the Satans corps

Every one might have a different understanding of this news:” the children of matrimonial jihad-  Nekah Jihad- are on the way…”.May be the news of lately increase in the number of illegitimates doesn’t bother some people but for the ones who have taken a look over historical and hadith books this news means that cursed Satan is preparing a corps of bastards, his most submissive servants, to confront Imam Mahdi.

Bastards have higher penchant to commit sins because their lives are beholden to taboo and filth. According to hadiths these sins differ from adultery to the murder of prophets and imams.
As follows, we discuss the kinship of satans with bastards and their association for enmity with Imam Mahdi.

The penchant of bastards for evil and filth

It is mentioned in hadiths that the baby of adultery has a high tendency for evil.
Imam Sadegh (pbuh) says: ” A bastard has some signs. One of them is enmity with us, Ahl-al-bayt and the second is that they fall back to the taboo from which they are born. The third is downgrading faith and religion and the forth is mistreating people. No one mistreats his religious brothers unless he is bastard…” 
In a Hadith from the prophet Mohammad an adulterate is introduced as a person who does not care about what he says about others and what others say about him. So a bastard has no fear of any damage to his reputation or others reputation.
Imam Bagher(pbuh) says: ” there is no speck of goodness in none of his skin, hair, flesh, blood or any other thing related to him.”
Bastards, the murderers of prophets
In the history, bastards have the record of killing prophets and gods representatives. The one who killed Salehs camel is introduced as follows: “… a red haired man with livid eyes who was bastard and was named “Ghaddaar”…”
It has been mentioned from Imam Bagher that” the one who killed Yahya Ibn Zakariya was illegitimate.” 
In an illustrative hadith Imam Sadegh says: “In Abraham s epoch pharaoh and all his followers were bastards and acquiesced killing the prophet. And in Muses s epoch pharaoh and his followers were all legitimate since they said: ” abandon Muses and his brother and gather the sorcerers” and they didn’t sentence them to death, because no one consents to killing a prophet or Imam unless he is bastard.”
In genealogy of the murderers of Imam Hosein (pbuh) we face many narrations according to which all of them from Omar-e-Sad to the ones who rode their horses over Imam s corpus were all bastard. Imam Sadegh says: ” No one is in a rush for killing us unless he is bastard”
The issue of being bastard is that much general that Jaber-ibn-Abdollah Ansari told Medina residents: “Test your children with their affection to Ali-ibn- Abitaleb. Any one of them that loves Ali is your child and anyone who is his antagonist is bastard.”
Prophet Mohammad says: ” oh, Ali anyone who loves me, you and the Imams from your descent, should thank god for being legitimate because no one loves us except legitimates and no one detests us except illegitimates.”

The confrontation of bastards with Imam Mahdi

In some hadiths from Ahl-al-bayt it is predicted that in the apocalypse and near the manifestation of Imam Mahdi the bastard shed the blood of the shiah and debilitate them.
It has been narrated from Imam Sadegh that:” Sofyani enters your town “Koufeh” and some people call from his side: anyone who brings the head of one of the shiah of Ali we will give him one thousand dirham. It gets to the point that a neighbor takes the other neighbor and says he is shiah so they decapitate him and one thousand dirham are given to the man.
Beware that in that day only the bastard rule over you. As if I am seeing the owner of the mask.He knows you but you don’t know him. He makes every one of you stricken with misery by backbiting and gossiping. Beware that he is bastard.”
It is also mentioned in another shocking hadith that antichrists corps, some of the antagonists of Imam Mahdi, are called the illegitimate corps. Imam Ali says: ” the antichrist is Saed-ibn-Saed [hunter the son of hunter] and the one who verifies him is hapless… beware in that day most of his followers are bastard and the owners of green sheepskins.”
Now lets look at the surrounding world and the dreadful statics of illegitimates to see how many enemies our lonely master has- only from illegitimates.


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