Why always attack on Shi’ite Muslims?



It is obviously known to the whole world that, Shiites are the most peaceful people. In history, Shia Muslims have no record of terrorism and none of them was ever caught guilty of terrorism. In facts, it is even prohibited to kill a soul intentionally without Islamic permit by the ‘Marji’i’. Also, no group of terrorism that ever seems to be Shiites in history being it Boko-Haram, ISIS, Alqaeeda, alshabab and others. They all called themselves ‘Ahl-Sunnah’.

Therefore, it is unfortunate how the Shiites are now killed always. They are killed in their gatherings, their homes and even their business places without a single reason.

In Nigeria, it is known to the whole world how the Shiites are always killed by those responsible to protect them. Since the beginning of Ayatullah Zakzaky’s ‘da’awah’, the government of the country are shedding their bloods innocently. It is beyond imagination how the Shiites are killed despite their obedience and peace loving.

It can be recalled that in 2014 during peaceful Quds day procession held annually in more than 20 cities of the country, the Nigerian army open fire on the peaceful protesters which results to the martyrdom of more than 30 Shi’a (citizens of the country) including three(3) biological sons of his Eminence Ayatullah Zakzaky(H). After this, all legal due processes were followed to make sure justice was done but all the efforts go in vain. Also in December 2015, the perpetrators of 2014’s crime conduct a massacre in the same city of Zaria Kaduna state which led to the killing of 1000+ Shiites(citizens of the country) and destruction of many assets belonging to the Movement of Ayatullah Zakzaky including the biggest Husainiyya in the whole Africa.

It is during this genocidal attack that the Nigerian Army mass graved 347 Shiites without the consent of their family. The religious methods provided Allah before taking any death body to the grave were all denied by the thirsty blood government of the country. People were burnt a lived to death, some tortured to death, some raped yo death and some are currently in illegitimate detention including the leader of the movement, Ayatullah Zakzaky. Subsequently, another attacks were carried out by the soldiers during the annual Ashura Procession which led to the Martyrdom of 15 Shiites (citizens of the country), some with various degrees of injuries and some are currently in detention.

Likewise, on Sunday 30th of October, 2016. The enemies of Islam and Muslims once again killed Shiites Muslims brother in the city of Kashmir India. The atrocity which was done in a yearly religious gathering regarding the genocidal attack of Yazid’s regime against the family of our noble Prophet(S) under the leading of Imam Husain(a.s) lead to the Martyrdom of six people and five sustained various degrees of injuries.

It is also known that above hundred days, dozens of Kashmir Shiites are being killed by Indian Army. For the first time, Ashura gatherings were banned on 10th Muharram and ni body is allowed to go for Friday prayers. Women and children are also shot by pallets guns. Indeed, the Kashmir’s Shiites are the second oppressed people after Palestine.

Nevertheless, it is also known to the world that the Shiites of Bahrain are always killed for than a year by Saudi regime. One cannot even describes the oppression of Saudi regime against the People of Bahrain. Thousands innocent Muslims were killed by the so called Saudi regime including women and children. Also, hundreds houses belonging to the Bahrain’s people were demolished without compensation by the so called Muslim regime known as Saudi America. The oppression is beyond imagination that the Shi’a top cleric of the Bahrain, Sheikh Qasim is always wanted by America, Israel and also the Saudi regime.

It is even reported that, the Saudi regime attacks some part of the Bahrain’s country in this very week which results in the wastage of many assets and also some reported killed. Also, the Saudi regime in collaboration with America and Israel were reported to destroy the major places were the country’s economic is.

Also in Syria, this kind of oppression done to the people of Bahrain was done to them by the same perpetrators, Saudi America. During this genocidal attacks, uncountable civilians that are armless were killed including women and children.

They do not even pity the infants. They killed them anywhere they found them. The economic of both Syria and the Bahrain were totally wiped down. The citizens of the country suffers from hunger, thirsty and shelter. Their hospitals became totally in active due to lack of proper treatment materials. Their schools became inactive.

Also in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and other Shiites dominated countries this genocidal attacks takes place. Not even the Shiites dominated countries, but also the countries that has Minute number of Shiites.

My Question is that;

*Why all this attacks on Shiites?*

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