Muslim Students in Canada hand out roses during Islam awareness week

Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) at University of Regina in Canada, was getting the conversation going about Islam by handing out roses at the university on Tuesday.

The MSA hands out the flowers every year as part of Islam Awareness Week.

They attached verses from the Qur’an or quotes from the Tradition of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and invited people to ask questions they may have about Islam.

“Especially when there’s international events, such as the ones that happened in the Middle East, or anywhere around the world, people will start to ask questions,” said Amir Aboguddah, president of the MSA.

“I think especially in such circumstances, it’s important for us to be out there and allowing people to come and ask questions because they certainly do have them,” he said.

The group is planning different events throughout the week, including special guest lecturers on topics involving Islam.

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