5 Christian tourists convert to Islam

Seyfollah Sohrabi told Mehr News that five tourists, three of them from Texas, US, and two others from the Netherlands, visited holy shrine of Imamzadeh Abdullah in Gorgan on Tuesday evening that marked Tasu’a, the night before anniversary of martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH), the third Shia Imam.

Upon their visit, they became deeply moved by the reverent atmosphere of the holy mosque and decided to convert to Islam there.

“These people knew some Persian and had previously gathered some information about Islam,” he explained. “They had their questions answered by a cleric from Qom and the Battle of Karbala and the Day of Ashura were explained to them.”

He went on to add, “the words of the cleric really moved them and they announced that they wanted to officially convert to Islam.”

According to Sohrabi, three of the newly-converted Muslims were men and the two others were women.

“Imamzadeh Abdullah was the first reverent place they visited after arriving in Iran,” he said.

They departed for the holy city of Mashhad on Wednesday morning.


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