Sayings of Imam Husain (A.S.)

Name: Husain
Title: Sayyed ush Shuhada
By name: Aba Abdellah
Father’s name: Ali ibne Abitaleb(A.S)
Mother’s name : Fatima binte Mohammad(S.A)
Place of birth : Madina (Hijaz)Arabia
Date of birth: 3rd Sha’baan 4 A.H
Date of Assuming Imamat: 50A.H
Period of Imamat: 11 years
Companions: 72 companions martyred in Karbala.
18 companions were from his family.
Ruler/Usurper: Moaviah, Yazid
Age:57 years
Date of Martyrdom: 10th Moharram 61 A.H
Place of Martyrdom : Karbala

Imam Husain (A.S) is an eternal hero in the history of the world. Thousands of books have been written about him in the past by authors from different religions and countries. Poets have also written elegies about his martyrdom as well as poems praising excellence of character of Imam Husain (A.S)
The Almighty God has denounced Banu Umayah in the holy Quran as the cursed tree (Shajarat al Mal’oona), (S17: 60) so also the holy messenger (S.A) on many occasions.
The tragedy of Imam Husain (A.S) in Karbala is remembered & mourned to this day as if he is martyred recently. He is an excellent model for all people who like to attain perfection as human beings.
Sayings of Imam Husain (A.S) to Illuminate Your Mind
1. Wisdom never attains perfection except by following the truth (obeying the commandments of God).
2. One who loves you prevents you from all evils, while your enemy persuades you to commit wrong and evil.
3. Act in this world like a person who knows that he will definitely be rewarded for good deeds and punished for sin and crimes.
4. One who annoys God to please people, God leaves him to the people.
5. Some people worship God coveting his rewards. This is worship of merchants Some people worship God, fearing His punishments. This is worship of slaves. Some people worship God, thanking His blessings. This is worship of the free superior persons.
6. a) They asked Imam Husain (A.S): What is poverty? He replied1.Avarice 2.Despair
b) They asked: What is richness? He replied: To be happy with what suffices you and to have few desires.
7. One who accepts your gift has really helped you in attaining generosity.
8. One who removes troubles from a believer, God expels troubles from him in this world and in the Hereafter.
9. Do not seek help from any person except one who is religious, or generous or of noble descent (parentage)
10. One who is generous may attain greatness and he who is a miser becomes miserable and contemptible.
11. The most generous person is one who helps the despondent, who does not expect any help from others.
12. Compete for virtuous deeds and hasten to seize opportunities for good deeds by the forelock.
13. The most forgiving person is one who forgives in spite of his ability to punish. (or avenge)
14. a) If you hear some one backbiting people, try to be unfamiliar to him.
b) Don’t speak about your brother (in faith) behind his back except what you like to be spoken about you behind your back.
15. a) Salaam has seventy virtues, sixty nine of which are for the one who is first to greet, whereas only one award for the one who replies. (to your salaam)
b) Do not allow anyone to enter or to speak to you if he does not greet you or wish you salaam (i.e. good health from God)
c) A miser behaves miserly even in greeting ‘salam’ to others
16. O God bless me with awe for Your Majestic Dignity, as if I am beholding You, and bless me with excellence through piety , and may Your decree benefit me and Your destiny gladden me, so that, I don’t wish to hasten that which is delayed by You, and don’t wish to delay that which You wish to be hastened by me.
17. What has he obtained who lost You O God? And what has he lost who found You? One who is satisfied with anyone other than- You, O God, has in reality dispossessed himself of everything?
18. People are slave of this world and their religion is just like saliva or taste on the tongue. They revolve around religion as long as their materialistic needs are well provided; but when they face difficulties, tests & trials, very few people prove to be steadfast.
19. A person asked Imam Husain (A.S)the meaning of ‘Samad’ He replied : The Aayaat after Samad (صمد) in the Surah-e-Towheed explain its meaning ,i.e., nothing emerges from God , nor God has emerged from anything and nothing is like unto Him ; (i.e. ,nothing in the universe can match God ,Who is beyond all needs. )
20. O God when were You Hidden, that You need proof for Your existence? When were You Distant (البعید) that by reflection over your creations one may find access to You? Blind are those eyes which don’t perceive You O God! despite Your attention & care for them (Eyes can never see God , but God is visible for our hearts and mind.)
Note: God is nearer to us than our own self.
21. O the One, Whom no one knows How He (God) is except He Himself.
O the One, Whom no one knows What He (God) is except He Himself.
O the One, Whom no one understands except He (God) Himself.
Note: God has infinite attributes& infinite knowledge, None of His creations, not even His messengers, Imams and angels can comprehend God but little. Man’s limited knowledge can never understand God, the Ingenious Creator of the entire Universe Who will destroy the entire universe, and create another greater universe after the Doomsday.
22. God initiated commanding the good and forbidding the evil as a compulsory duty for us, as He knows that if these two duties are well performed and established, then all other divine duties whether difficult or easy, shall be well established as well ; and this commandment and forbiddance shall invite people to Islam , and secure the rights of the wronged people as well as arouse opposition against tyrants & transgressors.
23. a) I don’t see death except as a blessing and life with tyrants is but a severe torture.
Note: Hazrate Qasim(A.S) son of Imam Hasan(A.S)when asked about death said:” Death is sweeter than honey for me.”
b) Don’t you see that right & truth is followed no more, and no one abstains from evil? Under such conditions a faithful believer has the right to hasten towards Allah (so that his soul may rest in peace)
Note: Hazrate Ali Akbar(A.S) son of Imam Husain (A.S) was the first to lay down his life from the members of the family .He told Imam Husain(A.S): “When we are on the right there is no fear from death.
24. And you people are in great calamity and the enemy has prevailed over you by occupying the position of the learned experts. I wish you could comprehend that , because all affairs & commandments of God should be in the hands of the God- fearing learned experts, who are trusted by God for declaring all that is religiously permitted & prohibited. You are deprived of this position, and that position was seized from you by your enemy because you were differing regarding the truth &because of your differences over the holy prophet’s traditions in spite of clear and convincing proof.

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