football team star

Senegalese national football team star

The world we made: Sadio Mane is the Senegalese national football team star who earns millions of pounds a year but… ?!!

After people noticed in a photo that his iPhone was broken, became the subject of laughter, and you quickly entered the Internet, he joined the genre and accepted jokes with laughter.   He answered one of the jokes that was a little ugly as follows;

Why do I want 10 Ferraris, 20 diamonds, and two jets? I have the money, but why? What helps the development of the world? I was hungry for bread. I plowed many fields. I practiced barefoot, and I did not go to school. Now that I can, I like to help those whose lives are not well. I prefer to build a school and give clothes and food to poor people.

I built a school and stadium. My friends and I provide clothing, shoes, and food for people in extreme poverty. I give 70 euros to every poor person in Senegal to improve his family’s financial situation. I do not have to show luxury cars. Luxury homes do not belong to me, as do travel and flights. I prefer poor people in need to take from me a little of what life has given me. I volunteer for this dedication.

🔻 The Photographers and Media attention;

 If you want to gratitude a #celebrity, look inside the person. If you see and feel a pure and big heart, kill yourself to photograph that celebrity!!

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