Imam Khamenei: Wahhabism, the filthy and abhorrent American component against Muslims



Islamic Unity, in the Light of Speeches of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei.

The people need to be made aware about those groups who are working against unity. Talk clear to the people. Today what American has created a front against unity is this very awful existence of Wahhabism. Make it clear to the people and don’t hide it. Since inception the Wahhabism was made to come into existence for harming Islamic unity and for establishing the sanctuary like Israel in the heart of Muslim society. This Wahhabi regime and Najdi agents were made to come into existence like that of Israel, so that they could make available a safe zone in Islamic society which is related to them and you may appreciate that how far they keep alliance with them.

Some Elements are Busy in Spreading Conflicts among Muslims in the name of Shia Sunni

It is the day for unity and accord between nations and Islamic governments. I want to caution my nation and Iraqi and Pakistani and other Muslim nations that they should desist from their religious and Shia Sunni differences. Because I am observing the elements who want to make conflicts among Muslims in accordance to their policies in the name of Shia and Sunni. The explosions that are taking place in the Mosques, tombs of Imams as, congregational prayers and Friday prayer congregations; definitely the dirty hand of Imperialism and Zionism is behind this all. This is not an act on the part of Muslims.

It is the obligation on the part of all Muslims from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan and also other countries to try to bring the unity and harmony into existence. The concept of Monotheism, God, Prophethood, and The World Hereafter is unique for all. Most of the religious and Islamic laws are common. However, the enemy is highlighting only the points of differences and fills up the hearts of the people with hatred and abhorrence for one another in order to achieve its target.

Our great Imam (Imam Khomeini) stressed more upon the unity of Muslims because of the fact that he was witnessing these threats and was fully aware about it. The Britain and its spying machineries have created Shia Sunni conflicts in our country as well as in other Islamic countries. They are having more expertise in this job. All need to be cautious. Nowadays the Zionist hired agents too are interfering in this field. Our knowledge indicates about the fact that whatever is happening and going on in the nook and corner of the Islamic world, there is existence and involvement of anti-Islamic elements and Zionist paid agents in it.

The World of Islam today should be happy as its power and awakening has put the global Imperialism in the state of bewilderment and utter frustration. The Muslim nations today should appreciate and cherish the Islamic awakening. The great nation of Iran should cherish their great movement that it has awakened a ray of hope in the hearts of Muslims. God willing it shall be a glad tiding for the progress of Islam as well as emancipation from troublesome backwardness and freedom from the day today humiliation caused by the enemies.

My dear brothers and sisters! The enemy sometimes exploits the services of such individuals who have no objective and goal. Sometimes steps are being taken in the Shia society too that incites the sentiments of non-Shia Muslims and also the same thing is repeated in Sunni society too that excites the emotions of Shia society and an environment of hatred and malice comes into existence. Who are the people performing such activities? Today only one enemy is challenging us. Although in Islamic society there is only one belief, one book and tradition, one Ka’ba and Kiblah and only one Last Prophet (S.A.W) and also one Hajj and style of worship with some little difference.

There is possibility of difference in action. Between two learned persons there can be difference of opinion. Besides, there is only one enemy facing the world of Islam. The issue of unity among Muslims is of great importance. This issue is to be dealt with accordingly. The further delay in this matter may prove more detrimental for the world of Islam. The modern world is too sensitive that its single day could be effective for one’s whole life. Therefore, any delay in matter is not good.

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