The Toxic Food Industry in the Fast Food Nation

Food industry in USA is controlled by Multi-National Corporations (MNC). Farmers in USA are completely controlled by MNCs and the consumers do not know how their food is grown and the source of their food is completely concealed from the consumers. At present four MNCs fully control the meat industry in USA.

Fast food company ‘McDonald’ founded in 1930s in USA is now the biggest buyer of beef, chicken, pork and potato in the world. MNC called ‘Tyson’ is the biggest meat packing industry in the world. The weight and size of poultry reared by MNCs in USA from 1951 till today have doubled in size. The states in southern part of USA have left growing tobacco and instead established chicken farming. The chicken farms in USA are not shown to the public where the chickens due their heavy weight their legs are broken and die. The dead chicken are made into feed and given to the chickens to eat. Almost all the owners of the chicken farmers in USA are indebted to banks and can be considered as virtual slaves of the MNCs like Tyson and McDonald.
Today USA is considered as the Fast Food Nation. On 30 per cent of agricultural land in USA only corn is grown with genetic modified seeds and 90 of the corn and soya bean grown in USA is consumed as feed for the animals because it makes them fat. Grass is not given as feed to the animals. Animals which consume only genetic modified produced corn and soya bean are very harmful to the animals and the meat of these animals is even more harmful for human consumption. There is no inspection of meat industry in USA by government and the meat and food produced in USA is becoming more toxic day by day.
In 1970s there were more than one thousand slaughter houses of animals in USA and now there are only 30 slaughter houses of animals controlled and owned by MNCs. 70 per cent of the beef in USA is slaughtered and packed in a factory in Nebraska which can be considered as the biggest slaughter house in the world. Meat packing is the most dangerous job in USA and most of the workers in the slaughter houses are illegal migrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries. The dangerous diseases COLI and Salmonella is now rampant among the people in USA due to the consumption of the toxic meat. In USA the cooked safe food is four times more costlier than the Fast Food or packed food and thus, absolute majority of the people in USA consume only fast food or packed food.
In USA government provide subsidies to the junk fast food but the natural food are not subsidized by government. So the junk fast foods are cheap where as natural healthy food is costly. Consumption of junk fast food have resulted in the increase of diabetics, heart ailment and high cholesterol. Vegetable and fruit in USA are produced by genetic modified seeds which are harmful for human consumption. In every three person one person in USA is suffering from diabetics and even the number born babies with diabetes is increasing constantly. During the last fifty years the food habits of US citizens are changed completely and have become the consumers of only junk food highly harmful for human consumption.In USA dead cow, dead chicken and corn are given to sheep and pigs as feed.
The food produced in USA is not produced honestly, not processed honestly and the junk food is the main source of diseases in USA and the cost of medical care and medicines are very high. Toxic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are used in crop cultivation. The greed of MNCs to get more profits have resulted in the toxification of worl weather warming and environment pollution.
Almost all the crops in USA are produced by genetic modified seeds and 90 per cent of seeds in USA is controlled by Monsanto Company. The farmers saving seeds for cultivation are persecuted and fined by the government. Farmers have no right to defend themselves in courts before Monsanto Company.
Monsanto Company was the producer of notorious chemical weapon ‘Agent Orange’ which was used by US occupation army in Vietnam to massacre the innocent Vietnamese.
Food industry controlled by MNCs in USA even control the government, judiciary and legislature by their enormous wealth. The toxic genetic food as per the US laws are not labeled as genetic. 90 per cent of food sold in the super markets are genetic. Even the press in USA is controlled by MNCs and the toxic nature of the junk food is kept as secret from the consumers. The production of the crops are under the control of MNCs and are supported by government agencies as per the laws passed in their favor in the parliament.
Prevalent Slavery in USA
Today in the world 27 million people in slavery.100000 to 300000 girls every year sold in sex industry in USA. Since forced slavery of black African into USA, the economy of USA was based on agriculture which was performed by Black African slaves. The black African slaves after their forced arrival in USA as slaves were forced to work as slaves to build the new capital of USA, the Washington DC.
During the so called emancipation of black African slaves by Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War practically not even a single black African slave was emancipated. After the Civil War in USA, the US army invaded Mexico and occupied its vast areas and converted them into new states of USA. The White supremacist in USA consider that they are divinely ordained to subjugate and rule over the non-Whites in the world.

Research Scholar in Islamic History
Department of Islamic History
Islamic Research Foundation
The Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.)
Mashhad, IRAN

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