The Way of the Victory of Imam al-Mahdi (2)

Does he Rise with Sword

We know the important condition of victory over the enemy is predominance of the forces; these forces don’t include only military forces; but predominance of spiritual power and faith, firmness of economical and social bases are entirely included in this predominance and have essential roles.
And if a society has failed and remained captive then there is no reason other than negligence about efforts in providing the factors of victory or miscalculation of forces.
By considering the above essential principle, some questions are introduced about the rise of the great universal peacemaker:
1) Does the leader of this great movement use traditional weapons of previous ages (non-firearms) for establishment of global peace and victory of the army of the adherents of peace and justice over the predators, oppressors and tyrants? In this case, how is it possible to justify this method of fighting for others and how such weapons can make us win the battle against the advanced and frightening armaments of our time that is like a plaything before them?
Or fight against the armaments more advanced from today’s armaments that industrial countries have?
How will it be given to him and his followers?
2) Furthermore, we read in Islamic narratives:
“He rises with sword” and it shows that the first possibility, which is using traditional weapons, is closer to the truth and in this case the same problem remains unsolved:
How is it possible to disable modern armaments and return to the age of non-firearms?
Will today’s world be possibly destroyed completely in a nuclear war – as some scientists have predicted – in the way that there is no way other than returning to the past and then he rises?
Is this possibility acceptable?
3) Again another question arises that essentially and totally, in the age of dominance of light over darkness and justice over injustice, will modern mechanical age, with this much of facilities, which have provided for humanity, be destroyed and humans return to some centuries ago?
Is this restitution and return believable?
Or contrariwise, not only it remains, but it is completed very fast, a revolution without the negative aspects of mechanical life and its dangers? And in other words, mechanical life will be both “developed” and “purified”!
For finding the answers of these questions, it is possible to get help from both hadith resources and rational reasons, because it is related and connected to both of them.
Wisdom says:
Returning to the past is neither possible nor logical, and it is against the nature of creation and evolution in human life; therefore, there is no reason for human society to stop developing by mutation toward truth and justice, or to retreat; return and looking behind is not compatible with this development and mutation.
Therefore, the rise of a great peacemaker for establishment of justice and freedom in the entire world never causes the industrial and mechanical movement, in its positive form, to stop or to be removed.
Current industries have solved many problems of human lives and, as we said in previous discussion, they are even one of the bases of the universal united government, closeness and attachment of the world in communication and social relations and it is not possible without industrial evolution.
But, there is no doubt that his industrial mutation and technological evolution should necessarily pass trough a precise filter in order for its unhealthy and harmful aspects to be removed, and finally extensively be used for the benefits of humans and peace and justice; a government, which demands truth and justice, will surely perform this act.
But about the weapons, it should be said that:
For establishment of such government, autocratic governments should be removed from the world; and for removing them, at least in present conditions, a “super-weapon” is needed; as weapon which is maybe not even assumable for us today.
Is this weapon something like a “mysterious and unknown ray” which has a power beyond all present weapons and can disable all of them and neutralize the plan of superpowers for utilizing that?
Or is it a mysterious mental effect and disabling their thinking systems even from faraway that they cannot think about using present destructive weapons?
Or is it something life a feeling fear and extraordinary terror that prevents any kind of decision about this matter?
Or something else …
We don’t know. And we cannot specify the kind of this weapon neither for being material or mental nor other aspects; we can only say that it will be a super-weapon.
And we also know that this weapon is not a king of weapon, which destroys innocents and sinner together and places the fundamentals of future justice on today’s oppression and injustice.
This was rational analysis.

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