – and from the perspective of the entire Arab region, they are considered a security threat for the region. In the international arena, they deal with the negative signs of European countries. In the current situation, where the political tension between the Israeli parties has risen on the one hand, and the Gaza, West Bank and Quds territories inflamed on the other hand, with the new composition, the Zionist regime not only does not have a prescription to reduce tensions, but also gives a multiplier to riots.

drowning in tensions

The development of Zionist settlements in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Negev, which the radical Jewish parties have proclaimed, is pushing the Israeli regime to the security abyss.

Nowadays, about half of the regime’s army has been used to control the West Bank. At the same time, statistics show that during the first ten months of last year (2022), at least 200 military actions using firearms by Palestinians living in the West Bank against the Israeli regime has occurred .Another statistic shows that during this period, around 700 army personnel and residents of Zionist settlements killed or injured by the Palestinians.

The expansion of the regime’s aggressive actions, the settlements expansion, involves the rest of the army forces in the internal geography. Since this conflict will definitely be long and erosive, on the one hand, it has caused the army forces to wear out, and on the other hand, it has made its members to be dissatisfied with the government’s policies. It causes them to run away from the service and sometimes confront their commanders.

drowning in tensions

A report states that in 2021, at least 15 cases of mass rebellion occurred in the army barracks and units of the regime. The continuity of this situation weakens the defense wall of the Zionist regime in the north and northeast. It can become a real and widespread threat to this regime, a special gift to Islamic resistance units in Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza.

Some political and security observers have said that the chaotic security situation and increasing political divisions in Israel will inevitably lead the army to conflict in the surrounding area, inside the government, and especially the elements of the security cabinet of the Israeli regime. Some statements indicate the possibility of Israeli conflict expansion in the foreign environment.

 What is the reality? In the speech, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah used the word “crazy” to describe the elements of the new Israeli government.

Some concluded from this interpretation that the Secretary General of Hezbollah is likely to increase the Israeli army’s actions abroad. The Zionist regime does not have peaceful internal conditions, and the unity of parties and government institutions has decreased. It is the first prerequisite for entering the phase of more military measures. When Benjamin Netanyahu takes military action against one of the sides of the resistance front, he can not bring his serious opponents inside. Within the army and security system of the regime, there is no summary of war and escalation of security tensions.

Netanyahu is especially incapable of bringing the conflict to a conclusion. The most important reason could be Israel’s successive defeats in the Gaza wars when he was the head of the regime’s cabinet. If a war starts or there is an escalation of regional attacks on the Resistance sides, Netanyahu’s Jewish opponents will condemn him. A few weeks ago, when Netanyahu only spoke about the need for military action against Iran, his opponents in the left and secular parties accused Netanyahu of holding Israel’s security and existence hostage and sacrificing it for the benefit of himself and his party.

Although anything can come from the Mad Man, during the resistance confrontation, necessary vigilance should exist too. The evidence indicates that the entry of the Zionist regime into the phase of tension escalation will destroy its position even more. It will encourage the Resistance Forces to hit even harder. Netanyahu remembers the words of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, who said that if a war starts, it will be a regional, intense war and the last war in the region.

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