The ISIL has openly exposed that they are working for the proponents of the New World Order of Dajjal led by Israel

Western countries are on red alert after reports that over a thousand ‘jihadists’ many from Britain and US have flown out to join the terrorist group ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Levant’ (ISIL) and will be returning home to inflict terrorist attacks.
Meanwhile a report in Britain’s Daily Mail, which has a history of equating Muslims with terrorism, has unwittingly highlighted the link between British government’s contradictory policies and its connection with the ISIL terrorists.
In a daily mail report by David Jones titled ‘How Cardiff became a city where families are torn between East and West – and why two clever sons grew up to be terrorists,’ Jones investigates the boy featured in the ISIL video, sitting with guns begging other Muslims to join the terrorist group.
In the report the father of two boys who are of British Yemeni descent expressed his disbelief as to how his 20-year-old son Nasser Muthana, who was going to become a doctor is featured in an ISIL video pleading with Muslims to travel to Iraq and Syria and join them.
Ahmed Muthana believes his son was brainwashed pointing to fanatics ‘men with long beards’. He said that once the boys are ensnared they are then groomed with stories of injustice against Sunni Muslims by Shias, the West and Assad’s regime.
He also told the reporter: “Each Friday, they materialise uninvited outside one of Cardiff’s 12 mosques, distributing leaflets to young Muslim boys. Usually they are invitations to a lecture or talk, with the enticement of free food.”
According to the report a friend of Muthana’s brothers said the recruiters also directed Muslim youths to internet sites depicting graphically brutal acts against the Sunnis, and asked: ‘Are you going to stand by and let them do this to our people?’
Another 18 year old featured on ISIL video was Reeyad Khan whose friend also revealed ‘he and the brothers were targeted by a mysterious group of Midlands-based ISIL recruiters, who frequently travel to Cardiff and show laptop videos of Muslims being slaughtered in battle’.
These men are said by local Muslim youths to be followers of al-Muhajiroun, the so-called jihadists who keep resurfacing using different names.
This is the same al-Muhajiroun that influenced the two Muslim converts who later went out to hack a British soldier to death in a busy London street and then as a special favour to Islam stood around covered in blood begging to be filmed so the world can see how Islam is bloodthirsty and barbaric.
The same al-Muhajiroun whose leader Anjum Choudhry who has no religious credentials and is often brought out on queue by the security services to frighten the British public about how Sharia law should be forced on them.
The same Anjum Choudhary who early last year went to Edgware road with thugs with shaved heads, long beards, dressed up in Jilbabs, trainers and sunglasses with placards demanding British Muslims should fight Shia and go to Syria and destroy President Assad’s regime while Choudhry’s goons violently attacked Shia men passing by.
Ahmed Munthana further reveals that the al-Manar mosque where some of these bearded men would hand out leaflets is where in 2012 ‘a Saudi cleric was invited ‘ Mohammed al-Arifi, the ‘rock star’ Saudi hate-preacher to deliver a lecture there.’
This is the same Saudi cleric Muhammad al Arifi who had stated ‘Israel is not our enemy but the Shias are’ and that the ‘Arab youth should join the Free Syrian Army and as a consolation prize they can have a few hours marriage with Syrian women in order to satisfy their sexual desires which will boost their testosterones to kill more Syrians’.
The father was also baffled as to how his son managed to get enough money to buy his airfare, according to the report “presumably it was paid for by … [the ISIL]which is said to be the world’s richest terror group with £1.5 billion in its coffers.”
Mr Kalantar whose son Ali also has left to join ISIL expressed his anger at the authorities. “He accuses the police of failing to properly investigate the religious leader; the security services of failing to intercept his son’s party before they reached Syria; and the Government of turning a blind eye to the … [ISIL] recruitment drive.”
Meanwhile Prime Minister David Cameron put Britain on red alert about the threat of ISIL fighters returning home after reports emerged that over 500 hundred British Muslims had gone to Syria, many joining the ISIL.
It didn’t help when a letter to The Times by Brigadier General Abdulellah al-Basheer of the [so-called] Free Syrian Army stated that members of the al-Qaeda-linked ISIL, many from UK, are involved in brutal acts against the Syrian people. He also noted that the ISIL militants are responsible for “beheadings, crucifixions, beatings, murders and outdated methods of treating women” in the Arab country.
Wait a minute isn’t this what happens in Saudi Arabia “beatings, murders and outdated methods of treating women”?
Who are the ISIL is explained aptly by Pepe Escobar in his article ‘Burn, Men in Black, burn.’He writes: “Let’s cut to the chase. As in chasing that Zara outdoor summer collection, complete with state of the art assault rifles, brand new white Nike sneakers and brand new, unlimited mileage white Toyotas crossing the Syrian-Iraqi desert; the Badass Jihadis in Black.”
As the world looks on horrified at hordes of ‘jihadists’ emerging from American land cruisers, jeeps, partly hooded faces, wearing sunglasses, and carrying weaponry which can be traced back to Saudi Arabia and the [Persian] Gulf countries.
Nickolay Mladenov, the special representative of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for Iraq, said. “In terms of financing and the flow of vehicles and weapons that the ISIL possesses, clearly the organization is quite well-funded,”
Jordanian officials also revealed to the American news website WorldNet Daily that US military instructors trained Takfiri militants of the ISIL at a secret base in Jordan in 2012.
It is common knowledge that the ISIL is funded and supported by the Saudi regime, Israel and the US. The news that President Obama is asking Congress for a further $500 million for the Syrian rebels has astonished analysts. Dr Kevin Barrett in an article ‘Obama throws gasoline on Mideast Fire’ writes:
“What explains this bizarre, two-faced US policy? In a word: Destabilization…..The destabilization doctrine is set by the Zionist lobby, which dominates US Mideast policy. Israel’s desire, expressed decades ago by Oded Yinon, is to have the countries of the region split up into Balkanized sub-units. So the Zionist-driven US creates and runs extremist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIL. These groups attack and destabilize Middle Eastern countries….”
In the meantime while the advocates of the New World Order stand by and watch their plan unfold, American journalist Seymour Hirsch had also expressed in a New Yorker article in 2007 something on the same lines when he stated “that the growth of terrorist groups was in reality a fruition of a complex premeditated plan, years in the making.”
The ‘fruition of a complex premeditated plan, years in the making” can be clearly visualised if we look closely at Britain’s blatant contradictory policies regarding the Syrian conflict and British Muslims.
However first we need to ask the question how were British Muslim youth mobilised to go and fight against other Muslims?
Assuming these are the marginalised youth grown up under the war on terror brought up on an unsavoury diet of Islamophobic reports and seen footages of atrocities carried out against Muslims, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Abu Garaib and Guantanamo.
If this is the case the logical question asked is why have these Muslims gone to fight other Muslims instead of those perpetuating these crimes – the US and Israel.
Also isn’t it a fact that these Muslims have grown up watching for years the struggle of the Palestinians, kept in an open prison, killed, murdered, tortured; where children as young as 6 have been tortured for throwing stones, killed by snipers randomly, and these crimes are just the tip of the iceberg. Already there is news that Israel is preparing to bomb Gaza again.
Muslims may also be aware even though the media will hush this piece of information that Israel is dismantling Masjid Aqsa the third holiest place for Islam. The al-Aqsa Foundation for Islamic Endowment (Waqf) and Heritage has warned that Israel is targeting the mosque by weakening its foundations through constant digging and excavations in the hope that the mosque will collapse on its own. Jewish religious texts believe that in order for Israel to become a world power it has to first demolish al-Aqsa, “purify” the area and build a Jewish temple.
Why haven’t the Muslim youth defended Palestine and al-Aqsa but instead have travelled across lands to fight a battle which involves killing Shias and destroying Syria on behalf of the West and Israel who want to not only overthrow Assad’s government but also the Axis of resistance Iran and Hezbollah?
A simple answer to this question lays with a mentality and a mind-set that has been created by funnelling millions of petro dollars into Wahabi/Salafi mosques and madrassas around the world by the Saudi regime which is linked closely to Israel and has Jewish roots according to Mohammad Sakher, who was put to death for writing a book called ‘Zionist rulers of Saudi Arabia’.
Most of the youth have been brought up and trained in Saudi funded Mosques and madrassas where a Wahabi form of Islam is taught. Abdul Wahab, whose uncle was incidentally an Iraqi Jew called Tjen Shulman, was used by the British to help propagate a new interpretation of Islam that would sanction murder under the guise of “Jihad.”
To this day Abdul Wahab’s descendants are in charge of Islam’s dictates and fatwas, these dictates discourage jihad against Israel, but encourage jihad against Syria and Iran. Wahabism ferments Sunni Shia hatred, and has ensured that Israel can continue annihilating the Middle East while Muslims are caught up in sectarian warfare.
It is no coincidence that the ISIL want to establish a Caliphate across the Middle East, we can only assume this Caliphate will be Israel-friendly and under Israeli dictates and will finally achieve the Zionists’ dream of establishing greater Israel from the Euphrates to the Nile.
While Zionists have infiltrated every sphere of political life in the US controlling America’s policies domestic and foreign, Britain’s politicians aren’t far off as both 90% or Britain’s MPs are members of the Friends of Israel and as British Prime Minister Cameron proudly declared he is a Zionist.
In the same manner Saudi Arabia an ally of Israel has been allowed to infiltrate by using the ‘Trojan horse’ policy, ensuring that Britain’s main Muslim media outlets, Schools and mosques teach its distorted form of Islam which is Israel friendly and destructive towards Muslims.
As the Daily Mail report indicates if al-Mahijuroun is part of the ISIL recruitment drive and Choudhry is a known stooge used by the Security Services, then all are working for Israel and the Saudi agenda to destroy Syria.
The British government along with other western governments is all part of the advocates of a New World Order that is slowly being established through creating terror and fermenting fear, and in the process they have established police states and round-the-clock surveillance and have destroyed civil liberties for all.
The Home Secretary Teresa May has already heightened fears by stating that women are also running to join the terror group and that the ISIL ‘terrorists were hours away from London and intent on attacking us’, and as a result we need to revive the snoopers charter that gives security services more power to monitor the internet.
“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” states Sir Walter Scott but only in the present day case the tangled web that is being woven is Mossad’s motto “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”
The only saving grace that may have come out of the actions of the ISIL is that maybe they have unwittingly given a wake- up call to those Sunnis who came running to welcome the ISIL when it entered Iraq and to those who went to join it, when the ISIL brutally killed 12 Sunni clerics in Mosul who did not pledge allegiance to the group.
In the same way that many Sunni fighters realised after they had joined the Free Syrian Army but left to go back and support President Assad after seeing the brutalised killing spree the so called jihadist were inflicting on men, women and children.
They also went back after they saw how Hezbollah fighters had stepped in to save the Syrian people, Shia Sunni or Christian from being terrorised by the [so-called] FSA, the [so-called] al-Nusra Front and the ISIL.
The ISIL has openly exposed that they are working for the proponents of the New World Order of Dajjal led by Israel and the only way to overcome their subversive plots is for Shias and Sunnis to unite.

Shabana Syed is a British Muslim journalist. She has been news editor for TV as well as Editor of many magazines. She mainly writes on issues concerning Muslims and current affairs.

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